National Assembly Passes Cyber Crime Bill

National Assembly has passed Cyber Crime Bill moments ago, we have checked.

Anusha Rehman Khan, State Minister for IT and Telecom, presented the bill that faced opposition from PTI and PPP, however, the bill was passed with majority votes.

It maybe recalled that Senate had already passed the bill.

Now after National Assembly’s passage, the bill will be sent to Mr. Mamnoon Hussain, President of Pakistan, for signatures after which bill will become a law in Pakistan.

It is said that President will sign the bill before day end.

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  • Can anyone tell where to report adult and anti religious content links… I have them in millions..!!

    • For every link you block there will be a million more ! Blocking is not a solution educating is
      Besides there a zillions of ways to unblock blocked content

      • This solution is against islamic teaching, If we have to apply this we have to abolish islam and make this state secular,,, And we dont have to ban drugs and liqour,, we can only give education on this as well…

  • Aamir bhai, aaj raat tak jo bhi propk per hy related to any personality usko delete kar dain :P

    • as per pakistani constitution you can not be charged for something done before it is classed as a crime

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