KPK: Report Corruption and Get 25% of Recovery as Reward

Corruption is a menace that has affected the every day lives of Pakistanis negatively. During the past 70 year history of the country, many initiatives have been undertaken for combating corrupt practices in Pakistan. Some of them, like NADRA’s program for whistleblowers who report on corruption were shut down, following increased pressure from vested interests.

Today, the KP government has taken matters into its own hands and announced another anti-corruption campaign that rewards whistleblowers about 25% of the recovered amount, while their names will also be protected.

This will be applicable for projects undertaken in the KP province and will apply to governmental departments and the involved contractors alike.

Imran Khan Announces Whistleblower Program to Combat Corruption

During a live press conference moments ago, PTI Chief Imran Khan announced a raft of new initiatives, significantly the one related to combating corruption in KP.

According to Imran Khan, anyone who will point out corruption in the province, will get 25% of the recovered money, while his name will be kept in secret as well.

The idea is that the generous reward might compel people to report on corrupt programs and individuals.

Where nepotism and red tape is the order of the day, it is hoped that the recent anti-corruption initiative taken by Mr. Khan does not fall victim to political arm-twisting and vested interests.

Concluding Thoughts

It is hoped that the program does not become a punching bag for people who are looking to abuse it for their own narrow aims and interests. The people behind this initiative should make it transparent and robust and free of any political interference.

They say there’s no substitute for leading by example and it is hoped that this program paves the way for just that.