Mobilink to Become an Internet Company: Aamir Ibrahim

After remaining a cellular and majorly a telecom company for over two decades, Aamir Ibrahim, newly appointed CEO of Mobilink, is now determined to make Mobilink a leading internet company of the country.

“Mobilink’s ambitions is not to become a better telecom company; instead our ambition is to be the leading internet company of Pakistan”, said Aamir Ibrahim in his keynotes at the groundbreaking ceremony of Jazz’s National Incubation Center.

He said that telecom business is becoming old and Mobilink, as a company, is not interested in laying more fiber optic cables or deploying towers. “Instead we wants to focus more on digitization”, Aamir added.

Mobilink’s recent contracts with tower companies is an indication that Mobilink, as a carrier, now wants to keep its focus and invest more on (digital) services rather than the infrastructure, where possible.

CEO Mobilink emphasized that Mobilink is going digital internally, as a company, and in offering digital services and solutions to consumers.

While commenting on consumers’ demands, Aamir said that customers needs have enhanced with time. He said that emergence of smartphones have changed the way people live their lives.

While terming smartphones a remote control, Aamir said that hand held devices are now used for everything in our lives, ranging from information to communication and from entertainment to education. “And we will offer our customers what they look for”, indicated Aamir.

Not to mention, with the rise of OTT services telecom players are facing declining revenues from conventional voice and telephony services.

With increased competition and lowering telecom prices, traditional telecom companies are now focusing more on allied value added services that not only expand their revenues but help elevate the life standards of the common man.

Aamir Ibrahim said that Jazz’s National Incubation Center is an important milestone for Mobilink’s ambitions for times to come.

He appreciated the realization of private-public partnership through which the incubation center was finally made possible.

“Without this partnership, neither government nor private sector could achieve what we have in hands today in form of National Incubation Center”, said Aamir Ibrahim.

It maybe recalled that National Incubation Center is established with a $5.4 Million grant from ICT R&D Fund, while ICT R&D Fund itself is funded by fixed annual revenue share from cellular companies.

Tech and telecom reporter with over 15 years of experience, he works as founder of ProPakistani.PK

  • that’s true… and Telenor is already leading the digital ambition in Pakistan.. to become the favorite digital life style partner. Good to know Mobilink is following…

  • Internet Company is a confusing statement. Since all they want is to indulge in digital front, not over the internet front. IYKWIM.

  • ہوائی فائرنگ ہی کرتے رہتے ہیں موبی لنک والے

    پلے نہیں دھیلا کردی میلا میلا

    پوری قوم کو 9 مہینوں سے وارد موبی لنک انضمام کی ٹرک کی بتی کے پیچھے لگا رکھا ہے پہلے جو کام کرنے کا ہے وہ تو کر لو شیخ چلی طرح خواب ہی نہیں ختم ہو رہے

    • fully agreed i have been using jazz for last 10 years worst internet packages among all companies

  • We are expecting some thing better from #Maybelink new CEO, some thing #innovative # some thing big #strategic # forward looking #uphill #progressive but what is this he wanted to make #may be link an #ISP. They should better keep on providing Telecom Services and focus on providing better voice call which they are trying (and badly failed) to provide for last two decades for their subscribers instead of becoming Internet Service Provider ISP. They may see big potential in being an ISP, but first they have to focus on providing and improving their services in their core business i.e. Telecom provider. They have to remember that many ISPs started their business in this country and today even nobody know/remember their name as they failed to provide Quality Services to their customer. Being an ISP is not easy, you have to offer Quality and if #Maybelink provide same services as they provide to Telecom customers then what next avenue for #may be link

  • One thing more It is National ICTR&D Fund who is providing funds for establishing and operating this National Incubation Center. Every single penny spend on NIC is financed by NICTR&DF, naming it Jazz NIC is not justifiable as Jazz is only Managed Services partner and get services charges for all the services provided in this program from NICTR&DF, and if they didn’t perform well some other Managed Services partner will be introduced by NICTR&DF then the new service provider will name it after their name. Secondly linking it will only one brand will diminutive factor for other corporate players to participate in this good Government Initiative.

  • So they are going to provide 50 Million customers 3G services with 10 MHz spectrum only and 4G with 14.8 MHz spectrum. RIP Mobilink 3G

    • Out of those 50 million, under 10 million are equipped with a smartphone sir

      • Ratio is almost same for all companies even for those who are struglling with 5MHz with users just less than half of Mobilink (Ufone).
        And do you really think just 10 people out of hundred are using smartphones in Pak????? Really? Ratio is at least 30 % in my opinion. And it will grow rapidly. And MBB devices are future. Keep it in mind as well

        • Check out the villages in southern Punjab and central Sindh…feature phones still going strong over there

      • Companies have to plan for future growth otherwise they face major problems in the future.

  • en ko kahein apny pakages tu daikhein zara 3g k ….. sab se fazool pricing policy hy en k ufone k bad …. khwab tu chalo daikhny pe koe pabndi nhi

  • Pehle apna 3g tou chala kar dikhaien, phir banien Internet company koi nahi rook raha unhain. Browsing tak nahi kar saktay aap mobilink pe itna worst 3g hai aur chaly hain Internet company ban’nay.

    • They have to invest on network to enhance their network quality, Outsourcing your network asset doesn’t mean that there is no need to invest on the network optimization. They can loose customer like Ufone and Warid if they didn’t improve their network.

      • the most worst network is Telenor in term of 3G and voice and needs to be improved.Millions of customer left the network and strange to see the customer based is increasing as per PTA so please stop giving fake statements .Moblinjk and Warid are telecom giants now no one can even think to compete them .Zong can cross telenor after some time if telenor stops to give fake figure about its customers.Or Telenor can improve it self only by Changing ZTE and using top class vendor

        • I am a loyal and satisfied customer of Telenor 3G, ZTE market share is increasing day by day throughout the world. Era of expensive vendor like NSN is over now future belongs to Chinese vendor.

          • NSN where this comes from.soon ZTE story will be over boss wait an c.ur satisfied because u ddnt tried other so please just come out of this fake ident and enjoy

            • Brother I switched to Telenor after continuously using Warid for more than six years. Now you know whats the condition of Warid network, Telenor is still best of all the network with nation wide coverage, no call distortion, smooth handing over, good internet speed, better quality of service. Thumps up Telenor.

              • I used Telenor 3G since they launched it i was satisfied during early days but their 3G service quality went down as 3G users got increased in short it went down from MBs to Kbs and due to which i have to switch to Zong 4G now it’s better then rest. I mainly used mobile internet for my work not for freaking social media :p

  • An ‘internet company’? digital solutions? what?? vague and over ambitious statements these are when the CEO is outright saying improving quality of infrastructure and services is not his priority. Perhaps broadband or TV like services is what he’s pointing at. With capped data plans like ours these services will never fly. Maybe he framed it poorly or very un-CEO like lol time will be a better judge.

    • Cannot do TV except mobile TV because of PEMRA laws that no foreign ownership or foreign management control of broadcast or distribution companies

  • I can live with 2GB monthly of Mobilink 3G, chalta he nahi, kharch he nahi hota data volume. bus guzara. Faisalabad city.
    140MB used in 9 days, wo bhi 3G device onchi jaghon per rakh rakh kay, 2G jesi speed 40 seconds main aik page load karnay wali.

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