Infinix Zero 3 Launched on Daraz for Rs. 20,899

Infinix Mobility has yet again launched its top-notch flagship, the Infinix Zero 3, at an affordable price of Rs. 20,899 on Daraz.PK.

The Infinix Zero 3 boosts an incredible 20.7 megapixel Sony camera, making the concept of high quality professional photography from a lean, stylish device a cemented reality.

The phone comes in two colour variants, gold and grey but Daraz is saying that grey variant was sold out within 3 hours of launch.

The sales for the Gold variant are skyrocketing, as Daraz puts it, and it won’t be too long before the stock runs out.

This phone is a significant upgrade on its previous model, the Infinix Zero 2 – the high quality metal casing is evident of the quality of the product’s exterior and housing.

The device is durable and has an elegantly stylish look, offered in two colour variants, black and gold. Boasting a 5.5inch FHD Display with a whopping 1080 x 1920 pixel resolution, the phone allows users to have a display perfect for high resolution games, watching videos or just being in awe of the high-quality screen display.

The Infinix Zero 3 is known for it’s high speed operating capabilities, powered by a 3GB RAM and a 2.1GHz octa-core processor. The 4G LTE enabled, dual-sim phone is available in 16GB and 32GB models, as well as a 128GB external memory, giving you ample space for a plethora of applications, songs, videos and pictures.

Infinix has crossed leagues to ensure incredible camera quality by installing Sony’s Exmor RS IM X230 20.7MP rear camera. The picture quality not only surpasses that of most leading Smartphones today, rather, it has gone head-to-head with a DSLR camera. To sweep the picture and video enthusiasts off of their feet, Infinix has installed dual color LED flashlight for the camera, as well as 4K video capturing, enabling users to make ultra high-definition videos anywhere, anytime.

Keeping up with the age of selfies, the 5MP front camera is complemented by a front-facing LED flashlight, vanquishing your selfie nightmares. Now users can take selfies in dim lighting and outdoors during nighttime without a hitch.

Common concerns with smartphones of such high capabilities is the battery life or the lack thereof that plagues most consumers with high smartphone usage. The Infinix Zero 3 is armed with a 3030mAH Li-Po battery which means that battery draining issues are a notion of the past.

Infinix, as most users need high speed data accessibility, has a dual-sim system with 3G/4G and LTE capabilities. The ease of use for consumers with such specs is significant and makes Infinix Zero 3 highly appealing for its quality and consumer ease to price ratio.

Specifications of Infinix Zero 3

  • OS: Android 5.1
  • Screen size: 5.5-inch
  • Resolution: 1080P
  • Chipset: Mediatech Helio 10X
  • RAM: 3GB
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Expandable Memory Support: MicroSD upto 64GB
  • Camera: 20.7MP (rear) / 5MP (front)
  • Battery: 3030mAh
  • Colors: Gold, Gray
  • Price: Rs. 20,899

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    • ikr !

      best value for money so far ! atm Pakistan has got NOTHING like the price to performance ratio as this device !

        • it looks like huawei G6 or P6 but a bigger version from front and sides, from back it feels a nice glass finishing, i’m very happy with it :)

          • Faaria, it comes with Ips while Zero 2 was super amoled. Tell me plz about its Display… satisfactory or not and features mentioned here are real or just to depict. Moreover temperature and battery timing! What do you suggest, Is it satisfactory or not… plz suggest I’m much impressed by its exquisite look and features mentioned here… but I’ve read a user comment that it gets hot and poor battery timing… is it?

            • battery time is around 1 or 1.5 day on moderate use, its less because it uses 2.2GHz octa-core processor which is power hungry, display is satisfactory like ipad and iphones but not eye popping like AMOLED in galaxy phones. I don’t have any temperature issue with it. back camera is amazing but front camera doesn’t have same quality. i’ve used huawei G6 and its front camera was better than zero 3. and features are all real. i got around 45000 antutu score and runs heavy games well

              • one more advice plz. i want to purchase infinix zero 3 or Samsung J5. As you have experienced Zero 3 and have some information about J5. So please suggest me which one i purchase. assume that price doesn’t matter. Thanx

                • after doing research and using zero 3 personally my preference is Huawei 4x, Zero 3, J5 respectively in this price range

                  • Thanx.
                    Actually samsung touch n sensor is better than others. i have no experience of Huawei. if there is difference then i purchase huawei..!
                    And i want to purchase a cell phone which meet the criteria:

                    -Must be good Quality of Touch and sensor
                    -Long Battery
                    -Best Quality of rear Camera
                    -Size must be 5″
                    -3G, Dual Sim. (4G and OTG Opitionals)

                    If You know about any model of Samsung or Huawei which fulfill these specifications, kindly inform. I ‘ll be great thankful to you for this act of kindness.

                    • there is not any noticeable difference in touch quality of mid-range phones from Huawei, Samsung, Infinix or Lenovo, i have used them all.
                      If i could go back in time i would have bought Huawei 4x instead of infinix Zero 3 because front camera of 4X is better and battery capacity is same for 4x and zero3 but 4x give more battery time in my opinion

                    • Once again thanx for your response.
                      As you suggested, i have seen the review of huawei 4X. I like its all features and also extra value added features i-e dual micro phone, palm screen off and directly capture scene by pressing twice power button, which other smart phone not provide.
                      In my point of view 5.5″ screen size too much, because we can’t easily handle with one hand specially while typing our text etc.
                      The all smart phone lie in the range 5″>– we need to handle with both hands.
                      So any other model of 5″ with same features of 4X then inform me.
                      Your suggestions are very important for me because I am student and don’t waste my limited resources by purchasing different phones models just without any satisfaction and once i purchased can’t be able to replace. So that’s why i am trying to collecting information. Therefore your knowledge and experience is great source 4 m .!!
                      Any model i ‘ll purchase, then it remain with me at least 2-3 years In Shaa Allah..

                    • Huawei 4X and Zero 3 both have one hand mode option which can reduce UI size if you want and one hand mode is also available for keyboard only. I never had any issue using zero 3 with one hand

                    • That’s good. But my first preference is 5″ size phone, with the same features of Zero 3 or Huawei 4X. So if you have any experience or information other than 4x, zero 3 kindly tell me. I have budget approximately 30000.

                    • That’s good as well. Soon I ‘ll purchase it. or wait 4 the upcoming model of HP or Soney Xperia New model. In Shaa Allah..
                      Thank you so much.
                      And Stay Blessed!

                    • That’s nice. But my preference is 5″ size of phone with same features of 4x or Zero 3. Huawei 4x is best but the only thing is its size unfortunately i can’t compromise on it. If you have experience or information of any satisfactory model either it is Huawie, Samsung, Sony, Infinix or LG, kindly inform me.
                      Thank you so much 4 your consideration..

        • i bought it from DarazPk , set is working great, everything is so wonderful but front camera could be better, Its not wide angle

            • i hope i’m not late in replying. front camera is good enough for video calls and selfies of yourself only. but if you want to capture so many people in selfie its view is very narrow to do that. also front cam of my huawei P8 lite gives better quality pictures than zero 3 and both are 5MP

    • nothing … its just another over priced piece of crap !
      ignore it like the trash it is and go for the Zero 3 if you are looking for a powerful phone

  • its got the Helio X10 aka the MTK 6795 !
    its a great CPU and really powerful !
    the CAM setup is wonderful with the imx 230 and 6p Largan lens … altho it should have OIS for the price but not mentioned anywhere so far.

    all in all
    for that price , one should go for the Zero 3 with eyes closed !

    on a critical note , the phone’s aesthetic is v.generic and unappealing and a lack of fingerprint sensor is most noticeable !

      • u sure on that?
        almost all mid rangers … oh hell , even a bunch low end phones are carrying finger print sensors now.
        check out the xfire 2 from china , which has a finger print sensor on it and the rest of its specs arent too shabby either.

        im taking nothing away from the Zero 3 , just musing that with a scanner , it would have been a complete package for the time being.

      • u sure on that?
        almost all mid rangers … oh hel , even a bunch low end phones are carrying finger print sensors now.
        check out the xfire 2 from china , which has a finger print sensor on it and the rest of its specs arent too shabby either.

        taking nothing away from the Zero 3 , just musing that with a scanner ,
        it would have been a complete package for the time being.

  • Fucking Awesome! I’m definitely going to get it as infinix is also working to open there physical stores. Bloody brilliant phone! Red color would be killer though.

  • The only thing missing is a fingerprint scanner, otherwise it seems a very good phone for the money.
    Secondly the marshmallow update and software support concerns me too.

    • They have announced the M update already. I am beta tester of M for Infinix Note 2. Software has some minor bugs otherwise M Rom is stable for daily use.

  • infact, its the price thats a eye catching factor with apparent features. Don’t know how infinix build quality is and is it same that written on paper?

    • I am using infinix cell phones from last 2 years they are very best. Updates tu itna jaldi jaldi atay hain k ochain mat jo bhi bug waghera ata hai foran update ajata hai i am very satisfied

  • Everyone’s going gaga over this phone’s specs/price ratio, but has anybody stopped to consider what is the software and security update history of a company like this? Even companies as big as Samsung and HTC have difficulty in issuing timely updates, so what can we expect from QMobile, Infinix etc. With new security vulnerabilities found in Android phones every other day, that’s a very important consideration.

  • don’t talk about other markets, according to huawei if a phone has fingerprint sensor it should cost 30k in Pakistan, that’s why they priced 5X for 30k here while its available equivalent to 20k PKR in USA and india and 16K PKR in china. and huawei said on their facebook page that the price is so because its first fingerprint sensor phone in Pakistan for this range.

    • so you’re just gonna go with what ONE company said ?!
      you do know this is called a ‘rip-off’ , right ?

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