PTCL Finally Delivers an Email to User After Seven Months

PTCL is probably up to a new world record by delivering an email to a user after seven months of its intended time, we have confirmed with the user himself.

According to details, a chat transcript — text of chat with the support staff of PTCL — was emailed to the user after seven long months of the original chat.

This chat, ideally, should have been dispatched to the user in an email right after the chat had ended, but the legendary PTCL took it over seven months to deliver the email.

Here’s the email that the PTCL user received today for a support chat he did back in Nov 2015:


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  • We have even much bigger problems with PTCL. Should be prioritized over this story.

  • After privatisation to some extent there support have improved before privatization ptcl was organization filled with full of namak haram employees. Still there are some rotten eggs in ptcl which need to be taken care of.

  • It is not ptcl’s fault , ptcl is only Internet provider . Users have an option to fetch an email , fetch features are available in most operating systems .

  • Bhai shukar karo 7 months baad bhi aa tu gayi. yeh tu PTCL ka bada pan hai ke unhone ne 7 months baad bhi bhej thi transcript na bhi bhejte tu aap kia kar lete. Badshah hai PTCL bhai, aapko koi haq nahi unhain kuch bhi kehne ka…

  • PTCL who?? After getting Zong MBB device 6 months back I have forgot this name.

  • I am still waiting for a reply from PTCL regarding Co-Location, Dedicated Servers & Cloud Hosting after passing 2 years. lolz

  • I had a similar experience where they were supposed to send me an adjusted bill over email. It took PTCL about two months and my endless followup with them to send the email. I was so angered that I was about to disconnect all of their services (I am using PSTN Line + DSL + Smart TV).

  • I think while chat with agent option is available to save to chat.”Save Transcript” so no need for an email.

  • their DSL user, whenever faced problm talked to the reps. was good response…

  • Far Better than before, now we’ve save option when we go to the live chat. we can save our chat right there. There in no purpose of email now, would like to mention that PTCL is not faulty there, it’s the fault of Email server.

    • Apparently, due to some server-side error, chat sessions were never marked closed/completed. When some admin noticed, he removed the clog and email server cleared the backlog. If anything, its a fault of Cisco.

  • PTCL is the company which is providing internet services all over the Pakistan, Zong, Telenor, bla bla sab PTCL ki badolat hi hain wo kis sy service lay rahy hian PTCL sy hi, Grow up guys, wo kehty hain na kuch log dunia m aty hi tanqeed krny k lye hian.

  • PTCL ko bye bye kahy nearly a year ho gya hai.. Shukar khuda ka zindagi sy 1% tension km ho gai ab sukon main hai zindagi :)

  • I had the same i had a chat with them in December and they just emailed it to me a like a month back, kindly provide your email address i will forward you the email myself

  • i also received two chat transcripts mails which actually took place back in 2014

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