Bill Gates Finally Finds out the Trick that Pakistanis Knew Since Ages

Bill Gates, the legendary billionaire founder of Microsoft and all-round philanthropist (whose efforts are going to wipe out polio from the planet), has finally stumbled onto secret that Pakistanis knew all this time: chickens may very well hold the key to ending poverty across the globe.

You must be wondering why and how chickens can serve as the magic pill to end world (and essentially Pakistan’s) poverty?

The answer, as Bill has now discovered, lies in the low maintenance upkeep required for raising chickens. While Pakistani poultry farmers (and others) have known it for ages that chickens don’t require special food needs, keeping the food bill really low for those with limited incomes. Plus, a fully grown hen can lay many eggs, which can:

  1. Serve the protein needs of an average Pakistani family,
  2. Be raised into healthy and meaty hens with low food requirements.

Poultry sector already contributes to 1.3% of Pakistan’s GDP and plans are in motion regarding Norway, Belgium, France, Korea, China, Brazil, and Germany who want to invest Rs.80 million in Pakistan’s chickens.

So maybe the next time Mr. Bill feels inspired of finding the next big poverty-busting technique, perhaps he should do so while munching on a leg of Pakistani chicken tikka at Bundoo Khan?

Via MeshRepubic