AliExpress Stops Shipping Certain Products to Pakistan

Exactly like we told you before, the time has finally come: global ecommerce websites — such as AliExpress — have stopped shipping products to Pakistan.

The news is that AliExpress has stopped sending certain items to Pakistan, including Xiaomi, Meizu, Le Eco and other phones, we have checked.

This is mainly due to the fact that increasing number of orders and shipments — that AliExpress was sending to Pakistan — never reached their designated addresses and customers.

It is still unclear if it is the customs officials or the delivery teams (from Pakistan Post) that are responsible for the situation.

For now, AliExpress has stopped sending mobile phone handsets and some other items to Pakistan, we have confirmed.

If you order a Xiaomi handset from AliExpress, it will simply not accept your order.Upon asking, AliExpress will tell you that since customs people don’t allow Xiaomi handsets in Pakistan, there’s no point of sending the phones here.


It won’t be out of place to mention that its not only handsets that go missing. Watches, cloths and other stuff from AliExpress has reportedly gone missing at Karachi port.

While we know that PTA doesn’t allow Xiaomi handsets, and it’s understandable that AliExpress has stopped sending these phones to Pakistan, there are products that are legally allowed but never make it to end-customers in Pakistan.

If situation isn’t changed and items keep on getting lost then the day isn’t far when AliExpress will entirely ban Pakistan.

At the same time, it is mindless that Pakistan is taking so much time to open up its markets for global products. We are sure it’s not import/export deficit, it’s not a security issue or any other implication but just that we are too lazy to formalize a mechanism of getting things shipped from Amazon, eBay or AliExpress to Pakistan.

We hope this will change with time. But let’s see.

Thank you Ali Mubashir for tipping.

  • Why don’t you point out that customs have to be paid on the orders? They cannot keep sending labeled as gifts!

    What your saying is Pakistan should open it’s market to every thing without customs! Why stop at mobiles then? Why not make a fuss about removing customs from cars so I can order online and get it shipped?

    Anyway I think this is why the Chinese opened by cheezmall. Any product listed on that is listed on aliexpress just with 20-30% extra price.

    • I order through Ebay, every now and then. And my postman always asks for 5% as custom duty. Even if it is marked as gift. So, there is no point in showing that these products are being held because of custom duty.

      • One order vs thousands of order everyday. Plus your ebay order is shipped by some person not ebay. Secondly Aliexpress sellers almost on every order will put the value of product very low on package to avoid customs!

      • that’s the thing. customs are like a king whom no one can question

    • Opening for global market means there should be a mechanism for consumers to order online and get products at home from international sellers with all customs and taxes paid without any struggle from consumer. No one said avoid taxes

      • You can already order from any online store that supports Pakistan and get a package delivered to home with all the taxes and duty to be paid to DHL etc by you!

        If you order via registered mail from ali express you will be getting packaged delivered. But there will be issue with that if they keep mislabeling packages as gifts and lower prices then it’s customer bought it for!

          • dhl is more problematic when it comes to phones as customs dont clear it before noc from pta and pta needs minimum 2 days if u email imei for approval. And it takes nearly 1-3 days for letter to arrive at your place. so dhl can charge you more than customs will charge tax from u.

    • well screw the customs and anyone else that thinks in their support.


      you are deluded and just as blind as any other voter. you don’t even realise how the govt is robbing you BLIND and YOU are allowing them.

      yes i want a better handset that is better quality , is better value for money AND beats samsung , sony , Apple and other big , over-priced brands !

      • Bahi jaan itna ghussa acha nahi! Government is misusing your tax that is a separate issue.

        But what your saying is since you pay taxes why should you pay customs on anything you import? Well the same reason why all the shops that import these things to sell to you pay it, to keep the country running!

        • Dear Farhan,

          What your saying is that Govt should get the tax. Well your right, but they should give us a mechanism and tracking system for our goods. Second if we are purchasing anything they are doing a double currency conversion at low bank rates to earn profit, then they add another remittance charge to send money overseas and an additional 2.5% tax as credit payment even if you are using the debit card as mode of payment. On every 100$ the government is charging 13$ extra and if you exceed 500$ then the withholding tax on 0.3% like the regular one and that too on the double conversion. So what more are you expecting from people. We will pay tax but then government should facilitate us.

    • How much Cheezmall paid you?

      Cheezmall is not better than 3rd party resellers.

    • What abt the Noc requirement for phone. Its not just abt customs. Plus custom policy is also very vague and depends on the person sitting in post office and how corrupt he is :p

  • Kya mazak hy yar . Boht he bakwas situation bana diya ganje ny mulk ka. Why in Pakistan the current govt try their level best to prove themselve worst than the predecessor? Shame on their voters.

  • Chinese companies are notorious for under-invoicing and tax evasion. If a mobile phone worth Rs. 40,000 is marked as gift and the shipment is 2000 pieces, what’s the difference between this and grey import?

    • Chohan, then what about cloths belts and small orders? Why are they grabbing those? Unke baap ka maal hai?

  • i once ordered a hand set. it was delivered to me. i see two main problems here. PTA, when handsets are imported into Pakistan, PTA will approve the hand set, you will get a notification first from PTA and they are going to ask you for a receipt of payment made against it. like a purchase invoice. they will then issue a notification for duty and taxes paid, they just want to see if the handsets are original and not stolen etc. the second chance is the customrs are doing frauds. accepting goods and then changing addresses etc. etc. i am a very loyal customer of ali express and i buy all sorts of goods from them. not a single time has this happened that the goods did not arrive. the only problem i faced was once with a hand set was imported and there were formalities by PTA that had to be fulfilled.

  • Title is bit overblown. It’s no secret that items containing radios such as phone/tablets require NOC so obviously sellers have realized that so they’re doing the right thing. Situation isn’t as bad as you’re trying to depict here. Just a tip to the buyers: Leave a note to the seller and ask him to write easy understandable description on parcels, do not mark them as gift and declare a credible value.

    • What a Moron, seriously. It clearly seems that you have no idea of what you’re actually talking about, nor have any knowledge of the NOC process, which doesn’t need to actually steal the item from the parcel, and then customer obtains an NOC of nothing. The article is about corruption in the customs and postal service. Nothing to do with Radio/ etc. Lastly, I never heard there’s a radio in bags, jewellery, watches and clothes.

      Apparently, your parents should’ve obtained an NOC before doing something that night! Cuz situation wouldn’t have been so bad had they tried to obtain one before…

      P.S. The BS you’re talking about. I have received 6 parcels in the last 2 months, none had them declared as a gift. Even a BT Headset priced at $4.5 had it written on it.

      • You’re a lucky guy since mods and admins seem to be not so strict here otherwise with that kind of language you’d have been thrown out from here by now.

        • I’m indeed lucky, as I’m not in delusion of the current state of Pakistan, neither I’m licking the balls of its government. I wish people would realise what a joke of a country we’re living in, due to the government and morons who elected them being in fallacy.

  • Mujhy Samsung Ki Charging Port Aj E Receive Hwi Hai After One Month, I Was Thinking Mujhy GPO Jna Pary Ga Magr Postman Ghar Dy K Gya Hai.

  • Few days ago i was searching Meizu cell phone and it showed zero result for it. I was amazed that before it used to show 100s of results now showing nothing in cell phone category. And yes many of my orders including cloths, simple vr glasses, belts, hand bag etc got lost and never reached for which the Seller keep extending the time from last 4 months. I request all the members to build a consensus over taking legal action against the culprits who are stain on the name of this country and enemies of public. I guess we should officially register complaints with FIA, NAB and at Mohtasib or any concerned forum for this daylight corruption being done openly and brining bad name to the country to get blacklisted around the globe. Please get in touch through this forum and let’s take tackle and resolve this highway robbery once n for all. Get United against these black sheep.

  • I ordered a shirt just to test if it would arrive.
    In a central location in Lahore.
    Has been few months now, not arrived yet.

    I can see from ali express website that it was delivered to Pakistan, but never got to me.
    Some official has swiped it ofcourse.

  • haha lol this article writer is dumb and idiot. first of all the products come by air to pakistan and are directly sent to post office if they are not of private courier. all the customs and duties are then calculated and applied by pak post. i havs received all mt items i have ordered up till now. plus some chinese sellers hesitate to send products to certain countries. where as if your post man is a good person he will always bring the goods to ypur door step

  • Its not just Aliexpress, Most of the times people dont even want to buy stuff from such sites (which ship stuff to Pakistan) because of these pain-in-the-A** custom officials which ask for huge bribe to remove hold on the products.
    Some of the products I received (review units, backpack/Headphones, etc) were marked with the value of 0$/Nill, Customs still charged me around 20$ for those, LOL.

  • Thugs all around in gov departments, thats why they vote only biggest thugs…

  • Pakistan ek corrupt country hai yaha Na Payal. Amazon. Ebay. Walmart Neteller. Skrill. service farham nahe karta… mere Aliexpress se 7 order abhi tak nahe mile custom wale chori kar lete hein hum Ali express walo se shikayat karte hein wo bechare pese refund karte hein

    • 3G modem is a radio equipment and requires PTA NOC. Such items are a hit or miss. Blame yourself and learn some lesson from it. You should be receiving a notice from GPO soon unless your area postman took it too casually and lost that tiny little slip.

      Corrupt customs walon ki waja se aliexpress PK ko bann kare ya na kare mager aap jaisay seedha sadhay buyers ki waja se bann zaroor karega.

      • Shaaf bhai lagta hai ap kuch ziyada sedhe sade ho jo custom walo ka milba hamare oper dal raahe ho…3g modem ko 3 month hogye hein ab tu pese bhi refund hogye hein koi slip nhi Aye post walo ki tarf se

        • Please use some common sense and read this carefully:

          If you believe it’s PK customs fault and item is detained, misplaced or stolen by customs in PK then why open a dispute for it? Customs clearance is buyer’s responsibility
          So why punish seller for it by opening a dispute and shamelessly asking for a refund ? So that’s why I’m really afraid that it is people like you who will be the major reason for getting PK blacklisted.

          • Bhai woh khud likh raha hai ke pakistan eik corrupt country hai, aur us corruption ke wajah yeh ABID sahab khud hain. so need to worry that we have these people in us.

  • got a aquarium pump just today. looks like shop before they stop sending everything

  • I ordered an optical frame using Payoneer Mastercard. I have been using it previously without any issue. The seller was shipping to Pakistan via Registered mail. But my payment didn’t get verified and my order status was set to “closed”.

    In email I was sent a link to make an appeal and upload proof of payment by Aliexpress. But the link doesn’t work. It says try again later. Order details page doesn’t have any button for appeal either.

    Is it they have stopped processing payments from Pakistan or Payoneer cards? This happened some 3-4 days ago.

    • last time i ordered using Payoneer card 2 weeks ago. It went fine. Don’t know if they stopped it later. If there is issue with Payoneer cards now i would like to know too

  • so … im an honest , earnest citizen of this BLIGHTED and UNGRATEFUL nation. And at the moment , ALL I WANT is a good handset that costs LESS than EVERY over-priced handset being sold locally. i ALREADY pay a GODDAMN MOTHERLOAD of taxes to the govt in the form of mv tax , property tax , sales tax and what NOT !

    oh and to make it WORSE , the tax i pay is NOT used to make this nation or its state ANY better , infact everything keeps getting worse and there’s inflation , extortion , threats , killings and what not….

    DESPITE ALL THE S H I T i have to deal with , all i want atm is a good handset which is good-value for money , has some nifty features and is of formidable quality. so , if i DO decide to import it , the DAMN F*****G CUSTOMS DETAINS MY PACKAGE AND FORCES ME TO PAY MORE F*****G TAXES ?!


    this is gross INJUSTICE ! i know many of you are going to B I T C H about how there are customs tax in every other nation. well , let me enlighten YOU KNUCKLEHEADS with the fact that those countries do NOT OVER BURDEN their citizens with greedy taxes ! THEIR CITIZENS ARE HAPPY TO PAY THOSE TAXES ! THEY ARE NOT EXTORTED INTO DOING SO !

    honestly , just F*** this B**** GOVT !

    • Reading your comment gives a kind of satisfying feeling jesy dil ki bharaas nikaal kar milti hai :D
      Bro I can totally feel you. What else can be expected from an extremely corrupt government and a perfect nation for these kind of politicians to rule these fools.

      • exactly , rage mode was on when i heard these news and i could not resist letting it all out. i mean , i was sort of tolerant with the customs haggling us and pta being absolute A**es with the citizens still hoping that somewhere down there was light at the end of this tunnel , esp with regard to Xiaomi phones , which are the best in category. but all of a sudden , all their dramatics have caused AliExpress to stop shipping ?!

        that is the final straw. either improve your market by inviting more brands , esp the chinese ones (like the Indians , who have EVERYTHING from the best valued Qiku and Xiaomi Phones to the elite level One plus phones and Vivo , which actually sponsor their DAMN cricket tournaments !) or STOP this BS from PTA and Govt.

        after the refusal of Ebay and paypal to arrive here its already bad enough. and now such a massive and globally renowned and relevant site like Aliexpress to stop service here means that Pakistan is done for …
        im sure that hag maryam nawaz can buy the upcoming iphone 7 without breaking a sweat … but what about us common people ?? Nawaz sharif will never think beyond his own children. children and citizens like us , who are not as lavish and rich as his own children. we can hardly afford budget phones and now their cronies in customs cut us off from good budget phones which actually originate from the country’s BEST ALLY .. smh

    • We support you. Enough is enough, we should get rid of these Thugs and thieves, we have to stand for our rights.

      • honestly most of them deserved to be lynched. i wonder if the nation is upto it tho …
        revolution isn’t exactly this country’s strong point but i’d love to witness something massive and game-changing about the local playing-field in the near future.

  • I can tell you my personal experience, I have been shopping from AliExpress since 2 years now. A couple of times, I didn’t get the items and all I did was claim my money, which they happily returned.
    If someone at Karachi port is actually grabbing that stuff, it should be reported to the relevant authorities asap, because we may get our money back but will lose some precious time.

    • I know they return, but mostly the sellers are single persons and not the companies. They hardly make a livelihood, and they return refunds just to stay in the business n for the fear of getting expelled from aliexpress if the complaint n dispute ratio rises against them. That won’t be justice if they have to pay for our people’s sin. If i don’t receive an item which has proper tracking day to day till it reaches Pakistan but couldn’t reach my home. i simply get the date extended for many times if still not received i just close the order by simply mark it as received. It’s all our side fault. so we should pay for it or just simply stop ordering i think that would be good solution. Or we just get our corrupt system changed. We are ready to pay any legal duty etc but who gives the right to just grab our items without our will?

    • They don’t refund your money “happily” when they have sent the item and custom guys seized that and took that to their own homes.

    • bhai that only happens on aliexpress cases mostly but if u import from china then u need proper documents and u cant forge them too..

  • someone really needs to get things straight in Pakistan. At least non-bulk items must be delivered to home users but it’s a pity, nothing is safe when it enters borders of Pakistan

  • yes, mainly our custom agents are haraam khor and bay-emaan.. the tracker keeps showing that the product reached the destination and with Lahore custom and they deny it even after several months. At the end, a website like aliexpress who offers refund and protect buyers if the products are not delivered, customer gets credit and stops following the product and seller indeed is the loser.
    Pakistani authorities should take certain actions against this custom mafia to encourage competitive imports.

    • This is so true. Mere sath bhi exactly yehi hua tha but at Karachi Customs. Order rakh k beth gaye!

  • kasmay ProPak ka bass nahe chal rha k AliExpress ko band kara dey yahan Pakistan mey.,., mere 100+ items aa chukay in over 2yrs of buying aur 5 ya 6 items nahe milay hongey mujhay

    – jis shopper ki post inhon ne share ki hey wo shopper still Xiomi Mi 3 bhej rha hey Pakistan just go and check the store — wo specifically is store ne shipping roki hogi werna aur shoppers abhi bhe mobile shipment for pakistan available hey
    – bohat products aesi hoti hey jinko seller ship nahe kerte Pakistan.,., so whats the point
    – aur ye jahalat to hamari hey k hum aik aesa item buy kerna chah rhay hein jis per duty hey,, – why blame AliExpress

    – “””For now, AliExpress has stopped sending mobile phone handsets and some other items to Pakistan, we have confirmed.”””” kesay confirmed kiya hey.,. zara bataiye ga!!

    Instead of pointing AliExpress name, ProPak should write an article what to buy from international market stores !! and Point fingers towards Pakistan Post and relevant department

  • I’m interested to know how can the buyer contest to the Pak authority if the customs office or the post office or the delivery man or any other person that came in contact with the merchandise has swiped it for himself? I’m not talking about NOC items or where the item is marked down in price on parcel to avoid tax. If you are gonna say that take the registered item number and show them that as proof, that’s not going to matter if they don’t enter it in their system at the port cuz maybe the person who enters such data already has his eyes set on your purchase !

  • Thank God we atleast have Cheezmall. Atleast product deliver to hojati hai.

  • It’s a shame that educated people cast vote for N leagues and other corrupt parties.
    Such people give me cancer …sigh…..

  • I bought a zte and it was detained by customs. Although I was able to clear it by pta’s noc and paying customs duty the seller even stopped selling any phone to Pakistan citing Pakistan customs strict policy…

      • 4.5 nearly. better buy zero 3 on daraz….. If u still want to import better try letv they are allowed by pta some said.

        • woah .. WAIT ?! Le Eco are permitted by PTA ?

          if you or someone can get some confirmation on this , it’ll be BIG news !
          im sure not many people will be aware of this , but Le Eco (formerly Letv) have some GREAT phones that are well priced and can easily go head to head with some xiaomi power houses too !
          in Fact , the Le Eco was the FIRST Company to announce a SD 820 phone !

          • saw some guy imported from aliexpress and they were able to get it . so it means pta did issued them noc.

            • hmm . apparently so…

              is there any email i can use to contact or atleast ask PTA about this ?
              since you had to go through the NOC ordeal with PTA , its likely that you came across an official channel thru which you could communicate with the PTA. an email or anything like that ?

          • saw someone importing on aliexpress and they were able to get it after giving custom. so it means pta do allow it.

      • 4.5 k nearly so dont import anything. Just use daraz and infinix for time being.

        • damn :/
          sad to live in a sort of a ‘Police State’

          yeah , i guess i’ll just keep my eyes peeled for a decent Gionee rebrand or something similar that ticks a chunk of the requirement boxes.

          we finally have great value phones from Xiaomi in china , india , several EU countries and even the US and pakistan is STILL electing to stay behind the whole globe. smh

            • yeah … im thinking about the LEtv phones now …

              zero 3 is good but x10 would be better off in the sub 17k category by now. would gladly pay $200 for a helio x20 phone now…

              • better to buy local as imported has no warranty and customs wala are also blood sucking leaches. I had to go to many difficulties for this process.

                • yea man , i hear you. its rather disgusting to see how a govt agency thats supposed to facilitate the customers/civilians is actually misusing its authority.

                  hopefully if huawei can come in with some good sets … or better yet , we get more sets type approved

  • dont order anything without tracking… always ask for pakistan tracking number.

  • Why don’t they partner with TCS instead of Pakistan post for secure delivery if this is happening? Though I would love to have contract retained by a government entity but keeping this in mind, TCS seems much better option.

    • anything is a much better option if kept away from the GREEDY govt entities :D

  • I want to order Le Max 2 through Ali Express. It is one hell of a mobile
    with reasonable price. How to get its NOC? What is the recommended mode of shipment?
    Singapore post or DHL? I can wait for the shipment (by using Singapore
    post, and willing to pay the post office guys) but want to ensure that I
    receive the mobile and my money is not wasted (because I heard through
    DHL, if the shipment gets stuck, there is no way to get it released).
    Another issue is that it is not in the list of PTA type approval
    document, how to get this mobile on that list then?

  • propakistani is bullshit, they are just bunch of faggots trying to earn some revenue on whatever false news the can spread, nothing has been blocked by ali express, all xiaomi phones are available to be shipped in Pakistan.

  • That is exactly true, I ordered couple of stuff from Aliexpress which never reached to me, But The seller at aliexpress refunded the money! May b Pakistani’s learn some honesty from them!

  • I lost wrist watch too, and couldn’t get refund as local post office lost the product and said it was delivered. they had the recipt with fake signatures.

  • I was ordered Xiaomi Redmi 1s one year back from Ali Express, and Got PTA clearance in 20 days with customs duty 4,500/- PKR. its a really good phone but you will have to do struggle in dealings with customs, PTA etc while ordering….. our govt should allow to its ppl to have freedom of choices to buy anything online from the international market and make easy process which facilitates Pakistani ppl.

  • Thanks for starting such a valuable discussion. Helpful. Are you from Karachi? How can I meet you.

  • Its not only karachi port where theft is a normal day, its all over Pakistan and its not constrained to the ports but widely at the airport’s as well.

  • close