Sindh Police Asks Punjab for Help in Digitizing Law Enforcement

In the recent months, Punjab Police has made rapid progress in digitizing its operations by adopting modern technology and infrastructure.

Be it the sharing of leads, investigation progress, intelligence, surveillance or even personnel performance report, Punjab IT Board’s (PITB) efforts towards using technology to aid local enforcement have been welcomed.

Seeing how technology is helping in the delivery of law-enforcement in Pakistan’s largest province, the Inspector General from Sindh Police has requested the use of 21st century tools in use at Punjab Police in providing the required standard of services for citizens.

IGP Sindh’s Request to Chief Secretary (Govt. of Punjab)

Muhammad Siddique Memon, the current Inspector General of Sindh Police has written to Capt. Zahid Saeed (Chief Secretary, Punjab Govt.) for the use of the following softwares in bringing local law enforcement to 21st century standards:

  • HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information System)
  • PSRMIS (Police Station Record Management Information System)
  • CMS (Complaint Management System)
  • IT Initiative of CRO
  • IT Initiative of DIGP Ops

The request also stated that officials from Punjab could help customize it for Sindh, leading to increased information sharing among the police of the two major provinces of Pakistan.

The move is expected to automate and connect the various police departments in Sindh for better co-ordination and policing.

This development marks a good omen for upgrading law enforcement systems in Pakistan. A system like the one in use by the Punjab Police should also be rolled out to other provinces of Pakistan. This is something that is long-overdue.

With the multifaceted security threats that Pakistan faces, increased data sharing among the provincial police forces can aid in solving long-dormant cases and also go a long way in restoring the confidence of the public in their guardians.


  • Strange why didn’t they asked this from KPK Govt. they have the first of its kind Police in whole Country……….

    • Even though i’m a PTI supporter but its true Punjab police is more digitized and hence more accountable. No thanks to Punjab Police though the credit goes to PITB (Probably the only endeavor by CM Sharif that is actually making lives better)

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