Online Passport Renewal Service Revealed in Pakistan

Like we told you earlier about the NADRA’s online passport system that they have been developing for quite some time now and it appears that we have finally a sneak peak of what it will look like at the time of launch.

NADRA and Directorate General of Immigration and Passports have collaborated to offer Pakistani citizens a service that they badly needed, i.e. to be able renew their passports online without going to Passport offices.

Service would be aimed for both Pakistanis living in Pakistan and abroad.

Service is currently not available immediately, but it is said that service will be made available very soon now.

Anyone with an expired passport or if its validity is less than 7 months would be able to ahead and apply for passports online and get the renewed passport delivered to a designated postal address.

Apply for Passport Renewal Online

  • Make sure you have all supporting documents available with you.
  • You should have printer/scanner,
    • as you will print some documents (for fingerprints for instance)
    • and also a scanner as some documents will have to be submitted in scanned format
  • Credit card/ debit card for payment of passport renewal fee
  • Once you are ready, go to this URL: to start your application

Once your application is submitted, NADRA and Passport office can send your renewed passport to your home address through post.

Delivery Time:

While actual processing times will vary for each case depending on a range of factors, NADRA and Passport Department are aiming for following delivery deadlines:

  • Normal: 10 working days
  • Urgent: 4 working Days

Fee for Online Passport Renewal

Fee structure for online passport renewal will be as following:



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    • Nothing is free, you have to pay for convenience or get it from the passport office yourself.

      • 2500 is a big amount. Agents at passport office facilitate you with 1000 to 1500

        • koi pagal hi ho ga jo extra 2500 rs service charges de ga, agar khwari se bachna hy to banda passport office jakar 500 se 100 rs extra dede waha bande khare hote hy jo aapka sara procedure smoothly karwadete hy. me my self renewed my pasport by paying 300 extra to a guy for smoothly submission of my application without any hassle. that service charges r just rubbish. deal breaker for me.

          • Bhai 300 aur 500 waala zamana to shayad meri naani ke waqt main tha. LOL. Aaj to koi Agent 2,500 se neechay baat bhi nahin karta. Maine khud 2 months pehle 3,000 de kar renew karwaya tha. RENEWAL ke liye. (Rawalpindi Office) Aaj kal to Gold Leaf ka packet bhi 110 rupees ka aata hai LOL :D Jo yeh agents sab peete hain xD.

            • bhai jan agar aap agents ke hath che ban gaye to me kia kar sakta hu, me ne to khi me 300 dekar hi kam karwaya tha initially wo 1000 rs mang rha tha par thori bargaining karni parti hay jo shyd aap ko nahi ati. tumhare lutne ka afsos hay mujhe wo bhi agent ke hatho hahhahahahh

              • I paid 300 rs to agent in pindi myself two months ago .kisi ne arslan ko choona laga dia ha

          • when did you last renew your passport? i am sure it must be like 3 or 4 years back or you don’t live in Lahore because in Lahore i am willing to pay 2500 any day for my renewal just to avoid the “khuwari”

            • Bhai Jan isi saal Jan me karwaya tha. agar aap apne 2500 rs govt ko kherat karna chahte hay to hume kia aitaraz hosakta hy.

            • and i have to pay same 2500rs from DAMMAM. ill be happy to pay. im waiting for this service to start soon. this is the best move they have done. knowing that embassy here is only in islamabad. ppl have to drive long hours with family(newborn child) to get passport/NIC from cities like dahran khobar jubail dammam etc. its frustrating and the rush is endless…. good move to sit home and pay charges, and let family relax. no need to go out in this 55’c heat

        • میں چار دفعہ رنیو کروا چکا ہوں ایک پیسا نہیں دیا. پتا ہے کیوں؟؟
          جب پہلی بار پاسپورٹ بنوانے گیا تو آفس کے باہر ایک ایجنٹ سے پوچھا کہنے لگا آپ اندر سے ٹوکن لیں فیس جمع کرا یں لاین میں لگیں تھوڑی دیر ہی لگے گی. میں نے پوچھا یار ھلپ کرو جلدی ھو جاے کام, کہنے لگا باو جی پڑھے لکھے بندے ہو ہم تو کوی انپڑھ یا نا سمجھ ہو تو کام کروا دیتے ہیں ورنہ تو اس میں کام ہی کیا ھے سواے لاین میں لگنے کے.

            • نہیں فالتو پیسے نہیں, وہ بھی حرام میں دینے کے. محنت کی کمائی کو حرام کیوں کر یں اگر زرا سی محنت سے درست کام ہو سکتا ھو, ویسے کبھی بھی چار گھنٹے سے زیادہ وقت نہیں لگا.

              • Zara sa time nahi hota janab .safarish na ho to acha bhala zaleel kartae ha .kahi logo ko passport renew karwanae ke chakar main apni foreign jobs se hath dhotae hua dekha ha .aik bandae ki job qatar main inhi zaalmoe ki waja se chali gai

      • I live in Saudi Arabia, and Saudi government provides these convenience services to their citizens without any extra charges and saudi online system is also more compatible, easy and secure than our Pakistani online system.

        • آپ نے ٹرای بھی کر لیا پاکستانی آن لائن سسٹم ؟؟؟

            • Would you care to elaborate what problems you faced when you applied through Pak-ID?

              • No any problem I faced, it’s great service for Pakistanis specially for overseas Pakistanis who had to wait whole days in our embassies, but I also used Saudi online system which is more easy, secure than our online system.

                • Appreciate your feedback. “secure than our online system” is a very relative term. We have incorporated all the security measures (OWASP guidelines for secure coding), WAF protection for the application and constant monitoring of all the traffic hitting the service. Checks are in place at each layer of transaction. Technically speaking we are confident that this service is second to none. Operationally speaking there are weaknesses and we are trying our best to overcome those as well.

                  • Hello Dev, I posted below query few days ago but have not seen a response. Reposting on this active chat to bring to your attention in case you can help?
                    I tried this link ( few days ago in order to avail online passport application for my new born kid and got a message “Coming soon”.
                    Today I am getting a message “HTTP 403 Forbidden”. Has something gone wrong with the link or I am missing some thing?

                    Also, I read some where below in the post that this service is only for renewal & not for new passport applications. is this true ?

                    Appreciate your help.

                    • read article. it said I.E. renewal of passport.
                      yani for example is what they are saying.
                      same goes for their NIC online. which i applied for the first time for my new born child. so dont worry. NEW passport applications will also be available

                  • I had trouble uploading finger print form on PAK ID it was greyscale 600dpi but for some reason it was not accepting so I had to go to professional place to get fingerprint scanned with required settings

                  • Dear Dev ….. We are Waiting for Passport Renewal Online Service from last 1 Year when Ch Nisar first time announce it, Out Dublin embassy dont have MRP Facility
                    Can You Please tell me when this service will go live .. ?
                    Wating for your Positive Response

                    • Still no update from my side sir. I can imagine how much it is frustrating for you guys there but we cannot launch the service on our own. MOI has to give the go ahead. From our side the application is ready and can be launched within seconds. As soon as there is an update on this front, I will update this thread. Thanks

                    • Dear Dev,

                      It would be great if you could please indicate or guide us by telling if this service is only going to be for renewal of Machine readable passports?

                      Or whether the manual handwritten passports can be renewed to get machine readable passports too?

                      Looking forward for your response
                      Thanks in anticipation

                      Kind regards

                    • Dear Qasim, this is only going to be for the renewal of Machine readable passports. To quote from site “Apply for renewal of your Machine Readable Passport, if your passport has expired OR its validity is less than 7 months.”. Unfortunately the site is not accessible to the public at the moment otherwise all this confusion would have been resolved through the online FAQs.

                    • Dear Sir, will you please tell me when the online service of Passport Renewal will start

                    • Hopefully on Monday. We have received the go-ahead and if nothing drastic happened in the coming two days, the service should be available from Monday.

                    • Dev I already went ahead and applied for renewal from the embassy. As you know I paid for the fee online before the website went offline. Is there a way to get the online application cancelled? I know I won’t get a refund but i don’t want a duplicate application on record

                • their NIC have so far been successful. alot colleagues from my office applied for renewal and got it instantly in office. excellent service.

                • I want to renew my passport please send me web site I m Pakistani and living in Spain but my passport is expire

        • saudi govt charges you from many ways. for example. 300 riyals for turning right. 500sr for highway speeding. and you have to pay through online system. ONE voilation is enough to cover your entire lifetime service costs. and have you noticed today they raised 500sr to > 3000sr for multiple exit entry? COMPARE all that with 2500rupees charges…. your welcome

          • You right, Me and you campare Saudi fines with Pakistani rupees, if we compare Saudi fine with Saudi people salaries then 500 or 300 is nothing, and you right they increased visa charges and this is also very sad news for me but by increasing fees big campanies don’t have any loss because they already maximum provide 2 months re-entry visa to their employees and that’s visa fees is same 200 like first. I prefer Saudi violation system better because once time in Pakistan traffic police officer fined me of 300 at maghrib time for not having license and police ask me to pay in national Bank, until you don’t paid your fine, submit here your any precious thing, I submitted my motorcycle registration copy, next day was Sunday I had to wait whole day then I paid fine and took back my registration copy, why this is not online in Pakistan like saudia, by luck I was in home city otherwise I had to go back to that city for taking back my registration copy after paying fine.

    • For those who experienced the inconvinience of visiting any passport office in pakistsn, paying additional 2500 is not a big deal.

  • It’s only for those people who wants to renew their expired passports. They should also facilitate those who are applying for the first time.

    • Asslamelekum. I live in Ireland and i contacted Online Passport service helpline email and i got reply from them he sayd” You cannot apply online if you have manual passport” I dont get this. I am going to apply soon . I live permanently in Ireland and i have smart nicop. Can i apply or not?

  • !!!
    Once your application is submitted, NADRA and Passport office can send your renewed passport to your “home page” through post.

  • Sindh government today has announced tax exemption on 4mb broadband in the budget. This is a big news, but either Amir Atta n company sleeping or they are waiting for other publishers to publish the news so they simply “copy-paste” without much of hassle.

  • Fantastic service at-least for overseas Pakistanis. Is there any guess, when it will be available (like in a week or in few months)?

    • i availed their NIC service. amazing. im in dammam. i got it within 10 days. i hope this passport online starts soon. im waiting for my entire family’s passport issues to be resolved , especially my new born who needs a passport.

  • Can people living overseas renew their passports through this website? And receive it overseas?

    • im in dammam. by staying home. i got my NIC for my new child. ill InshaAllah avail same for Passport as well. i dont mind their charges.
      because if i have to go physically to the embassy. it takes 8 hour going and coming back from one city to another. 1hour waiting . 2 hour of procedure. and all that with a new born+family. and also you have to go as early as 4am to make sure you get your work done within a day. SO if there is 2500rs charges , ill gladly paid it for NIC. il gladly pay for my family. Those who things is high is because they have convenience to get in less than 500rs because its near for them.

    • Are Bhai Thora Positive Bhi Hua Kro. Chalo Kam Se Kam Yeh Sahoolat Ayi To Sahi Na.

  • Service charge n delivery charge are two different things??? Shameful for institutions established and run on our tax money…their mandate should be to create ease for tax payers not generate revenue…at least I think all tax filers should be exempt from service charges

  • Yeh 2500 services charges kis khushi main? Is passport main kia yeh dubai ka visa free laga kar dainge? Hadh hogayi.

    Aur is baat ki kia guarantee hai ke 2500 additional dene ke baad bhi yeh log khuwar nahi karainge aur chakar nahi lagwaenge. Inka koi bharosa nahi koi bhi issue dal dain bech main aur keh dain you have to visit branch and phir wohi khuwari 2500 additional dene ke bawajood bhi.

  • So agents sitting outside who charges illegally 1000 to 1500 (commission may be paid to DGIP officials also), now DGIP will charge 2500 pkr legally to do the same :D
    Anyways, I like the initiative!

  • We should appreciate . Its good step to facilitate their citizens. Keep it up. We proud to be those IT workers who worked day and night to get the job done. Its all about to save time.

    • Lolz bhai tu yeh sab un logon ne khidmat-e-khalq ke liye kia hia? Government ka project hai tu paise bhi behisab honge aur anyone would love to do this Day and Night work. Sab ko pata hai ke kitni mehnat hoti hai government offices main.

  • 2500 is fine, the service you get just by submitting your application online is amazing solution.

    Though i have been to passport office many times for renewal for myself and family members, and the system is good, just get the token, and follow the steps/line and you are through in a jiffyy.

    I have been to other countries passport offices and they charge an arm and a leg for urgent renewals and a hefty amount for normal passports issuance, and for the urgent, i had to drive 4 hours to the mean HQ of passport authority, though they gave my passport in 4 hours.

    All in all, very positive effort from the Passport authority, i am mighty impressed, gradually i hope and pray that all systems get online. Good work and keep it up….

      • What i mean by Jiffy was it was as per expectation and there were no abnormal delays. 1.5-2 hours at the passport office for renewal is expected to be normal…

        • Boss jiffy ki actual definition tu hoti hai yeh.

          A very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)

          But thodi dair ke liye agar aapki definition sahi bhi man li jae tu aap buhat lucky ho dost ke aap 1.5-2 hours main farig hogaye. Which city you are talking about?

          In Karachi tu subah line main lago aur dopahar tak farig ho, aur agar jane main late hogaye subah main tu phir token tu mile ga but data walon ke pas number aate aate time khatam hojaega aur aapko phir doosre din tashreef lana parega.

          • I agree, I used it as a figure of speech.

            I have lived in KHI and ISB both and noticed that early birds do get the advantage. My last 2 passports has been renewed in ISB and the experience has improved both times.

            i can’t say much about KHI these days, but i can agree with you on teh delays and lines, hence this solution would surely be usefull.

            • Ji Jahab, this solution would be useful agar is main koi phateek na karain tu. Baki I seriously doubt ke is main bhi kuch logon ko tu pareshan karainge hi yeh log and will call them to visit offices.

              • Yar We Should Be A Bit More Postive. Lakin KMQ Bhai Ki Bat Sahi Ha Koi Khuwari Na Par Jaye Beech Me To Behtar Hoga. 2500 Kafi Hain Magar Chalo Khair Initiative To Le Leya Yar. Thora Mehnga Ha But Ahista Ahista Apna Mulk Develop Kr Hi Jayga Aur Kr Hi Rha Ha.

  • Its A Good Initiative Though A Bit Expensive But Anyways We Should Take It Positively And Hopefully With The Passage Of Time The Cost Will Reduce.

  • Hello colleagues, I tried this link ( few days ago in order to avail online passport application for my new born kid and got a message “Coming soon”.
    Today I am getting a message “HTTP 403 Forbidden”. Has something gone wrong with the link or I am missing some thing?

    Also, I read some where below in the post that this service is only for renewal & not for new passport applications. is this true ?

    Appreciate your help.

  • That is expected. The issue is we published the portal to let the people have a feel of the application as well as to know about the process of applying for the passport through the online portal. Unfortunately people started calling our helpline in huge number asking for the same questions which were displayed on the portal. As the project hasn’t been officially inaugurated, no dedicated support staff is available for it so responding to these calls were effecting our other operations which are already in operations. That is why for the time being we have blocked the service completely. Once it is formally launched, there will be dedicated resources for it to handle the calls traffic and there won’t be any issue.

    Yes it is only for renewal and not first timers as first timers require more scrutiny.

        • It was working on Friday but it wouldn’t let me register. I managed to register using my pak id and got as far as uploading my documents but it went out again. I hope the fee I paid doesn’t get eaten by the system

          • Why would you register on a service that is not officially launched as yet. I let you know specifically that the service is going to be launched after Eid. It comes online occasionally because we have to perform different load tests from the Internet. What is your Pak ID username?

            • I thought that service was ready to roll, and logged in with my pak identity user id and password, made payment, and when I went to scan documents, the website went down again. Do you think that my payment and partially completed application is stored on your servers? It’s kind of urgent because airline tickets are cheep these days, and I would like to renew the passport before purchasing the ticket.

              • I will verify your payment and if the DB has the record, we are going to save it. However, unless the service is not started officially, there are not officers who are going to process these applications so you can’t apply for it now. Once it is launched, people are going to be in place to take care of the submitted applications.

                • I have had the same issue on 11th of July. I Applied for POC renewal card and on 3rd step it asked me to pay 22,000Rs which I paid through HBL gateway they offered on website but on last step where it should show me the confirmation of the payment it showed page 404 error instead. Payment has been taken from my account I confirmed with online bank but my application is still remained unpaid. Is there any way you can check Mr. dev in your system and mark it as payment received? I have been emailing Nadra ever since and they are not getting back to me.

                  • Sorry for the inconvenience. I can surely take care of it. Do you have the transaction ID of the payment?

                    • Thank you for quick reply, yes sure I can provide you the transaction ID which is available on my bank statement and Pak ID username is my email address that I don’t feel secure to post it online in public conversation. Do you have any email address where I can send you the details?

                    • please i need info that if you renew you passport does the passport number changes with all the renewals…???

                    • Hello Dev… I hope this service is live now. I have applied from Dubai and have not receveed any feedback so far. Fees paid and all.

                • Any updates on when this service will start? I really don’t want to make a trip to NY. If I go there I would have to spend 400 dollars, pluss passport fee.

                • Hi Mr. Dev, I need your feedback on this. I want to go to Pakistan before next Eid, and want to renew my Pakistani passport as soon as possible. Since I already started my application online, and made payment, should I wait untill online services start, or should I call my credit card company, cancel the payment, which was payed online, and go to NY, and renew my passport in office. I hope you understand my situation, and reply soon.

                  • I surely do understand your delicate situation sir but we don’t operate independently and since passport and immigration is a separate directorate under MOI, we can’t force anything here. If you want to cancel the payment, by all means do and apply for the passport manually because I can’t give you any definite timeline when the service is going to be launched. Sorry for the vagueness at this time but there is the best answer I can give you right now.

                    • Hi Dev,

                      My Passport is going to expire in August 2017, i need a longer expiry date of my passport. When the system is launched, can i apply for the renewal of my passport and get it renewed for the next 10 years?

                      Please elaborate this thing as how to go for this…

                    • You can apply to renew your passport for either 5 or 10 years. Further, you will have to specify whether you need 36 pages passport, 72 pages, or 100 pages. All these options will be available for you to choose from at the time of the renewal on the application site.

                    • Appreciate your prompt response and clarifying that there won’t be any problem in giving application for renewal of passport within less than one year time of its expiry.

                      In PAK ID website for NIC/NICOP, same team has designed for Passports, the fees are same for NIC/NICOP as we pay in the nadra offices, no additional costs involved apart from courier charges but i witnessed in the test page of Passport which opened in June that there is additional fee of 2500 as service fee, why it is not for NIC/NICOP and it is now coming for Passports where both divisions (NADRA and Passport) come under same Interior Ministry?

                      Has the fee structure for online application of passports already been finalised which was displayed in the website in June and here on this propakistani. pk page also or it can be changed before launching same as per pattern of NADRA where they don’t charge anything at the head of service fees…

                    • Sir, I am technical person that’s why I can’t comment on the costing and other administrative issues. I believe NADRA is in consultation with DGIP regarding the price. I hope it is reasonable so that a large segment of the society can benefit from the online passport facility.

                    • You are right brother.

                      But my question was actually that NADRA is not charging any service charges for the same service for which Passport authority is going to charge Rs 2500. NADRA should also charge then if not, then same like NADRA Passport authority also should not charge.

                      Both departments are under one umbrella of Interior Ministry, so similarity should be there in both departments.

                      I am myself a beneficiary of online NICOP for newborn baby, believe me, i was thinking that how NADRA can manage expense of initiating this additional exceptional service where we get NICOP sitting outside country in 7-10 days. And that too by paying only 1000 Rs. for the international shipment, whereas, such charges, no one else can take in Pakistan for any international shipment, this is awesome.

                      When NADRA offers such level of service without any additional service charge, then Passport authority can do the same but i wonder why there is difference of strategies in two departments working under same shelter.

                      Anyways, we are all overseas pakistanis waiting anxiously for this service to start after a great success of PAK ID by NADRA…

                      Well done Guys, Team NADRA needs an applause to at least start providing online services to citizens without any big hassle in future, thanks to government to start this project and started caring for the problems of overseas pakistanis.

                    • Thank you very much for the kind words and appreciation. It goes a long way in motivating the whole team. I will update this thread regarding the online passport as soon as I get an update.

                    • hello i have applied for the passport renewal online last week
                      after that till now i didn’t get any update can you please help me to know the status of my passport.
                      tracking id is 99991002414

            • Thanks dev for your quick response ,please we are in Nigeria and when you are going to make account or register they are asking to add country name but their is all countries except Nigeria .
              please could you add Nigeria in country list

            • dev canyou please tell me that why on the first page of passport online
              application the mandatory field “country of residence” is not showing
              pakistan as an option? Is online renewal of passport only for pakistani citizens
              living abroad?

                • @DEV; Sir, Yesterday I got ‘APPLICATION APPROVAL NOTIFICATION’ email from NADRA. However the current ‘action status’ of my application at E-Portal is appearing ‘N/A’ !

                  May I kindly inquire how long might it take further until the application undergoes for printing & subsequently for postage? NADRA’ UAN helpline have also no clear info about the processing/delivery time? Thanks

        • when i am making account they said You have successfully registered for e-Services Portal Account. an e mail sent to you but i am not getting any mail and secondly in country List there is no Nigeria

          • Adding Nigeria into the list is not a problem. But is the problem is that this is the list we received from DG&IP where passports can be delivered surely. I will confirm from them if there is any chance of adding a country which is not currently in the list.

            • we can receive at Pakistan High Commission Abuja Nigeria and even in our personal address ,Nigeria is a Business Hub of West Africa

            • @disqus_RmkGnLa6du:disqus any update regarding Nigeria ,we can collect passport from Consulate General of Pakistan Abuja Nigeria

              • Sir, as soon as I get a reply from DG&IP, I will let you know. So far Nigeria and Ireland are the countries which I have queried the concerned people about. However, I haven’t got any response yet.

                • @disqus_RmkGnLa6du any feed back from DG & IP ,why they are not replying even i sent many mails to them ,they dont bother to reply even

                • @Dev i called the help line they said we can select Kenya if Nigeria is not in the list ,they should know if your passport expiry date is less then 6 month you can not travel to any country .I dont know what is the problem ,we can collect passport at Pakistani Embassy Abuja as they are receiving manual passport from Pakistan and other documents from Pakistan .i sent many mails to support and mrp online no one bother to reply even i sent you many massages to you Mr Dev you should reply its not important either you got reply from DG & IP or not

                • Dev

                  Please give tell me what isnmy passport status and its more than 10 days no reply on email and the phone is not active

            • @Dev Please i need your urgent advice ,I talk to kenya embassy they agreed to receive the passport and they can send it to me Lagos Nigeria When i am filling form they are asking your present country of residence should i use Pakistan so for Nigeria is not in the List and i use Kenya Embassy as delivery address of passport Please please reply me on this matter

              • Yes. You can give the Pakistan address while in delivery you can select Kenya. Seems at this point this is only option you have if you need to use the online mrp application. Sorry for the delay in response. The reason is I am not the right guy for operational issues. If there is some technical problem, always feel free to let me know. However, operationally speaking, it is all DG&IP and I don’t want to mislead you by giving you any false information. That’s why I won’t answer something for which I don’t have an official response. Thanks.

                • Thank you very much , i submitted the application successfully .my tracking ID is 99991004136

                • @dev my tracking number is 99991004136 i called the help line they said no record yet ,please can you check is there is any problem

                    • i applied on 24th of oct and got approval mail on 1st of Nov ,i called the help line today they said as i paid for urgent i will receive my passport on 9th Nov ,no information on tracking i think their tracking system is functional only for those who applied at passport office ,you can call +92519107220

          • Even if you are going to there office as a person Nigeria is not in the list even Russia is not available some time, I stayed in Nigeria but whenever I went for passport Nigeria was not in the list.

        • Dev, I am trying to renew my passport online. When entering my NICOP ID I keep getting a message. ” Error: you cannot avail this service”

  • Hi Dev i have a question i am currently in Cape Town we have a Pakistan Community office and there is a huge number Pakistanis coming to us for machine readable passports online is it possible if you can please let us know exactly when is the website being launched it will be very helpful for us . Thanks

    • Sorry Hasnain. Can’t give you a timeline right now. We are eager to launch this service as well but we depends on MOI for the go-ahead.

      • I remember you said it will be up after eid do you think MOI will inaugrate before Bakra eid?
        Please tell CH Nisar to cut the red tape ASAP

  • i live in uAE and trying to access the website but it said the error “403 Forbidden” you dont have permission to access / on this server
    can you please help ?

  • hello i am pakistani national living in brazil my passport expired i renewd it one year ago it was manual password now how to renew i..can i apply also for reneval online from brazil ::::>

  • plz its urgent can any one tell this service for abroad pakistanies or not bcz i want to visit other country thaks you

    • Dear Essam,

      Did you tried filling up the application form, because when i am filling the CNIC number, it is generating an error.

      Please advise.


      • Dear Shahzoob,

        Yes, I did tried to fill out the Passport Renewal application form and when I entered my CNIC/NICOP ID number, I get error message, “We are having some problem, please try again later”. Also, I sent an mail to the Pakistan Consulate in Los Angeles, CA and this is what they responded to my email:

        “Dear Sir,
        We have not yet been officially informed by the passport department that whether the online passport issuance system was working or had become functional. We can not confirm you about it unless we do not receive any official information.

        Please note that online service shall be available just for renewal of already issued machine-readable passports, for the issuance of first ever MRP, the applicant has to come in person to this consulate in any case.

        Bottom line is only those Pakistani citizens already have Machine Readable Passport can renew their passport online but for those who do not have Machine Readable Passport such as “Manual Handwritten Passport” cannot renew theirs online. All we can do is to go the consulate office to get a new Machine Readable Passport but for some people, it may be inconvenience since they may be too far away from the consulate office. I hope they will launch online for all of us who like to renew for Machine Readable Passport from Manual Handwritten Passport online instead of going in person or physically at the consulate office.

        Thank you.


        • Dear Essam,

          Thanks for your detailed explanation, highly appreciated.

          Well. it seems that they have not connected it yet to the database. and yes i do have a MRP. i am a resident of Taiwan, and here we do not have any consulate or embassy :(.

          I am hoping for this service to be online soon, else i have to go back to Pakistan to renew my passport.

          Best regards,

          • Dear Shahzoob,

            You are very welcome. I hope I answered your question about renewing MRP online at the NADRA website. I am trying to get new MRP for my mother online but it is not going to happen soon. My mother’s passport is manual handwritten and still valid until 2019 and I am little bit concerned about my mother not being able to visit in Pakistan since my mother’s Pakistan passport is not MRP.

            Also, we can check the MRP online service after Eid Al Adha to see if the service is still functional or not.

            Thank you,


  • Dear Developer,

    As posted by one of our pakistani brother, that service has been launched via Could you please confirm the status?

    and when i try to input my CNIC, it is generating an error.

    Any advise/suggestion/comment would be highly appreciated.

    Best regards,

    • Dear Administrator,

      It would be great if you could please indicate or guide us by telling if this service is only going to be for renewal of Machine readable passports?

      Or whether manual handwritten passports can be renewed as well to get machine readable passports?

      Thanks very much in advance
      Kind regards

  • Brothers
    Thank you for such a useful piece. But the website mentioned isn’t either working or erroneous. It says, ‘Forbidden’. Has anyone been able to use it by now?
    I am expatriate based in Congo, Africa. I need to get my passport. No Pakistani embassy here. The nearest is 2 countries away in Uganda.

  • When will Pakistani passport online renewal start? We are getting quite frustrated due to lack of this facility. It is a big expense (punishment) for a family to travel from Saskatoon to Toronto or to Vancouver just for the renewal of passports. Can someone expedite the online renewal???

      • We should all voice vigorously to get it started as soon as possible. People are facing difficulty and it is going on a slow pace!!!!

  • We have received the go-ahead from MoI. The passport service is going to be launched on Monday inshaAllah.

    • @ dev

      Again the site is down… Why So? You said from Monday, the site will be up?

      Waiting for your reply…

        • @ Dev: It’s more than an hour, still didn’t received email PIN. I am afraid to proceed for further steps!

            • I checked spam folder many times , even re-tried with alternative new email ID but so far nothing worked…..getting panic…many others also facing same trouble….make it fast sir….

            • @ Dear Dev: It’s more than 4 hours since I registered on mentioned portal but so far no email PIN arrived on either of my email IDs.Can I try to register by using mobile nr (any of my sibling) in Pakistan. Perhaps this option may work & more faster! Am I allowed to do so? What you suggest!

                • Thanx a lot for your kind support indeed. I got the email verification pin on my both email id’s though I would use only one :) i wish no further hassles may arise

                    • @Dev: Sir, after successful registration and payment, now I am stuck at ‘Personal information stage’ . The webpage says ‘something went wrong from our side’…..
                      How long such situation would continue??
                      I have submitted my request alongwith tracking ID to NADRA helpline. The beginning is
                      v. annoying, I am sure, will stuck again & again on next stages too. “16 min” time was claimed for complete submission but after 24h, I am still <40% of application processing…getting frustrated from the service

            • @ Dev: Dear Sir, almost more than 12 hours have passed but no sign of email PIN so far? I expected to get the verification email automatically immediately after entering required credentials but If initial registration is taking too long then we should be prepared about further service delays and subsequently late passport delivery. Now re-thinking to visit PK consulate in person instead of sticking to PC for hours. Tried to contact helpline but unable to dial, wrote to nadra mrp support but so far no reply. Heart broken to see such pathetic beginning.

              • Can you check now? It shouldn’t take this much long anyway but we have completely overhauled the system.

                • After payment, I am still stuck at stage 4/10 ‘personal information’. The webpage says ‘something went wrong from our side’…..
                  Any idea how to deal with this trouble! Does NADRA operate on Saturday or Friday is the last working day?

                  • @ Dev: Unfortunately I have paid fee. Kindly suggest me whether I should still rely on this service or I should go consulate in person? In case this online service remains under trouble, I will ask my bank to block the transaction coz my application got held at 4/10 stage (40%). Further I also don’t want to have any duplicate record. I am planning to visit consulate on this Monday (17.10.16).Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

                • @Dev: Since 12 hours of ‘successful’ payment, unfortunately I am stuck at (4/10)stage of personal information. The webpage says ‘something went wrong from our side’….. I sent email(s) to NADRA support with snapshot too but as usual no feedback from them.
                  How long will I have to struggle!! Getting frustrated
                  Kindly help me

                • @Dev: Yesterday(17.10.) I got ‘APPLICATION APPROVAL NOTIFICATION’ email from NADRA. However the current ‘action status’ of my (urgent) application at E-Portal is appearing ‘N/A’ !

                  May I kindly inquire how long might it take further until the application undergoes for printing & subsequently for postage? Thanks

                    • @Umad: It’s unpredictable to say. Varies from case to case. I got approval email on very next day of submission. My MRP was printed on the same day of approval & took 9/10 days to arrive by DHL at my postal address. It’s another story of struggle that I got verification PIN email after 30 hours & was able to submit my application after further 32hrs due to server error. But afterwards, miraculously it went fast If NADRA server stays stable then whole procedure is fast.

        • I tried today but error is coming when we enter our nic number. Why it is so?

          I am entering site through my Pak ID login.

          Please help out if possible.

    • The site is down again, what is happening here? What is the hurdle now? a lot of people are eagerly waiting for the launch, there should be a proper channel to notify people on what is going on, its an official MOI website for crying out loud, millions of citizens will use it! please be professional about it. And the funny part is that there is no proper way to reach the developers or the ministry for this.

      • The site is up now. Honestly this is not the official channel for me as well. In fact it is impossible to keep track of all these public forums. However, the site is up now. Please do remember that this is an MOI (and more specifically DGIP) ownership. We are only the technical side. As far as getting in touch with the developers is concerned, yes you can’t. But if there is an issue you want to highlight, you can contact us at

        • Thank You, hope it stays up, there is a huge expat community looking forward to this service because of the pathetic state of our overseas embassies. Renewing passports at the embassies is an extremely time consuming and painful process.This is an excellent initiative by MOI.

            • According to a note on the site, only passports nearing expiry or already expired can be renewed. However please note, for people especially expats who travel a lot, run out of pages very quickly, well before the expiry date. My passport will expire in 2024 and I am already out of pages so I have to get a new one. Can you please allow for renewals through the site for such cases.

    • Dear Dev, just curious to know if online mrp renewal service would be active from next Monday (17.10.16) or still any delay may arise again!

      Following your blog & recent news on Express/Jang published on 8th Oct, 16, I was anxiously expecting the commencement of this service from this Monday (10 th Oct 16)!

      Kindly also share if this online mrp renewal service would also be available inside Pakistan besides abroad!

      PS: Thanks for your consistent replies to our comments/ queries & congrats to NADRA team in advance for achieving this milestone & bringing Pakistan at par with others in IT.


  • Automation is supposed to be low cost and facilitating !!!!
    PKR 2500 extra service charges make no sense it is as if they don’t want people to use this service

  • NADRA & DGIP Websites are working very well and taking online applications for CNIC, NICOP, FRC and passport. This is really a great start.

  • hello, I could not find the fingerprint form. i would like to download it on my system but i really can’t find it. is there any way i can get it ?

    • @disqus_o0Pdzem3l7:disqus when you are completing your application after payment they will ask you to upload fingerprint form, from the same page you can download the form ,insert your finger prints and up load its very simple

  • They charged Rs. 14,322 for 10year normal passport.
    On site they are saying:

    Fee 9,900 + service Charges 2,500 = 12,400
    Total Fee 12,400 + Delivery 1,000 = 13,400

    Extra charges = 922 ???

  • This is the procedure for renewing passport. What about the person applying for the passport first time? Is the service available who don’t have passport earlier?

  • Dear Mr. Dev/Anyother Memebr of PAkID team
    I am requiring to get FRC with parents and sibling as well as with marriage (two seperate FRCs). When i tried to apply for FRC online, sytem showed that my marital status is unmarried and data of my siblings, spouse and child is not verifiable.
    Then, i tried to modify my NIC in order to update my spouse, siblings and child data, but system is allowing me to enter details of my parents and spouse under Relatives Tab. There is no provision of entering details of my siblings and childeren.
    Please guide me how to update all the data through my online modify NIC application through Pak ID for which i have already paid a fee.
    Appreciate a prompt response.

    • Sorry for getting back to you late as it is impossible to keep track of these public forums. You will have to apply for your own CNIC in the modification category, change the status and once your CNIC gets processed, you will be able to include the spouse and children info in your FRC. Hope that helps. Thanks

      • Dear Dev
        Thanks for ur reply. I need an urgent reply. if am applying for NIC modification online for updating marital status, what are the documents i have to attach apart from marriage certificate.
        Should i attach apicture of my current NIC in shredded form.
        Appreciate you qick response.

  • Its more than 10 days, i still have no update for my application 99991007233.
    Pl can you update on this.

    • Hello Guys. I am applying for my Passport renewal today. My question is how long it takes to get the passport because i choose the Ordinary option not Urgent. My 2nd question is that my current passport is manual which is going to expire soon so i am confused some people say that i can’t renew if i have manual passport? I live in Ireland and my first passport was computerized readable. So which 1 i have to scan and send them? Should i scan the recent passport which is manual or old passport which was computerized. Please quick reply will be appreciated.

    • Hello Waqas. I applied since 22nd of november. I didn’t get any update. My passport is expiring next month so how long it takes? By mistake is choose the Normal priority

  • Hello Guys. I just applied for my passport online yesterday as a Normal priority. I live in Ireland. How long it takes to get the passport delivered? Is anyone here in Ireland who got their passports online? Please quick reply. Thank you

    • Hi, Have you received your passport or any update at least? I applied for a normal one almost a week ago and there is no update so far. Token# isn’t track-able even.

  • I had applied online for my family (4 passports), i received all (Alhamdolilah). Great service and great response. It is really beneficial as Pak Embassy in Jeddah is always crowded.

  • Thanks for ur reply. I need an urgent reply. if am applying for NIC modification online for updating marital status, what are the documents i have to attach apart from marriage certificate.
    Should i attach apicture of my current NIC in shredded form.
    Appreciate you qick response.

  • Hello dear readers!
    Let me wish you all an easy renewing your passports, I’m Dutch national but I was born in Afghanistan, my wife is from Pakistan we married and now we have to renew my wife’s passport, but the Nadra saying due to my birthplace they blocked her application, is there anyone have the same problem with nadra, and how you resolved it …. Thank you guys for information.

  • Dev,
    This happend with me Dev.Application To modify my POC while confirming payment my card has been charged but error 404 and now I am in the middle of nowhere.
    How to get this problem resolved Dev? Any help will be appreciated. ([email protected]) ( Tracking ID . 780000029587) POC number is. 826366-100011-1

  • HI Dev,
    i am applying for pakistani passport renewal on line. But when i get to the screen to insert ID card number i cant an error message: ERROR : You can not avail this service.

  • I have to get passport of my newborn but his father’s cnic or copy is not available. kya passport ben sekay ga?

  • I have to get passport of my newborn but his father’s cnic or copy is not available. kya passport ben sekay ga?mera cnic ma bhi marital status update nae.

  • Hello All, I have read almost complete post & discussions where no one has confirmed how long does it take to get the renewed passport, some have confirmed that they received it but we need to know how long the process takes since this information is not available anywhere!

  • itni baatein hogayi. yeh batao kisi BKL ne onine passport banwaya hai k nai. agar banwaya hai toh kitne din mai aaya tha passport??

  • HI Dev, I want to renew my passport. My marital status has changed and the Nadra data/ NICOP has been updated. Can I use the online facility to renew my passport?

  • After successful fee payment, When I am trying to resume the application, I am receiving an error that “We are sorry, something went wrong at our end.” Help Please

    • I received same error in night time as per PST. When it was next morning and working day in Pakistan, i was able to open application and complete it and submit accordingly.

  • bas passport office ki ek problem hai hamesha system down hota hai mei apna passport renewal pegaya tha dair se gaya tu lambi line thi jab turn aaye tab link down unhone kaha k kal aana 2 se 3 hour bhi lagsakte then mei agle din jaldhi chale gaya tab bhi unka link down then 3rd day jake mera kaam hua yeh mei jan 2017 ki baat bataraha hun mei karachi awami markaz ki baat kraha hun

  • For all those, who want to track the passport after Passport Department hand over our passport to courier company. Normally, email comes for informing passport application has been approved.

    After that day, you can track the shipment by following below steps:

    1- Open DHL website with this link:

    2- In Shipper’s reference, write your Passport Application Tracking ID

    3- In Date Range for Shipment – From, put date of your application approval, or tentatively, enter date of your application submission here.

    4- In Date Range for Shipment – To, leave it same as of today’s date.

    5- Select the country of your residence (International Destination where you selected your passport delivery, e.g Saudi Arabia, UAE etc)

    6- Then click “Track”

    You will get the result, if passport is already shipped, you will get to know its updated status. If not, then that means passport has yet not been dispatched from DHL Islamabad.

    I received my passport today in office, but i have not received any email regarding delivery. Last email received was, application approved, which was on 13 march, and today after receiving the package, i came to know that DHL processed it on 15 march. Means in these two days, passport was printed and handed over to DHL for delivery.

    Hope this helps for those, who want to track the delivery of passport.

  • i am trying to pay online passport renewal fee with HBL Debit card but there is error ” payment not accepted” i have enough balance in my account , help me please , what is the possible reason.

  • I renewed my passport via online system in February 2017. Everything went smoothly. Excellent service and the process was quick. The whole process took half an hour including fingerprint form upload and I received my Passport within 1 week. Appreciate this New Service from Pakistan Government. However I have an issue now and would like expert advice. I applied for my wife’s Passport Renewal through my Online Account at ONLINEMRP Portal. Now it says Main Applicant as MY NAME. Would that be ok and the application will be processed as normal or should I make a new Account for my Wife and reapply. For ReApplication, how would the fee be adjusted?

  • Passport Office kai bahir jo agents hai kya in sai kaam lena illegal hai like inko apni ye important chezai likie passport etc handover karna in short kai kahin ye hamein fake passport de kar na mushkil main daal dai?

  • assalam.o.alikum to all here plz koi guide kr skta hy k online passport ksy bny ga or chargers kya hon gy .

  • close