3G/4G Users in Pakistan Reach 24.7 Million out of Total 128 Million Phone Users

Mobile phone users in Pakistan reached 128.042 million at the end of January 2016, after five mobile phone companies added a combined user base of 2.14 million customers during the reported month, said the data released by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA).

Mobilink leads the charts with 36.97 million customers while Telenor is closing in the gap with 35.39 million subscribers. However, after planned merger of Mobilink and Warid, Mobilink will be able to widen the lead with more than 47 million post-merger customers.

Zong has 24.61 million customers at the end of January 2016 while Ufone stood with 20.26 million customers till the time. Warid has a total of 10.79 million customers.

Data shows that the number of 3G/4G users reached 24.709 million by January, 2016 as compared to 23.165 million by December 2015, showing a reasonable growth in modern mobile broadband services with each passing month.

Mobile teledensity increased from 65.3 percent to 66.2 percent and Broadband subscribers increased from 26,293,394 to 27,859,752 during the period under review.

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3G/4G Users




  • Excellent figures.3G/4G subscribers are increasing very sharply.It seems that figure will rise very sharply and exponentially and maximum mobile phone users will be using 3G/4G within one year(May be 80 million) by Feb 2017.Hats off to all CMOs for their brilliant performance.

    • Turkcell or Qtel… They’ll be the ones, if any, to enter our market… Along with some special perks by the government of course

    • The off topic answer.. The deal is cancel, warid says Mobilink’s services are below average that’s why we are not interested and now Warid merged with Telenor. Ye sun k Mobilink k owner ne khudkushi kar li.. The End

  • **Dear Reader,**

    Indeed, it is a good news but is anyone trying to know the “Network Engineer” Life in Pakistan.
    Telecom Operator network is handled by Chines Vendors. They have no Quality of Voice and Data (Call Drops and internet Coverage)
    These Chines Vendor (ZTE, Huawei) hire only few people means if there are 10 position, they will hire only one resource. So that Vendor and operators remain happy but mostly network engineers are on the road or leave the country. Not only this, there is no job security as well. These company hire a resource on third party contract so no one can capture them. And These company even does not provide basic employee benefits.
    Recently ZTE terminates many network engineer without informing them. These chines vendor have no ethics.
    If PTA takes notice on CALL DROP/BAD VOICE QUALITY etc and fines the operators then these chines companies automatically kick out because their devices are very low quality, cannot bear the load.
    These companies are using Pakistan as test bed to mature their product.
    I request anyone who have a good heart please spread my VOICE.

    A Pakistani
    Network Engineer

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