OLX Fraudster Gang Caught by the FIA

OLX, while being a great platform for selling and buying stuff, has become host to multiple fraudulent gangs. These gangs rob or con people by making some offers which are difficult to turn down.

One such gang has been apprehended during a joint raid by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) and the Citizens-Police Liaison Committee (CPLC).

Details about the Case

The gang operated by putting up bogus car ads on OLX website. The group consisted of five people, with three of them have been identified as Azam Rahman Butt, Irfan Bashir and Muneer Khan.

The FIA officials stated that the suspects hailed from Punjab but were operating in Karachi for the past 12 months. During that time, the suspects allegedly cheated hundreds of people. “They [gang members] used to fix cheap prices for their cars that attracted buyers,” said an FIA official. “They took the buyer to a car showroom in the city and locked the deals there by demanding prices much lower than the market rates. After finalizing the deal, they took 10% to 20% as down-payment and then vanished.”

The official said that all linked car showroom owners were investigated and they weren’t even aware of the group that was using their premises for such a dastardly act. The showroom staff took the gang and the OLX buyers as potential customers. However, the OLX buyers used to come again looking for a refund of their payment, alleging that the showroom had taken a down-payment.

An official of the FIA’s Cybercrime team shared that the CPLC received a complaint from one of the affected people. The CPLC then forwarded the case to FIA, which identified and caught the culprits with the help of CCTV footage from a bank and a bank account linked with the deceitful act.

FIA officials said that the suspects were arrested in separate operations. Two were caught from Korangi, while two were apprehended in Surjani and one was nabbed from Liaquatabad. Cases have been registered against all the suspects and further investigation was underway to get more information regarding the gang’s activities in the past.

OLX and any such platforms which offer users to buy and sell stuff are never safe. Direct contact between the buyer and seller often puts both of them at risk. Therefore, it is advised to clarify everything beforehand and only meet once when completing the transaction. Of course, meeting in a public place is a must if possible. Anybody who wishes to perform transactions via OLX should first read through these helpful security guidelines or report any suspicious ads they find.

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  • The thug nation always finds new ways to do fraud. Half of the Pakistani nation is mentally ill and greedy money monger.

      • Muslim by name.
        Tableeghi jamat par taleemi idaron main ghusne par tou pabundi laga di aap ki musalman hakumat ne. Kya pata quran bhi ban ho jaey.

    • Pakistani nation is just like the Israeli Nation! An Intelligent Nation, but in Ulty Kamoo Main :D

      • ker lo nafrat mere pyaray masoom Israel se.. mere Hazrat Yaqoob aur Hazrat Ishaq ki nishaanni mera Israel..! Ab do gali is ko..!

        Why don’t u curse Saudi modafakers for killing innocent Yemenis these days.. or you’d cry only for poor Syrians being killed by Daesh?

    • Come one, give me a break. There are many such fraud cases on craiglists (OLX version in US) but that doesn’t mean that whole US is corrupt.

      • You live in the heaven of fools i think? Your army is doing operations to clear karachi the biggest city of country from criminals, fraudsters and living parasites while you are trying to tell me all is well and US has equal level of corruption. God protect me from lunnies.

        • What an ignorant fool… I said that scams are common in these online listing sites no matter where you live. It is possible that KHI may have higher rates than US but ignorantly calling a nation/city thug is plain stupid.

          • Either you don’t live in this country or you are a plain imbecile who may have run away from mental institution during treatment. While i look around i only see lousy parasites ready to suck my blood or my money from my wallet. I can’t get any of my work done in this country without bribing someone. My saviors are criminals who were elected by nation’s votes.
            While this bearded man telling me karachi “may” have higher rates than US. Come on man go to any govt office or police and see how they peal your skin off.

            • Even nobody can go to shopping without bribe to illegal charged parking mafia. Thousands of mafias operating here without any fear and sucking blood of common man. These mafias doing allot more damage then those terrorist and i bet we will not ever see any zarb e azb from azeem idara against them. I mean the dairy mafia, the fruit mafia, grocery store mafia, transport mafia, water tanker mafia, land mafia, cellular mafia, auto industry mafia, petrol mafia, energy generation mafia even Govt also working as a mafia.
              Sick people living in a sick society. :(

            • There’s this thing called google, you brain****. Use it! US has the highest homicide rate in the world. Much higher than Pakistan. And f***wit, can you guess the most dangerous city in the world? No, a**wipe, it’s not Karachi, it’s Chicago. Now, go jump in Lyari nala and kill yourself.

              • HAHA. Look at your self. Did you even go to US and see the progress they have made despite of homicide and black criminals? On one phone call from US govt, your leaders wet their pents and bow down to them.. Tu liyari ki baat kar raha hey, bhosri k kabhi liyari main ja kar haal dekh kya hua para hey. Poora liyari hi ganda naala bana hua hey. I should thank sindhis for electing MQM and PPP. We need them to beat our arses.

        • You are comparing terrorists to fraudsters and calling them corrupt. Those are three very different things, luddite. Make up your mind.

          • No I am calling you corrupt. Although it seems like you are drunk after feeding on someone’s blood.

            • bhai ap US he chly jao… nd jab bhi koi terrroist act ho ga wahan…then i will ask k apna mulk apna he hota hai. Regarding crime rate…then use sum brain nd do sum research.

      • What do i have got to do with craiglist when i am concerned about dumbest nation living in pakistan who can’t find out righteous ways to earn money and only know how to make lives of others miserable. Pakistanis are just shamesless muslims who don’t admit what they actually do and where they are heading.

    • I am half agree with you lazy. Instead of half you should raise the %age to 99%. The 99% people are greedy here.

  • That is why OLX should get off their “lazy behinds” and incorporate a rating/feedback system which gives a good idea of how previous dealings have been rated by others. I request the ProPakistani team to contact OLX and talk some sense into OLX for implementing this system.
    If website’s developers takes some time and create a system that prevents its users from getting hurt/cheated, it will be a social service. But apparently everyone is out there to make cash and don’t give a dime about the people’s woes.

    • Rating/feedback system should be mandatory for such platforms. I just don’t understand why OLX have not implemented this system yet . aliexpress.com is a great example and OLX should learn something from that website.

  • ROFL, i like the idea how does some people in comment section judging the whole nation, their religion and their morals on the bases of this case.. I mean come on people, crimes happened every part of this world.. which is totally bad, but it does not mean that we start judging the whole nation and their religion on the bases of crime? Crimes are not something on which you judge nations, crimes are bad that’s why there are punishments for them.. meanwhile cyber crime has bad history in all part of the world!!

    • Hoho. Look at the ranking of pakistan in transparency international report. You will find out how much corrupt this whole nation is.

      • Transparency International is neither transparent nor international anymore. It’s local head Adil Gilani has been taken by Government on different projects where he’s making his due share and now in his eyes “All is well”.
        Price is what which matters.
        And as regard to this fraud case. I think rather than blaming those fraudsters, why don’t we blame those greedy people who go blind in greed so much that they forget considering any other points and close eyes from reality. Those greedy people are even worse than those fraudsters who merely does their job. N job is a job. They were just professionals. Just like Adil Gilani of Transparency International.

      • If you are so pissed off with the Pakistani nation, why don’t you just leave this country, change your nationality and stop calling yourself part of this society. We do not need people like you who can write a thousand word article on the lacking and negative attributes of this society rather we need those who can act positively and work for this country.

        • I am not the only one complaining about this pathetic selfish nation. There are millions more like me who are tired of it. Go out to any country and people raise finger at us “look a pakistani who would sell his own mother for money”. That’s the respect they give to us.

          • I agree to your points, whatever you are saying is 100% right but criticism wont help, something more has to be done with positive thinking. If we all start criticising, do you think it can change anything? So what is the use of abusing this nation on forum.

          • I certainly agree with your points and understand that we all are frustrated with the kind of people this country is producing, in fact we cannot be called a ‘Nation’, we are a crowd of million people who have no concerns and sympathies for each other but still criticism wont help. Negative thinking wont change anything. If the people like you starts focusing on negativity, who else is going to play his role? At least think positively, which may not improve the situation but wont either damage further.

  • As ProPakistani grows, more and more people will come to the site and among them will be some trolls who would post controversial comments just to get attention. As Oscar Wilde said “Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face”. Their comments show their self and no doubt it’s sh*t. it’s better to ignore them; Don’t feed the trolls.

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