Mobile Users Consumed 30,149 Terabytes of Data in One Month [Infographic]

3G and 4G Users in Pakistan have crossed 28 Million mark, indicating that some 22 percent of all mobile phone users in Pakistan are now on 3G/4G networks.

With growing number of mobile broadband users, along with tremendous data hungry mobile and web apps, the internet bandwidth consumption in the country has reached its next highest level.

According to a presentation by Dr. Ismail Shah, Chairman PTA, at a local event last week, total bandwidth usage in Pakistan on mobile networks exceeded 30,149 terabyets or 30.14 Petabytes of data during April 2016 only.

This is almost 30% increase in data usage since last six month only.

4G users are now consuming more data than 2G users, in fact average data consumed per user on 4G network is almost 7 times of a 3G user.

More details in below infographic that details every aspect of data usage on 2G, 3G and 4G networks in Pakistan:


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    • it was already happening with 4g in other developed markets and it was bound to happen quickly in Pakistan due to narrow spectrum auction.

  • these numbers dont add up at all

    also am i to believe the average 4G consumer is using about 6-7GB a month given the bundle rates?

    • They also included 4G mifi/wingle devices data. Mostly people are using Zong 4G Mifi which has minimum 24 GB or 50 GB per month plans. With low number of 4G users and high volume this average is bound to happen.

    • What is 6-7gb over a 20+Mbps link? It’s nothing.

      In case you didn’t know the average web page is 900KB in size now. Even with web browsing at 3G speeds you can cross 6-7GB in a month easy.

  • 4G K Hoty 3G Use Kon Karta Ha
    1 Saal Bad Waqat Aay GA Har Mobile 4G Ho Ga Korean Market Ki Tarha

    • already 95% of most chinese phones are 4g ones. I am sure here situation will also change after vendors run out of 3g chips.

  • i dont know about others, but if you stream modestly on youtube and down load a few movies, the average is around 50 gb pm.

  • In the last week I’ve read 3 stories about new fibre optic links. So it looks like this increased data usage is having a positive effect on our international bandwidth links. We might yet break away from the PTCL/TWA duopoly which has kept prices high all these years.

  • I think the article title should not be Mobile users consumed… it should be 3g/4g users, because people do use Wingle/Mifi and that can be used with any device.

    • they are categorised as “mobile broadband” nothing wrong in saying mobile users.

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