FIA Submits Charge Sheet Against Axact

The Federal Investigation Agency has filed a final charge sheet against the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and other senior officials of Axact in a sessions court on Thursday. The charge sheet also includes allegations against the software company for providing fake degrees.

The alleged officials include CEO Shoaib Ahmed Shaikh, Senior Managers Viqas Atique, Zeeshan Anwar, Muhammad Sabir, Zeeshan Ahmed and 14 others who were working with the software firm Axact. In May last year, the same people were allegedly accused of preparing and selling fake degrees, diplomas and accreditation certificates of fictitious universities through an online system. The Axact group allegedly made millions of dollars via their fraudulent service.

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The final investigation report has now been filed, about eight months after the submission of the interim report, by the FIA that features forensically extracted information from the Axact databases, for the period 2010 to 2015, revealed that degrees and diplomas from fake US-based universities were issued to over 240,000 students from several countries. These universities never really existed anywhere in the USA. The company allegedly earned $205 million through the fraudulent international education scam.

The shipment records from the company’s main server were also verified from the courier service. The bogus status of the educational institutions was confirmed by the US authorities. Axact had also set up three shell companies in the region named Mivvel Inc., Tinko Inc, and Tullow Inc., said the report. There were several other tertiary firms formed under these companies.

The amount made from selling these fake degrees was deposited to these three companies’ accounts. The ownership of these companies was confirmed by the accused people.

The additional judge of Karachi South District accepted the charge sheet and adjourned the hearing till the third week of March. The court has also asked the FIA Assistant Director Saeed Ahmed Memon, who is investigating the case, to produce the witnesses at the next hearing.

The case was registered against the suspects, M/s Axact FZ LLC, UAE, and others at the FIA Corporate Crime Circle Karachi. The charge sheet was filed under sections for cheating and dishonestly, inducing delivery of property, forgery for purpose of cheating, using as genuine a forged document, making counterfeit seal, intent to commit forgery punishable under section 467 and 473, intent to commit forgery punishable otherwise, having possession of document described in section 466 or 467 knowing it to be forged and intending to use it as genuine, falsification of accounts, abetment and common intention. Pakistan Penal Code and sections 36 and 37 of the Electronic Transaction Ordinance, 2002 were also included.



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      • no , but its nothing special. they have YET to catch terrorists propagation the agenda of ISIS and co. fake degrees would NEVER be a problem if the standard of education and the people over seeing it were sincere and genuine !

        • Salaam to your logic.
          BTW there are other ways too to defend them instead of using stupid logic.

          • yeah i bet you just won a nobel prize in physics , chemistry , biology and maths combined and must be the most smartest person in the entire universe …

            • Yes, and all of them are given to me via proxy institutes ran by the ‘same company’.

      • FIA take nearly 8 months to submitt challan and just used delaying tactics during court proceedings

      • no … what im saying is , we have bigger problems you imbecile !

        up until raheel sharif , these fake agencies had failed to catch and execute ANY terrorist at all !

        fake degree is fake but what about people being killed ? what about religious extremism ? hel , if they wanted to do the education any good … a uniform education system analogous to O/A level would have implemented Long ago in all schools and colleges , whether public or private ! Axact just took advantage of a terrible and horrible education system in the country. this is what happens when the local populace doesnt grow balls to accept and embrace new tech and syllabi … and keeps studying and rote-learning the old crap all over again. If ANY govt had even a sliver of educational prudence , they would have implemented O/A level (funded in large by govt ) in all the schools/colleges of the country long ago , regardless of ethinicty and region !

        • Bigger problem ka mtlb yeh hai k choti problem (apky mutabik) ko choor do. Jao bhai do jamatein parh lu. angrezi maarny se koi parha likha nahin ho jata.

          • never said anything about LEAVING them you imbecile …

            oh and learn to write properly , while trying to advice others to pursue education ( the irony ) !

              • In my experience, it’s always best to ignore stubborn, narrow-minded people like Muhammad Yasir. Trust me, you’ll have an easier life that way.

                • well.. I second you Yasir… Now these intellectuals who are trying not to understand your point of view is quite obvious.. coz as per them Nawaz Sharif is their supreme leader and what he does is prospering this country.. yes wrong is wrong… but the real issues are least important.. we all know what sank AXACT.. lets just ask FIA to take an action against few other media group for their income… for AXACT and BOL I feel sorry you have messed with wrong people.. you should have dealt with NAWAZ and his puppets before you launch a channel.. I have been following up their case for quote sometime now and it was amazing that 6 judges said ” NOT BEFORE ME ” after listening to the arguments for months.. which FIA DG Shahid Hayat Admitted.. so my point of view is.. why dont you focus on real issues ?? How many times FIA has taken action against people which NY Times reported ??

              • no hard feelings… but the blindness and shortsightedness is infuriating , esp when its such a commonality

  • They’re NOT above the law. A good message although media and other things involved in this case too.
    Making millions without a REAL client or product is a thing only they can do.

  • another paid article. how much geo and express group has paid you for this. Propakistani is becoming fake source of propoganda.

  • I think Propakistani have also joined these hypocrate Media owners by posting these fictitious reports

  • Or rather I see this article even relevant to the blog ? Interestingly there is not even single complainant in this case.. lets just the smart FIA scientists if any your produced evidence is directly related to axact ? ooops your lawyer said that he no direct poof against axact… so why dont you get smart or hire some capable people on merit to deal with the matter ?

  • Kaya ajeeb baaat hai k sirf ek aisay article ki bunyaad py Pakistan ki sub sy bari IT company ko target keya gaya jiska Pakistan my sub sy zyada foreign returns hain. QK isme Pakistan Media Mafia ka hath tha. abhi tak FIA k wakeel ko koi direct degree complainant b nahi mila.. Kaya ajeeb baaat hai k Acact k khilaf chalan submit karwanay my 10 maheene ka arsa lag gaya. even k wo banda khud b complainant nahi bana jisne article likha…

    Axact or Bol ko tabah kar deya gaya. sirf media mafia aisa chahta tha. Propakistani ny b axact k khilaf isay khulay propoganda my media mafia ka sath deya. afsos

  • Brothers you all are right in all your thoughts, but you don’t have to blame each other for bigger fishes doings. These politicians always do whatever they want, and whats best in their very own favor.. example: controlling media, getting corrupt ones caught, arresting criminals etc etc. And what we (sheeps) usually do..??? just blaming each other like the sheeps actually do.. (meh meh..)…..


    Please be PROACTIVE rather than REACTIVE. We routinely see the REACTIVE old ones in our homes and neighborhood always blaming the Govt and signifying their old times much better ones. Be the Proactive one guyz, Make the change, Implement what you think is best for you and your people, Share open heartily and Spread your goods in your surroundings. Believe it or not, even if you make 0.0000001% change it will not count as a change at all but what it actually does is far more bigger than you can ever imagine.. It clears your soul and it satisfies your conscience (zameer). This is the part in this world we have to play and thats all Allah wants from all Muslim Brothers.. :)

  • For those people here denying this – it is for real. I worked there. I witnessed all of this. And you think this is a small crime? These people DESTROYED lives. The sales guys there would JOKE about their, ‘successful’ ripping off customers. Some people had had to go jail because of them. You see, for the naive person, it is assumed that these universities offer ONLINE education – rather, they lie and instead state that they will offer a degree based on SKILL and WORK COMPETENCE. Anyone would be fooled into that, especially if someone who is desperate for an educational degree.

    Now, those people here who are all pro-axact, it’s simply because they miss the high pay, the luxurious lifestyle and the ‘perks’. The CEO essential BOUGHT you to do his dirty work for him. So if you have some sense of dignity and do not have so much love for material success, you will stop denying and start accepting your role in it too. Every department in Axact was based on fake credentials. Would you really think destroying someone’s life, robbing someone’s money and BRINGING it into your ECONOMY is helpful? I don’t think so.

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