Banks Will Remain Closed for the First 10 Days of July

As the month of Ramzan is winding down and Eid-ul-Fitr is approaching, banks in Pakistan have announced their schedule for Eid vacations.

In light of this, users of Pakistani banks need to be informed about the schedule of bank holidays so that they don’t face unnecessary hurdles in banking.

Details About Bank Holidays in July

In July, all banks will only open for one day in between 2nd to 10th July. This means that if you will submit a cheque on the 30th of June, it will not be processed and cleared until the 11th of July.

Here is the complete schedule for bank holidays:

  • On 1st July: The banks will remain closed owing to the yearly six month audit.
  • On 2nd and 3rd July: banks will remain closed on account of weekend holidays.
  • On 4th July: Banks will remain open on Monday.
  • From 5th-8th July: Eid holidays will start and banks will not be open as well.
  • On 9th and 10th of July: banks will remain closed owing to the weekend.

Customers of Pakistani banks are therefore expected to conclude their banking-related business before the start of July 2016.

So to avoid any inconvenience in your bank transactions, we suggest you should approach the banks as soon as possible for your transactions.

Update: SBP has Directed Banks to Remain Open on Sat 2nd and 9th July