PBIT and Cheezmall to Collaborate on eCommerce Initiatives

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed on Saturday between the Punjab Board of Investment and Trade (PBIT) and a Chinese company, Cheezmall Private Limited.

PBIT CEO Ms Amena Cheema was joined by Cheezmall CEO Aurangzeb Khan and his associates for the signing ceremony.

Based in Shanghai, Cheezmall is an online shopping service provider.

The company, which has already established its office in Islamabad, is looking to expand its operations in Pakistan.

Cheezmall is particularly interested in collaborating with PBIT in various e-commerce projects.

Amena briefed the delegation on the tremendous potential that existed in Pakistan with respect to e-commerce.

She noted that more and more Pakistanis had access to the internet and that foreign companies should take advantage of the opportunities created by this positive development.

Prior to signing of the memorandum, Aurangzeb turned his focus on PBIT and the Government of Punjab for creating a business-friendly environment in Pakistan.

He added that good governance, along with a much-improved security situation, had made Pakistan an attractive destination for the foreign investors, and above all China.

  • has anyone bought anything from cheezmall rush hour deal??? cuz everything gets sold out in first micro second of starting time.. looks fake to me.

    • same here, I have tried numerous time but no luck. You got it right, its simplye fake like all other promotions cheezmall do.

        • Aare nahi Ishtiaq bhai, Churran Wala is way better then them, atleast jo dikhata hai wohi bechta hai. Inki tarah nahi ke rush hour deal chal rahi ahi rozana aur abhi tak kisi ko wahan se ek dheyla nahi mila.

          • KMQ jani agar tum hukum karo na tou aaj yeh “Churan Mall” k jitne bhi lounday aye huwey hain na fake ids bana k bachiyon k naam se. In sub ka circus lagwa dun main. Per KMQ hairat is baat ki hai k yeh “Churan” bechnay k liye hi reh gaya hai ab propak sirf?

            • I seriously think ke ProPK ko ek article likhna chahiye regarding fake promotions of CheezMall, but I doubt it as I see a permanent ad of CheezMall on the sidebar of this site.

              • KMQ jani, ab tum pe jo bombardment hogi Churan Mall walon ki taraf se us k liye
                Are You Ready? :-)

                • Ishtiaq bhai haq baat bolni chahiye, jo mere fair comments hote hain wohi deta hon. Ab kisi ko such buda lagta hai tu lagta rahe.

                  Baki han I am ready, waise I think last time ke baad ab shayad kam hi aaen comments. Inke ek employee ne tu mera mashwara maan kar aaj guest account se post kia hai takey unki profile na dekhi ja sake :-)

            • lolz, bhai I am a graphic designer so screenshot tu aise pehle bhi buhat dekhte hain cheezmall ke customers ke. Magar galti yeh kar jate hain ke jab bhi koi screenshot dikhate hain us main list of products hoti hai.

              Ab aapke screenshot ki hi baat le lo, ek banda ek din lucky ho aur cheez buy kar ley samajh aata hai but ek hi banda roz order kare aur roz lucky ho and without a break rozana koi item purchase kar ley in rush hour aur baki sare log mun dekhte rahain, aapko nahi lagta ke something is fishy here :D

              Please don’t mind haan…

              • Hahah very funy. Wohe old bat. Mera order ho gaya toh cheezmall ka banda. Ub pic check kar lena. Jo order milaa . Thori samj aa jaey gi i think. Lagta toh mushkil hai.

                • bhai aap meri logic hi nahi samjhe apka order hua ek baar samajh aati hai but ki wajah hai ke roz aapka hi order hojata hai aur baki sare mun dekhte hain. Matlab yeh ke sirf aap ke pas hi fast internet hai baki sab abhi 256kbps par zinda hain?

                  • Bhai apko lagta hai samj ni aa rahe. Mein ne pehlay bhi kaha. Facebook official page pe dekh lo. Jin jin k order confrm huway hain unkay name addres. Sirf mera he order ni huwa. Or bhi bohat log hain.. Wahan check karoo. Nd poch lo un se. :P

                • Good for you bhai, magar I still dont believe this. A picture doesn’t confirm that the item was actually ordered and recieved. They could even take the snaps and distribute to prove they are legit. Maze ki baat aap bhi kitni efforts kar rahe ho to prove they are legit.

                  • Bcoz ap bila waja lagay huway ho fake fake. Na karo yakeen :P Apki toh wohe bat hain angoor khatay hain apka order ni huwa hahahha last pic for uh lucky winers :D

  • Look in the background of the article image, Shahbaz Sharif’s portrait alongside that of Quaid-e-Azam.

  • Punjab is realy fast in getting Chinese investement. Other provinces should also see this.

  • Well, its another ground braking initiative from cheezmall. I think they are going to make a long term payment solution i.e. easypaisa, etc..

  • Cheezmall is total fraud …..they have nothing to sell ……ordered two huawie phones on recent sale and its 18 days elapsed and nothing received yet and they have only one call center girl who dont know anything ….beaware of cheezmall

    • Absolutely right bro, they are the biggest fraud currently operating in Pak, their all offers are for making people fool. biggest bast……………………

      • aur maze ki baat ke koi kuch kar nahi raha, Even ProPK jaisi site bhi bas unke paid article chaape jati hai. Koi ek aad article is par bhi kar dain ke kabhi koi banda inki deals nahi le pata just fake promotion.

      • And one more thing, like all other articles this article would again be flooded with fake IDs of cheezmall employees.

          • Nahi Asif bhai seriously, aap check karo abhi bhi 2 comments tu aachuke hain.

            Ek Ahmed Bhai: inhone mera last time wala mashwara man lia mere aur is bar guest ID se comment kia hai.

            And secondly Asif Abbasi sahab, inki tu profile hi kafi hai aapko bas unki profile open karni hai aur aapko pata lag jaega what I am saying.

            Baki har bar ki tarah is baar bhi hum logon main cold war is Cheezmall ke topic par hi horahi hai.

  • Cheezmall takes tooooooooooooooooo long at shipping stuff, they took 2 months to deliver an item. Very bad not going to shop from them again.

  • I don’t know what & how above deal will benefit Pakistan.
    BTW my first ever online shopping with CheezMall is not good. Received my Xiaomi power bank on 35th day after ordering. I wish I would shop on AliExpress!

    • This is the major issue with them. They must have local inventory of atleast renowned products

  • Daloe chinese companies ko yaha .woh apnae employees ko china main bookhae maar rahae ha .yaha kia deye gae .deni ha opportunities to european aur american companies ko do

  • As they use sequential order numbers i think they are only getting 30-50 orders per day maximum.

    They must change there strategy of getting traffic.

    Also if you browse through for 5 minutes you will end up in 20+ tabs as every link opens in new tab.

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