Telenor Launches its 4G Network in Six Cities with Free Trials

Telenor, as we reported earlier, today announced that it has launched 4G network in at least six cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi, Lahore, Multan Peshawar and Sawat.

According to an advertisement published in Pakistani Dailies today, Telenor’s 4G network should be available in select areas of the above mentioned cities.

Telenor said that its 4G network is free of charge for now. However, this is a limited time offer.

Telenor’s 4G would be available for both prepaid and postpaid customers.

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Telenor has said that customers will have to get their SIMs replaced in order to use 4G network. Additionally they also need to have 850MHz compatible 4G GSM handsets to use Telenor’s 4G network.

Telenor users, in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Multan and Sawat, can get their SIMs replaced from Telenor’s service stations in these cities.

There’s no coverage map for Telenor’s 4G network available with us as of yet. But you can do let us know in comments if you are getting 4G signals and how’s the speed and experience.


AD published in Various Newspapers Today


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  • 4G SIM Not Available in Islamabad

    ابھی 4 جی سم دستیاب نہیں صرف ان کسٹمر کے لیے دستیاب ہے جنہیں ہیلپ لائن سے کال آ رہی ہے
    یہ اسلام آباد ٹیلی نار کسٹمر سینٹر والے فرما رہے ہیں

  • Just spoke to them on their website and coverage in Islamabad is very limited..

    Only F-11 Sector and G-13 sector in ISB is covered as per the agent on the online Chat :(

    They should cover at least some more area :(

  • Congratulations for launching 4 G on trial basis, hopefully more and more areas and cities will be covered in near future. Itnee Jaaldi to equipment order bhee nahee hotaa jitnee jaldi apna trial sites shoor ker deen, Welldone Team TP.

  • One of my friend’s Telenor 4G test in Islamabad :D ;) I wish that stays after the launch as well ;)

    • it wont be the same as the number of users will grow and speed will go down – same thing happened with Zong

      • I dont think so.. It will get better as they have 2X10MHZ Block which is enough :) ZONG will have some serious competition now ;)

        • HAHAHAHA serious competition wo bhi zong se. kia bat karte ho pande ji. kaha zong aur warid jo band 3 pe chal rahe hein 1800 MHz. jin ko maximum handsets support karte hein. band 5 telenor ka 850 MHz he jo kisi kam ka nahi he, aur esi waja se bidding ke waqt koi competitor nahi tha aur base price pe hi telenor ko tama di, PTA ne jan churrai he, aur telenor ne apne customers se jan chhurrai he. bekar network ka bekar 4G. Warid aur Zong se competition ka sochna v na.

        • 850 MHz band lacks capacity as compare to 1800 MHz. Telenor users will only enjoy better indoor coverage but speed will not go beyond 18 to 20 Mbps. While Zong with 2*10 MHz and Jazz with 2*14 MHz in 1800 MHz band will enjoy better speed with weak indoor coverage.

            • Jani testing hai abhi. But I really hope and wish keh yeh speed barqaraar rahay launch k bad

              • ????????????
                Bhi Sach To Ye Ha Ab 4G Ka Maza Aay Ga
                Zong, Warid, Telenor,Jazz,
                September Main Maybe Official Launch Ho Jay

                • Acha hai. Customers ka hi faida hai. Zong ne to abhi se 50 percent extra dena shuru kar diya hai volume. Old devices pe b 50 ki bajaye ab 65 gb de rahay hyn.

      • I have a oneplus2, can’t seems to latch on 4G on it, tried my sim on an other device, latched on…. Oneplus2 does support LTE band5 as per specs….. My model A2001. I was in f11 when I tested the OP2 and other device.

        Any help or info would be appreciated.

        • One Plus 2 International Model 1800mhz Band 3 Or 850mhz Band 5 Supported But American Model 1800mhz Band 3 Not Supported Telenor 4G Supported

          Replace UR Old Sim To Telenor 4G SIM
          Please Create New Apn Telenor 4G Settings Vist F-11 Telenor Head Office Near Rahat Bakers Or F-10 Frenchis or Blue Area Service Center
          Telenor 4G Coverage Complete F-11 Sector And F-10/1/2 West Double Road G-10/2 West Double Road
          G-11/2/3 North Double Road And E-11 Main Margalla Road

        • Telenor, Warid, Zong All FDD Lte
          Fdd or Tdd Lte Version
          Pori Dunya Main Ziyada Fdd Use Hoty Hain China Main Tdd Lte Use Kar Rahay Hain

  • this is just a joke, too many issues, RTWP value not ok, there is interference with other operator frequencies. also Telenor has re-tuned its frequency which effects the current 850mhz traffic. And 4G will not work properly, we have tested it.

    • bhai filhaal to free hai kuch cities mein iske baad unlimited (50mb) hoga pura din sirf 50 rupees mein

  • on which franchise 4G sim is available in Lahore. I have visited 4 franchises but they have not 4G sim

  • I have got the 4G sim today but No Coverage in Blue Area Islamabad :( while searching manually it is showing the network but not connecting to it :(

  • Strange thing, just talked to Online chat and they say in Karachi only in FB Area can get this trial. Thats insane, it should have been offered in other big areas too. Where is Clifton, Defence, Saddar, Malir, Korangi, Liyari and the list goes on… kuch areas main tu hota yaar…

  • Does anyone is Nexus 5x Lg-H91 supported by Telenor? Also has anyone used the service in Lahore? My phone hasn’t picked up signals, I’m in Walton

  • Telenor being the llast service provider known quality of its network. At this time when Telenor is in the phase of launching 4G and also launching new sales/marketing Executive to the post of CEO. Typically majored as target achieves by pushing sales. TheQOS should be left with the regulatory authority to play its role as regulator. Else Pakistan is well known as the worst internet service in the world. I hope the new CEO will change this with his concern on QOS with Tore Johnson, Michael Foley and others in the hierarcy. Our Broad Band Minister is on board with ITU to rate the QOS. Not the CEO. I trust being the best todate, you please gtry to maintain your position in Pakistan.

  • No service in main city of Islamabad… I contacted with call center services, He said that services are available only in F-11 and G-13. I mean what the hell why not in main city like F-8 F-7 G-8 G7 G-6

  • yeh tu bata dain samsung k 15 sy 25 hazar tk kon sy set telenor 4g ko support krty hain………………

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