NADRA Developing an Online System for Passport Renewal

Federal Government of Pakistan has decided to launch an online system for the Pakistan Passport Office to receive applications for the renewal of Machine Readable Passports (MRPs). The new system will assist passport holders so that they can easily submit requests for passport extensions and renewals.


Update: Online Passport Renewal Service Launched in Pakistan

NADRA’s Electronic Solution to Handle Passport Renewals

According to sources within the Interior Ministry, a software system to handle the new online process is being developed. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) has been tasked with handling and development of the new system. The system is in its final stages of development and will launch soon.

The online passport issuance system will receive a phased launch. In other words, the service will initially only be used for passport renewal for expired passports and will be limited to certain cities of the country.

Why Such a System is Sorely Needed for Pakistani Passport Holders

At the moment, Pakistan has only got 95 passport offices across the country. The lack of passport offices has been a big problem as people usually had to travel a lot and it caused long queues at the offices. The federal government has also decided to increase the number of regional offices by 73 within the coming months. The total number of regional passport offices will reach 168 by the end of 2016.

Both projects are aimed towards reducing load on the passport offices. An online system will greatly benefit the citizens who will be able to apply for passport renewal from the comfort and safety of their homes. Increase in the number of passport offices is also an appreciable step and will help many more people who are residing in remote areas of the country.

When is the Online Passport Renewal System Expected to Start?

Earlier last month, a service for home delivery of passports was launched. The new online passport renewal service will launch by March this year. The online issuance and renewal service for passports was initially expected to launch this April, but it seems that only the renewal service might get finalized by that time. Similar delays were also faced with the online CNIC application facility during its development phase.

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  • I have applied 1 month ago for my modification of Smart Card online but still i haven’t received it yet, i never know how will their passport service work… :/ pretty cross with their service

    • I applied for renewal I received card within 6 days ! Submitted on 14 December night received at 20 December

      • Mine is still not here.. which is pretty embarrassing, i check it each day on mobile, the date is extended each day! I emailed them, they are not replying! What should i do now!

        • Call Nadra and ask for LCS LEOPARD COURIER services trading id of your card then track your LCS ID In LCS Website

          • Mine id was also not delivered at my office , I visited LCS OFFICE and got it from there

  • Excellent. initiative for the renewal which is one of the dificult tasks to travel abroad. NDRA since it is in works, please expedite yesterday, to relieve people.

  • Guys, can somebody confirm this news that one can get renewal of his/her passport 6 months prior to expiry date ?

    • Yes. Most of the documents can be renewal if its expiration date is less than 6 months.
      Call the nearest Pakistan High commission and confirm.

  • My non-Paksitani brother recently renewed his nicop online. Went perfectly well. The only issue is that you cant apply for one untill your previous one has expired. This introduces a gap of certain days (until the card is delivered) where he wont be able to travel to Pakistan. From the post it seems like they are going to do the same with passports as well. Overseas Pakistanis cant afford it since they will not be able to travel for certain amount of days. Which would be a shame cause overseas would be big beneficiaries of this. The queues at our middle east embassies for paspports are miserable.

    • Actually there might be a misunderstanding because you can apply for a new NICOP if the expiry falls within 6 months.

      • Hi Dev,
        Actually my brother tried to apply last year (2015) around august when he still had around a month’s expiry left on his nicop. The system didnt let him and said you can only apply once its expired. Maybe they have changed it now.
        Thanks for your response anyway.

  • I apply my renewal passport three weeks ago but I couldn’t receive any response from Nadra online

    • I started my application about three weeks ago, made a payment, and now the website is down. I called the Chicago consulate, and the employee said that there is not any website to renew the passport online, and there will never be such a website. Do we know if online passport renewal program is active, or still under development?

      • Submitted an application on 25th June for my wife still waiting tried contacting them but no response called NADRA / DGIP they don’t know anything about it does not recognize tracking ID as valid token number

        Dev says is down because people started calling helpline in huge numbers asking about same information that was available on website renewal project is not officially launched yet so no dedicated support staff is available to process the applications and answer helpline/emails that’s why temporarily website is down until they figure out the staffing issue.

        Reason some of us were able to submit an application because we visited when they were doing load tests from Internet.

  • I have also applied for modification of NICOP due to name change and they initially rejected my request. I have just reapplied after 6 years. Not sure what they would do now.

  • Hello, I applied for passport online 2 days ago on “Normal” priority. since then i didn’t get any reply from them neither they changed the progress on portal. Please can anyone help?

  • Can anyone help me. I applied 3 days ago still no update about my application. My tracking ID is 99991009221. Please sir i need urgent help

    • @nice-guy how much time it takes to get application approved. I applied 3 days ago but no update still. I also select priority.

  • i have applied 5/6/2017 one month ago for renewal passport but i have not received

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