YouTube Introduces Localized Version for Pakistan

YouTube, in an interesting development, has started displaying “YouTube PK” as its default logo on the website for users accessing in Pakistan. While its not entirely clear, this move hints that a localized version of YouTube has been in play instead of default global version that Pakistanis used to get till few days ago.

ProPakistani users are reporting that they are seeing below logo on


It must be noted here that this change in logo is not Pakistan specific, in fact YouTube users in other countries were already being served their respective country’s name with YouTube logo.


Unlike, where a local version for Pakistan is served to Pakistani people through a Google PK logo, YouTube never displayed its Pakistani audience with YouTubePK logo before today.

Since YouTube has now started displaying unique dedicated country code with its logo, move can result into an unspoken arrangement where Pakistani government could officially lift the ban on the website, or at least may not enforce the ban as before.

It would be worthy to mention here that YouTube is currently not blocking any content for its Pakistani version. All videos, that are available on its international version, are accessible in Pakistan as well.

It maybe recalled that YouTube is officially banned in Pakistan since September 12, 2012.

Lately, however, the website is accessible for majority of Pakistani internet users. PTA has said that website is accessible in Pakistan by mistake and that they will ensure the ban in Pakistan as per court order.

Since then, for over a month now, YouTube is accessible in Pakistan and is enjoying sizable traffic from Pakistan.

Check below the rapid growth of traffic on YouTube from Pakistani only:


Traffic to from Pakistan

What do think of this development? Will this result into lifting of ban on YouTube? Do Share your thoughts!

Official press release from Google:

YouTube announced that it has just launched localised versions in Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This launch provides Internet users in those countries with a more tailored YouTube experience to find high quality local content so they can be informed, entertained, educated and inspired by content for their own culture and language, while continuing to access the wide array of content on the world’s largest online video platform. Now, users visiting the YouTube homepage from those countries will be able to see videos and playlists that are popular in their countries in their local languages and domains.

With over 1 billion monthly users worldwide, YouTube is the world’s largest online video sharing community, and is now available in 88 countries locally, as well as in 76 global languages, including in Nepali, Urdu, and Sinhalese. Starting today, visitors to YouTube from each respective country will see their country-specific YouTube site by default: for instance, users from Pakistan will now see the YouTube Pakistan site in Urdu when they visit the YouTube homepage, with playlists of trending and recommended videos popular in Pakistan. Viewers can now more easily find content that is beloved in their own countries, and discover more relevant local content on the world’s largest and most diverse video sharing community. This launch will also provide more people from Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka the chance to share their own stories and videos with the rest of the world.

“We aim to provide an even more tailored YouTube experience by launching versions that are optimised for Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. We also hope that this will pave the way for the work of local creators, personalities, and musicians to shine on the world’s largest and most vibrant video community,” said a Google spokesperson.

With Google’s mission to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, we are committed to protecting the exchange of ideas on all our platforms, including on YouTube. We continue to engage with industry, governments, and civil society groups globally to ensure the Internet remains open, safe, and secure. Government requests to remove content will continue to be tracked, and included in our Transparency Report.

Thanks to Muhammad Bilal for the tip.

Tech reporter with over 10 years of experience, founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • Saad R.

    i’ve always had Youtube AE mentioned next to UAE youtube

  • asadkhattak

    yes, you are right Admin. Actually i was able to open youtube without any proxy by hitting https instead of http. But still http is unreachable

    • Ali Bukhari Shah

      The S at the end of HTTP makes it a secure link.

      • Umair A. Shahid

        That doesn’t explain why he is able to open https link and not http.
        Since https content is encrypted, there is no way for ISPs to filter https data unless they present themselves as client to the website and decrypt the data and re-encrypt it with their own certificate, in which case users will not be able to see green bars on banking websites.

        • Khurram ShahzAd

          This seems to be deliberate move, they had previously managed to block the https version. But now it is open.

    • Khurram ShahzAd

      I guess they have to be answerable to court, so they are kept http blocked and kept official ban intact but have given way to open the site via https. However, on ptcl connections in my office when i request with http, it simply redirects to https and lets the site get open. In my home connection of linkDotNet, it gives “surf safely” error on http and opens like charm on https,.

      However, previously it was not opening on http and https both on both ptcl and LinkDotNet connections.

  • Fakhre Alam

    This is great, i think PTA somehow has some moderation rights on the content over the pk domain.

  • Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain

    yes showing pk and also asking for urdu version of youtube.if you use it will redirect to youtube

  • Jimmy Haxor

    Its mean that we will get local traffic :v Youtube will prefer local traffic on our videos thats mean earning will be not good.

  • Hammad


  • Bilal Iqbal

    App is also working isp ptcl winlgle

  • Yesterday i see trend Ptcl speed do on Twitter ptcl fake account on Twitter reply one person YouTube day di or kia chye ????

  • ahmed

    youtube per gustakhana videos abh bhi majood hain youtube istemal mat karo

    • aadil

      aap na karain… shukria..

    • for your kind information Saudi Arab main be YouTube ban nahi hai all Arab Muslim people using it so just don’t watch that video lots of info material video are on YouTube and since ban all people using different proxy to open YouTube or using or others sites no reason to unblock the site officially

    • Atif

      aap saab se baree gustakh heen, searching for such videos…. stupid!

    • Fahad

      poore internet pe aisi tamam videos maujood hain.. barae mehrbani aap internet hi istemal na karein!

    • Usman

      Bhai Ap computer ko hath na lagaein barae meherbaani. Ap jaison ne woh bhi ban karadena hamara!

      • jahanzaib khan

        bhai ap ptcl use kare bus na tv dekhe na computer

    • Adeel

      Bhai ap so jao

    • adnan adnan

      bhai aap moon pe chale jao

    • Pakpower

      Dear dont worry, Its now God vs Govt. A big earth quake will struck soon,, will see who watches youtube then..

      • Zafar Abbas Rizvi

        Arabs didnt even ban youtube for once. will earth quack strike arab first :) ? or all punishments are for Pakistani Mislims? :D

    • Arsalan Shah

      Dunya main gunaahgaar aur gustakhana log maujood hain. Baraey meherbani yeh dunya chor dijiyay, shukriya.

  • You tube GB mentiond in UK, and in every country they now mentioning it

  • Originative

    it is not a localized version it a “personalized” logo

  • Javed Khan

    Sahooni Saazishein hein yeh sab :v

    Pakistan ko barbad karnay ki aik aur nakaaam aur namuraaad saazish


  • btistaa

    what about monetization?

  • Shahzad Zameer

    اچھی بات ہے یہ تو کہ اس کا لوکل ورژن بھی آگیا ہے۔ آپ اس کی زبان بھی اردو میں تبدیل کرسکتے ہیں اب۔
    ویسے بھی کسی چیز کا اچھا برا استعمال آپ کے اپنے ہاتھ میں ہے۔ جو لوگ تعلیمی مقاصد کے لئے استعمال کرتے ہیں ان کے لئے بہت آسانی ہو گئی ہے۔

    • شہزاد ضمیر صاحب ! یوٹیوب کا اردو ورژن تو بہت پہلے کا لانچڈ ہے۔

    • jahanzaib khan

      bhai eske apps hai ? ye kaise chaly ge?

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    It’s even showing ‘Mars’ for people who are accessing it from there.

  • Farhan Nawazish

    Still inaccessible from Nayatel

    • umer

      But from android app it is accessble on nayatel

  • Khan

    ProPakistani you should also review the ads policy on your website. These kind of adds can be seen here on ur website.

    • Usman

      Bhai Ap adblock use karlo.

    • Muneeb Raja

      use the cross sign and report it. you will get rid of this ad on all sites..

  • Kashif

    I did not get access to Via telenor internet!!!

  • Mr.Science

    Only for marketing purpose,,, they will neve invest in pakistan…!!

  • Faraz Ahmed Khan

    Is it just me here or do u all notice our flag being torn through by youtube logo, remove that picture and have some respect for our flag and refrain from posting such images in future

  • ManwithDignity

    Still blesphamous and adult content is accessible.. PTCL and government has embarrassed whole nation by giving up the fight, blocked on the Name of Prophet S.A.W and opened for money,,,that is why earthquakes are coming. Now its Govt vs God.

    • Mainichi

      Grow up.

    • Shehzad

      Dignity :D
      Kindly Thora time nikal k plz Grow up :)

    • umer

      Lol :D

  • Jab se youtube khuli hai dailymotion walo ko raat ko neend ana band hogye hai…

    • Muneeb Raja

      dailymotion motion main hai. 2,3 bar try kro to chalti hai koi video

  • Ahsan Zafar

    I am seeing youtube Pk for 2 days and i think its a great step from youtube and notice now if you make a bookmark on chrome there will be a different icon so that icon is making me curious and causing me to think that its nothing done by youtube but Pakistanis have done something on it. Amir bhai please share a article regarding how to earn money with stock market in pakistan. please

  • Ramzaan

    Naaaacho BC :P YouTube khul gaye… hahahaha

  • Kaka

    jese google par pakistan likha howa aata hay wese hi youtube par PK aagaya hay. this is not local version at all.

  • Rustin Cohle Spencer

    I wish the writers of ProPakistani blog worked on bit on their content and researched on the tech news before posting incomplete though correct information to grab headlines! If you look more closely , the country Pakistan is mentioned on Youtube , just round where Contact Us and About are usually written on Youtube website. From there users can also have to switch to various version based on Country specific content!

  • qaisark787

    I get 6mbps speed on youtube with zong
    just type
    s is important
    without it says its blocked !!!

  • qaisark787

    To get full youtube in chrome just install “Proxy Era” extension
    Like and subscribe buttons will work

  • Raja Maja

    website is blocked again.

  • wasipk

    You can still switch to YouTube Global or even any other county version.

  • Muhammad Yasir

    poor guys trying to kiss and make up , but PTA being knuckleheads for no reason … typical local behavior !

  • qaisark787

    Yes I know
    but this not works with Telenor :(

  • Raja Maja

    it is block again ………………

  • asif abbasi

    chalo ab proxy ni chalani paregi

  • shoukat ali


  • noor asifa


  • azam khan

    wao its good

  • Mohsin Latif Virk

    bhai yeh supreme court k orders pay open hui hai justice fayyez essa ny remarks diay thay k youyube ban kr k student ko saza kion di ja rahi hai

  • ahmed

    youtube koi kehta hay arab mein open hay koi kehta hay tum goustakh hoo kamal hay chulo mien lumbi behas mein nahi jata.koch points likhta hoon sumjhne wale sumjh jaeyingay urr jo youtube k noker hien woh urr cheekhein gay.
    1.meri baat pay ghoor karo k mein muslim k waqar ki baat kar raha hoon k tum jitna youtube k chakar mein apno ko ragra lagate hoo zara youtube ko lagao dekhe tu sahi tumhari kitni manta hay youtube.
    2.dunya mien loog gustakh majood hien jese paris main gustakhk ana mawad akhbar mein chapa gya lekin abh waha muslim bhi rehti hien tu woh peris choor tu nahi daingay lekin ehtjaj tu zaroor karein gay isi tara dunya moain jaha gustakhi ho gee muslim ka faraz banta hay k ehtjaja kare.agar nahi karta tu jaa k apna iman check karaye. mien jo youtube chalata hay woh filter ho k ata hay even india tuk meiin youtube filter kia jata hay pakistan mein youtube ko filter karte kia moot parti hay (youtube ko pata hay yaha app jese uss k hami majood hain jo youtube ki taraf say muslims say khud hi lar laingay)
    4.koch loogo ka kehna hay k janab youtube say bohat koch seekha jata hay tu janab seekhne kalye wiki,yahoo ans, urr iss jesi beshumar websites hein yea youtube hi bara ankhoo ka tara hay isi waja say tu woh sir charaha howa hay.urr ghalti say youtube static check karo pata chule yea sekkhne wale youtube pay kia seekhte hein.
    5.yaar bhai baat ko sumjho ghoore gadhe mat bano youtube use karo lekin kam say kam tub tuk tu roko jub tuk woh filter nahi karta ta k use pata chule k bhai muslims have a power. mere apne hien mera maqsad apno ka dil dukhana ya mazak urana nahi lekin agar apne ghero say mil jayein tu apne ghadar kehlate hien iss lye apne apne hi ache lagte hien agar kisi ka meri waja say dil dukha hoo tu main mafi chahta hoon lekin zara dehaan karo imaan bachana azyada zaroori hay.

  • Waqar

    Not opening on Mobilink 3g. :(

  • Fahad Hashmi

    It’s not working with Telenor 3G even with secure(https)..

    Can any one confirm?