KPK: Report Corruption and Get 25% of Recovery as Reward

Corruption is a menace that has affected the every day lives of Pakistanis negatively. During the past 70 year history of the country, many initiatives have been undertaken for combating corrupt practices in Pakistan. Some of them, like NADRA’s program for whistleblowers who report on corruption were shut down, following increased pressure from vested interests.

Today, the KP government has taken matters into its own hands and announced another anti-corruption campaign that rewards whistleblowers about 25% of the recovered amount, while their names will also be protected.

This will be applicable for projects undertaken in the KP province and will apply to governmental departments and the involved contractors alike.

Imran Khan Announces Whistleblower Program to Combat Corruption

During a live press conference moments ago, PTI Chief Imran Khan announced a raft of new initiatives, significantly the one related to combating corruption in KP.

According to Imran Khan, anyone who will point out corruption in the province, will get 25% of the recovered money, while his name will be kept in secret as well.

The idea is that the generous reward might compel people to report on corrupt programs and individuals.

Where nepotism and red tape is the order of the day, it is hoped that the recent anti-corruption initiative taken by Mr. Khan does not fall victim to political arm-twisting and vested interests.

Concluding Thoughts

It is hoped that the program does not become a punching bag for people who are looking to abuse it for their own narrow aims and interests. The people behind this initiative should make it transparent and robust and free of any political interference.

They say there’s no substitute for leading by example and it is hoped that this program paves the way for just that.

    • PTI Govt. is accepting it couldn’t stop/identify corruption ? How many cases can they refer to in thousands even a common man can find and they can’t ?

  • Make it a country – wide operation and watch people go from poor to billionaires under a year! :D

  • It going to be another U Turn in making by IK. First KPK assembly need to pass legislation. It not gonna happen. ?

  • A more or less same thing like Punjab Government did when they rewarded poeple who helped them in achieving their tax collection target….. So in a way it is inspired from that….. So its not first of its kind ..but its good

  • That’s a good initiative and those criticizing bhai koi alternate be bta diya krou!

    • govt. should vigilant enough to know about corruption through its own resources and system should be transparent so that corruption would be identified and eliminated. these scheme also end up with another story of corruption…

  • One more way to make people ULLU. just a statement………like sehat a insaaf, Insaaf BUS at your doorstep………350 Dams………bla bla bla

    who will report the misconduct of corruption, how the cases will be followed up? will they be heared in courts or NAB? what are the timelines to close the case? how the recovery would take place from the corrupts? when the amount to be dispersed to the whistle blower?

    All is vague.

    • Dear, I am not PTI worker but the Anti-corruption dept was enough quick in action but no reward to the team nor to the trape agent

  • I think, this is merely a joke, I have cooperated with Anti-corruption dept KPK and trape was successful. Even my own pocket trape money has become Govt property.
    I have so many cases to report and my name not need to be protected But how long I will pay from my own pocket.

    The same issue I have brought in CM notice through mobile and, through letter and even ro IMRAN Khan PA Salman AFTAB and Naeem Ul Haq but none deaf ears gor my voice to appreciate the Anti-corruption team to keep high their moral.

    KP Govt is not sincere in eradication of corruption otherwise I will bring hundred of issue even they can public my name. I don’t fear of any except my own deeds.

  • Industrial Estate,
    Gadoon Amazai, Swabi.

    Dated: May 18, 2016

    The Hon’ble Riaz Mehsud,
    Director Anti-corruption Establishment,
    Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar.

    Through the courtesy of this letter, I wish to tender my honest gratitude & splendid impressions in your honor, as a result of the valour, objectivity & sense of justice of Mr. Aslam Nawaz (DSP), Mr. Muhammad Tayab (C/O) and his team, Swabi. Please acknowledge my thanks, best wishes & prayers yourself and on behalf of them.

    Hats off to you and your dedicated team the way they have been pulling up corruption from our society, which has, otherwise, always been under the malignant assaults of social viruses of corruption since its inception. Verily, no team can win the fields in absence of committed Captaincy & I do believe your Excellency enjoys all those attributes, which become a good commander.

    To cut the long story short, on 10. 05. 2016, I approached your office, seeking legal support and relief to get my legal right of Computerized Nekahnama, which had been refused to me by a Secretary of a Local Union Council, Mr. Muhammad Nawaz, who had been forcing me to pay a bribe of Rs. 200,00.00 (Twenty Thousands Rupees) for issuance of same. However, the timely and rapid response of Anti-corruption team under the supervision of Mr. Muhammad Tayab (C/O) Swabi & his team, the virtue overcame vice & the concerned secretary was caught red handed in presence of judicial magistrate on 11-05-2016 and their chivalrous and victorious exploit has been covered by almost newspapers and channels on 12-05-2016.

    I am optimistic that these & other integrated cops will see exaltations under your incomparable leadership. May the Omnipotent Allah shower on you all blessings and favours!

    Rohullah Mehsud,

    1. Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
    2. Chief Secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
    3. Deputy Commissioner Swabi.
    4. C/O Anti-corruption Swabi.

  • Mr. Khan deserves first prize he shunted out some of his provincial ministers on the charges of corruption. Though he reinstalled them but in first place pointing out coruption he deserves a prize.

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