38% Believe PM Nawaz Faked Surgery to Get Away from Panama Leaks: Survey

A few months back, a huge controversy erupted all around the world after the third largest audit firm was hacked and its data was leaked online by an international group of journalists.

That incident was the Panama Papers, detailing how many of the world’s rich elite stashed away their money in other countries for tax avoidance purposes.

The pressures faced by Nawaz Sharif amplified his heart troubles and he went to UK to get his surgery done, all this at the height of the Panama leaks crisis. Its no wonder then that a recent poll by Gallup has 38% of Pakistanis agreeing that that was just an excuse to avoid Panama leaks.

About the Poll

The PM faced attacks from political opponents, the general public and many more, seeing as how his administration was about enhancing the tax-paying base in Pakistan while his children were doing the opposite.

The Gallup Poll, as part of Gilani Research Foundation Survey, took a ‘nationally representative sample of men and women from across the four provinces’, asking them this basic question:

Some people claim that the Prime Minister’s operation is just an excuse to divert attention from the Panama Leaks scandal. Others believe he is genuinely suffering from ill-health. What is your opinion on this?”

Here is how the people responded:

  • 59% said it was a genuine health issue,
  • 38% said that it was an excuse to divert attention from the Panama Leaks scandal.
  • 3% did not know, or did not wish to respond.

For a Third World country like Pakistan, the revelation that some of the children of Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had millions of dollars stashed away abroad, was met with public anger and derision. Many politicians and analysts predicted that the Panama Leaks crisis could prove damaging for the Prime Minister’s rule.

But will this translate into results at the next general elections in 2018? Only time will tell.

via Gallup

    • Title says it all, otherwise it could have been 58% believe it was genuine, instead it says 38% say it was fake …LOL

  • Yes and fake british PM wrote fake letter to inquire about health. Also he was in fake hospital where fake doctors treated him.
    Actually it was munna bhai mbbs part 3 for youthias.
    Those who think that bashing others on lies or fake grounds will impact in election then youthias plz open your eyes and see all by elections and kashmir elections where your beloved army handled the whole election proccess.
    What matter for voters is what you did and what’s good about you.
    Youthias will cry in 2018 and onwards.

    • i think you are arrogant and will take side of your party not matter what truth you have in front. Ofcouse the whole point of this covert operation was to let no-one know about the truth. Why US president didn’t inquire about his health. Because they know its bullsh!t and their intelligence services are really good at smelling bullsh!t. UK PM didn’t know diddly squat at the time because he was already caught up with all the brexit non-sense. The pm office had probably inquire about his health as a good gesture. Because nawazo was faking the whole thing on their ground. Having said everything i like Nawaz as a pm anyways, because he don’t backup terrorism, mar darr like rest and his a businessman. The only person i don’t like in his close circles is MR. Ishaq Dollar. (a disgrace to pakistani nation and will try to impose tax even on air we are breathing, such a shame.)

  • 59% said it was a genuine health issue,
    38% said that it was an excuse to divert attention from the Panama Leaks scandal.
    3% did not know, or did not wish to respond.

    when 59% are saying this was a genuine health issue then your title is totally mis-leading..
    author, please die. ProPakistani, please die

    • I am not a NS fan but I was going to point out same thing in a new comment when I suddenly seen yours. Yes it is a misleading title. I did not expected this from ProPakistani. They were never like this but now a days, lots of scraped news and than some others with these misleading titles. Aamir, we expect better from you.

      • I think aamir atta is in favor of NS. He does these things intentionally to hit IK.
        But, Why? It is sad to see this so called “young generation” falling into same trap as their elders. Why you do not learn some lesson of ethics? Where is your education? Parhy likhy jahil.

    • The best solution for these click-baity websites is to surf them using adblock extension.

  • What a low standard (linkbait) title from a blog like ProPakistani puts it right beside the low quality “Inkashafat” niche blogs! ??

    Even the posts’ poll (which btw doesn’t talk about how many people participated, who participated and who didn’t) says “59% said it was a genuine health issue”

    MAJOR THUMBS DOWN on poor journalism as far as this post is concerned!

    • The recent survey was carried out among a sample of 1252 men and
      women in rural and urban areas of all four provinces of the country, during June 06 – June 13, 2016.
      Error margin is estimated to be approximately ± 2-3 per cent at 95% confidence level

      Even out of 1252 people in this survey, 58% of them called it genuine and you decided to side with 38% of them.

      Moreover a country with 200 Million people cannot be represented by a set of unknown 1252 people, where we cannot even authenticate the sample data.

  • First effect of cyber crime bill is shown on propk, everyone trying be the innocent now.????

  • @aamir7, your team does a couple of more $hit posts like this and I will say goodbye to ProPakistani, forever.

    I don’t watch TV news channels just to avoid such bull$hit.

  • Journalism at its worst. You did a story before that you didn’t have facts and figures to prove it. And similarly here, when you have the results of poll and you are trying to “Click Bait” it for traffic (when you already a loyal/educated reader base). I see the future of ProPakistani becoming the Mashable of now. Mashable was used to be considered as one of the leading blogs reporting & teaching all about social media and digital world. But then they ran after the CLICKS and lost whatever they had…even their hard earned community.

    After two incidents in a quick succession, I believe I am no more reading you guys as there is no depth left in your journalism. I can read these kind a stories on “Daily Qudrat” page for fun.

  • That was Gallop… Nam he kafi hy.. According to Gallop survey PM NS popularity is 85% :p
    Take a survey here at pro pakistani and you will see over 70% will say it was fake .
    moreover Mariam Nawaz tweets about Prince Charles visit to hospital was also fake.

  • C’mon Aamir this is not a trashy tabloid. Not a supporter of the Prime Minister but focusing on the 39% and ignoring the 59% reeks of a cheap trashy tabloid. Also what exactly is the sample size of this poll and was it an online poll thus making it a tech related poll or conducted via person to person market research?

  • heart surgery takes time and he is feeling fit. and if it was not the Edhi death the PML-N had a great home welcoming program arranged and they would party and enjoy with full zeal but due to Edhi sb death they….

  • These kind of articles shouldn’t be here. I am in favor of posting more tech stuff and less political mambo jambo.

    @Justin take a look into this please!

  • According to Cyber Bill, one should not say wrong about PM. Correct me if I am wrong. [NOTE: I am not in any party].

  • I’m not supporting any party but hell yeah it was fake…playing with emotions is the favourite game of all politicians (N-league, PTI, PPP etc. all included)

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