PTA Officially Notifies ISPs for Opening-up of YouTube in Pakistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has officially directed Internet Service Providers to open access to YouTube in Pakistan.

After YouTube announced a localized version and blocked access of blasphemous content in Pakistan, PTA today directed Pakistani ISPs to allow users access to YouTube.

With this move, a three and half year ban on YouTube has been finally lifted.

Internet Service Providers are in process of opening-up the YouTube for their users. PTCL has announced “Opening-up of YouTube” on its Facebook page as following:


Below is the PTA’s letter that is sent to ISPs to restore YouTube in Pakistan:


Tech and telecom reporter for over 15 years

  • PeeTCL walo ki khushiyaan chk kry bnda , I hope ‘ Fix it ‘ campaign zor pakray and PeeTCL walo ko unki aukaat or kaam yaad dilaya jaaye 0r unhey ye Ehsaas dilaaya jaey k ‘ HALAAL HEE MAIN BARKAT HAI ‘ !!!

  • Now, the businesses of Dailymotion, Playit, and Tune pk in Pakistan are going to come an end :D

      • I didn’t uses the sites because of Pakistani, Brother :D I was utterly heedless when I was typing :D

  • Supah! Finally i can study programming with ease as now the worlds biggest tutorials resource is open to me once and for all without any proxy , vpn etc. Problems.

            • hmmm, Python is good for beginner, I will suggest to take Harvard’s CS50x which will lay a great CS foundation for you, it is free via edX.

                • pretty sure im gate crashing this but … most programming teachers are horrible , esp in uni … so beware.

                  and using this opportunity , im gonna ask … where best to learn Java and other game design languages ? esp ones used in proprietary engines like UE4 , Cry Engine and so on…

                  my C is quite weak , as is my OOP (C++) , so im looking for all the help i can get at being self-taught. feel free to guide.

                  • Go to youtube. Simply type the name of the language you like e.g. c++ and start playing the first tutorial PLAYLIST that you see.
                    Now for java, simply do the above steps.
                    For learning languages used in engines (C++,JAVA,C#,objective-C) learn their basics and then play with them!
                    No really, just keep making whatever stupid, useless and idiotic thing and most randomest stupidest thing you could possibly imagine and in no time you”ll find yourself gaining traction on your chosen language :)

                    • hmmm … seems fun.

                      well atleast you have it on good authority BEFORE time. dont have alot of time to tinker around with languages , considering im in Third year of Computer Engg , but will take this advice in refining what the teachers never could.

                    • Teachers can only tell you what to do.
                      But to master it, you need to put your individual strength and time into it.
                      A teacher is like wikipedia. It can explain things quite well but you have to figure out how you can use those explanations to your advantage.

                    • Actually the thing that helped me get on good terms with my parents on my career choice was the fact that i had a knack for computers at the age of 7. I got an acer aspire laptop (one of the best models at that time) as my very first computer. But unfortunately i was disgnosed with leukemia shortly. This resulted in a loss of 4 formal schooling years. I recovered from it quite quickly though. It took me less than 6 months to be back with the children of my age. During those 4 years, i had literally nothing to do. No school no other tension. And my laptop was always beside me. I started tinkering with it. Did every random , stupid, idiotic thing with it and learned from the experience. I did trash it 4 times in the process before completely totalling it and thus ending its life. But it gave me a super solid foundation in both computers and english! And well, the rest is history ;)

                    • good for you friend. glad to hear you fought back and did it rather well. wish you the best for the times to come !

                      i was fond of computers from my infancy … i still remember that really thick keyboard and that classic , retro IBM PC , trying to operate it when i had just learned to stand :) . started gaming on sega genesis emulators by age 4. been gaming ever since and still fascinated by the unique combination of software and hardware that can pull it off !(main inspiration for taking up comp.engg)

                      PC flipped out and became outdated in 2014 and its a bit hard to afford anything decent in the current economical climate , so taking a sabbatical from gaming atm.

                      im more of a hardware guy but seeing how things are in Pakistan , even computer engineers should know at-least a language or two. hopefully self-learning will help me bridge some very worrying and disturbing gaps.

                    • Im kind of like a performance enthusiast who likes to get every last bit of power out of my machine and try to make it excel in areas other than where it excels ;) . And i can literally cross the limits on doing that kind of stuff.
                      Self learning sure does help !i can guarantee that!
                      Thanks for the wishes :) I wish the same for you as well :)

              • I already have a good foundation on CS thanks to my school library ;) But I will be sure to try what you suggested as soon as my board exams are over (currently have stopped all CS related activities due to exam preperations)

          • I have paid 400 courses on Udemy of everything :P I will learn as I free :D I can hack any course :P

        • Good question :D am now a 2nd Year Pre-Med Student! am the student who wanted to become the best programmer and graphics designer in the world, but my dad compelled me to study Medical :P Sad Life :P

          • Poor you :/
            My dad hasn’t put any requirements on me. He says just follow ur passion. The only thing he demands is seeing me be the best in my field. No matter what it is ;)
            #bestdadintheworld :)

              • Hahaha
                Dont worry, everyone’s dad only wants the best for their child. They only differ in the methods they use to do it ;)

                • hmm!! my plan is MBBS>BDS>DVM>DPT>CA :p There is no university in Pakistan who can offer a computer course to a med student at public level.

                  • All it takes is a bit of enthusiasm and the thirst to learn.
                    Just open youtube and watch 60 minutes of any programming tutorial you like and apply it all within the course of the next week before moving on. It took me 2 weeks to get a super solid foundation on HTML and CSS using this technique and currently it helps in python as well (currently spent 1.5 weeks learning it)

                    • I learned 60% HTMLCSS 5 via CodeAcademy in 1st year! then gave up..!! A lot to study..!! :D

                    • I also started from codeacademy ^_^
                      I know formal studies do interfere a lot with us CS people’s “passionate” studies. So your best bet at living your dream would be to go the CS way AFTER you finish your medical studies (which can be kind of a long wait).
                      It will pay off in the end ;)

                    • I am right at this point …completed my Mphil in nutrition and now want to dive in programming right from the start …yeapiiii

                  • Welcome to UAF for DVM then ..hahaaa how many of medical students want to do computer courses is quite surprising

          • 2nd year pre med…. im almost in matric (2 months left) means that we’re both not far away in terms of age ;)

          • you can probably still switch to CS if you can convince your father, I swtiched to CS after BA.

            • After F.SC, can I do CS or any computer program at a public university? marks are good :D

              • I am afraid it wouldn’t be possible to switch without doing mathematics at inter level, you will have to take additional math I suppose.

              • Go to Army and enjoy for whole life. In the end you will 2 plots in DHA alloted for martyrs plus home in Askari and a good job in NLC Fauji Foundation DHA FWO etc.

              • yes you can, i have in my university 2,3 students from medical background… but you have to struggle in courses related to stats, algebra… go for the university where NTS conducts test.

  • Unban all other sites which doesn’t have “tube” after “You” as well pretty please…. ;) :D

  • In my opinion…

    YouTube ke ban ka sab se bada nuksaan yeh hua, ke jo log pehle baki blocked site (specially related to p**n) nahi khol sakte they unko bhi humne sikha dia buhat easily ke how to access a blocked site.

    Because takreeban har ek ne seekh hi lia tha ke how to open YouTube aur isi chakar main baki blocked sites bhi unblock hojateen.

    And now YouTube tu unblock hogayi but people still know how to access the other blocked wahiyat sites.

  • Who will block these contents. You just blocked one movie and considering what the hell u achieved. Please tell the method to report these.

  • Opening YouTube is win win for Pakistan. ??
    Local sites can’t compete in terms of quality,content, & earnings people can earn from YouTube in Pakistan.
    Local sites are nothing but only worthless crap! ?

  • can anyone tell me at which url youtube is working…? coz its not working for me till now.

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