Panama Papers Episode 2: 400 Pakistanis Named in the New List

Panama Papers have created havoc amongst the corrupt and controversial personalities around the world. The leaked papers include 140 leaders from around the world and 200,000 offshore companies. Over 200 Pakistanis were named in the first list including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family and other politicians, businessmen and judges.

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The International Consortium of Investigative Journalism (ICIJ) is all set to release the names of the next 400 names from Pakistan. Several of the notable names have already been published while the rest will go up later tonight.

Major names: A PTI financier, Benazir’s cousin, Seth Abid’s son, a close friend of Zardari and Altaf, former MD of Port Qasim, Sharmeen Obaid’s mother

Some of the prominent names from the list of 400 are given below:

  • Zulfikar Bukhari, son of ex-interim minister Wajid Bukhari and a financier of PTI (6 companies)
    • 2 of his sisters have also been named as shareholders
  • Irfan Iqbal Puri, an oil czar, former minister and close friend of Asif Zardari and Altaf Hussain (3 companies)
    • His son has also been listed as a shareholder in the companies
  • Wamiq Zuberi who owns the Business Recorder newspaper in Pakistan (1 company)
    • His wife Rukhsana, former PPP snator, is also a shareholder
  • Naseer Khan, ex-health minister under PMLQ government (1 company)
    • Shareholders include his brother and his son
  • Saba Obaid Chinoy, mother of Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy (3 companies)
  • Tariq Islam, a cousin of former PM Benazir Bhutto (1 company)
  • Sajid Mahmood, son of Seth Abid Ali who owns 30 companies in Pakistan (1 company)
  • Abdul Sattar Dero and family, former MD of Port Qasim Authority and a close friend of Asif Zardari who benefitted from the NRO in 2007 (2 companies)
    • Zahida Dero
    • Fahad Sattar Dero
    • Fawad Sattar Dero
  • Shaukat Ahmed and relatives, ex-president Karachi Chamber of Commerce ( 1 company)
    • His son Imran Shaukat and daughter-in-law
    • Rashid Bashir
    • Khurshid Ahmed Sheikh
  • Izzat Majeed, the owner of Sachal Studios Orchestra and a billionaire (1 company)
  • Azfar Hassan, son of retired Admiral Muzaffar Hassan (1 company)
    • Co-owned by Nadeem Iqbal Saigol
  • Mehreen Akbar, wife of Ghous Akbar, and her two sisters (4 companies)
  • Munir Monnoo and son, a Karachi-based businessman who established a company to open a Swiss account (1 company)
  • Valliani Family, renowned fashion and jewellery designers in Pakistan (5 companies)
    • Fawaz Valliani
    • Zehra Valliani
    • Sameena Valliani

Aleem Khan, member PTI, has also been found amongst the list of Pakistanis in Panama Papers, however, he has already clarified that this information was available in his asset declarations and the documents submitted to the Election Commission of Pakistan.

This is just a glimpse of the number of people who will be revealed later today. This list was published by Omar Cheema, one of the team members of the ICIJ.

When to Expect Access to Panama Papers?

The ICIJ will be revealing an online searchable database which will let anybody search and view the details of the owners of any offshore companies whose information was leaked through Mossack Fonseca.

All of the original documents will also be available for verification of the owners of the offshore companies. The database is said to be one of the largest ever document cloud online. It will contain information regarding companies, trusts, foundations and funds established in any of the 21 tax havens around the world.

The database cannot be used to access personal information like addresses, phone number, passport numbers and email addresses. The database is now online. You can search the complete list (as it updates continuously) at or download this PDF document which consists of the names of all people who were listed in the Panama Leaks (as of 10 May 2016).

The Complete List of People Named in Panama Papers

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  • Can’t wait to see the idiots now thinking their is no difference between a business man and a member of government having panama companies!

    Sadly idiots are not a minority!

  • 确实不错,这个要实话实说!(Translation:Really good, this should tell the truth!)

  • Well, why should Pakistani taxpayer pay his tax? when taxpayer money in few years will be parked at some offshore company? I guess today i found reason that i am no more morally obliged to pay my taxes correctly!!

    • Your probably paying more then your share via indirect taxes. The government makes more money via the indirect then it will when you file and pay your taxes. So even if you don’t pay direct taxes it doesn’t matter to them.

  • all this money will drain into sink ans america will seize all account … and get all the money…. these leaders and corrupt ppl will get nothing

  • The News story may land PM Nawaz & children in trouble.

    Soon after the Panama Leaks made headlines, the children of Pakistan’s Prime Minister appeared in dozens of TV shows to defend their properties abroad.

    Talking to an anchor of private news channel, one of Nawaz’s sons claimed that the Sharif family had purchased the Flats in Park Lane after selling their steel mill in Jeddah.

    However, the story published in The News has exposed the lie of ruling family by publishing a decision of London court.

    According to The News reporter Usman Manzoor, the London court in 1999 had proceeded against PM’s two brothers and father, Mian Shahbaz Sharif, Mian Abbas Sharif and Mian Muhammad Sharif, for defaulting on a loan obtained from the Al-Towfeek Investment Fund in the name of Hudaibiya Paper Mills and had attached four properties of the Sharifs.

    UK court’s decision proved that the Sharif family was the declared owner of the London flats because it obtained a loan facility from a UK-based investment fund by pledging these properties with the fund.

    The Sharif family’s response so far has mainly remained focused on the post 2006 transactions while the family has so far tried to avoid discussing the details of offshore companies from 1993 to 2006.

    How will the Sharif family justify their claims of not owning the offshore companies and London flats prior to 2006?

    London court’s 1999 decision proves Sharifs own Park Lane flats

    ISLAMABAD: The London High Court’s 1999 decision in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills loans acquired through the Al-Towfeek Investment Fund is the most convincing and irrefutable documentary evidence… (30KB)

    London court’s 1999 decision proves Sharifs own Park Lane flats

    ISLAMABAD: The London High Court’s 1999 decision in the Hudaibiya Papers Mills loans acquired through the Al-Towfeek Investment Fund is the most convincing and irrefutable documentary evidence… (30KB)

    • Because IK ne pehle he kama lia hai, or nawaz sharif zardari ye sub ab tak kamane aaey hain boss IK is good but nawaz zardari ye log pakistan k sub se high level k chor or dacoit hain so Please don’t close your eyes in love sometimes reality drops you in fire!

  • Imran Khan I am innocent: I formed Offshore company on my accountant’s advice to evade tax. Besides I was underage then. KHAN SAHIB YOU ARE STILL UNDERAGE.

  • Now the Pajama Leaks of the corrupt Pakistanis names in Panama leaks . Think about the future next generation.

  • Nawaz shrief one of corrupt man in the world.also all Pakistani politicals mans totally corrupt man.Our system not completely set even if we do, because our big leaders are theft.they don’t have any tnsn of our futures and Pakistan problems.Nawaz Shrief God made this world heaven for you.don’t worry afterlife is cage for you and your bad time start now…

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