Annual Ritual: FBISE Goes Down Whenever Results are Announced

The final results for matriculation exams and higher senior secondary exams are made available for viewing online on the official website of your particular Board of Examination. This allows easier access to the results without students having to go to the college like in the old days.

Most education boards in Pakistan it seems, still think it’s the 90s. Their websites go down when results are announced, owing to the traffic they get. If that wasn’t enough, other methods for checking results remotely don’t work out well either such as SMS and direct contact via telephone.

Periodic Website Crashes

Recently, on the announcement of results for the 2nd year higher senior secondary examinations, the FBISE website went down and was completely inaccessible for 11-12 hours with no cause or explanation provided after it went back up.

This is not the first time the website has gone down on result day. It’s a common occurrence, which is a testament to the outdated servers the government uses to host the FBISE website.

FBISE’s website was not alone in facing this problem with the Rawalpindi Board’s website also meeting the same fate. The Rawalpindi board’s results were uploaded on the website at 10:30PM instead of 10:30 AM, a full 12 hours late. This was followed by similar inaccessibility issues that plagued the FBISE website as well.

Outdated Design

The website itself is outdated and that’s apparent when you see the older design language (using gifs and flashing text for example). The website is also laggy which further worsens the experience.

On top of that, the website is available in only 4:3 aspect ratio – the UI appears centered in the middle with bars on both sides – and no option to view it in 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratios.

pindi board

Rawalpindi Board Website


FBISE website

FBISE Website

There is also no mobile optimization for the web pages. You will need to constantly zoom in and out to read and click on the right link.

Finally the website has been blocked by web browsers over the past few years for not having an up to date security certificate. They also trigger anti virus alerts, which block the pages due to potential virus infections. Although this issue has been almost completely resolved by now, its inexcusable for a government owned website to be this lenient when it comes to viruses.

A Call For Action

Consistent and periodic updating of the websites owned by the government is vital, not only in terms of its design and UI sense, but also for security and stability. The content and services they provide are essential.

The government can’t claim to be up to date with the latest technology trends until they implement improvements for their websites, social media accounts and other web based resources owned by both the Federal and provincial governments operating in Pakistan.

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  • I can definitely make better website which won’t get down. How low qualified the team is.

    • Can you definitely do it on government salary?

      Easy to say “how low qualified” about them but then you disqualify yourself from even considering such a government job. so think of the people who will take the job (and #@$#@% it up)

  • Websites looks fine as per my opinion
    every one see the sites with a background of ideal site he or she visited in
    past .Some people look it as development point of view some as user-friendly
    point of view some as color scheme etc.

    I personally visited both sites
    and information and application enclosed in sites are enough to automate and facilitate
    the end user. In past we stand in q to get the services like deposit slips, re verification
    forms etc. online services offered by are very facilitating. I hope
    that more advance features can be introduced in both sites if positive feedback
    is provided to webmasters.

    • ui looks fine but the content and db should be live and available for anyone and should be able to withstand traffic

  • I think you are neglecting a lot of factors here. Whenever a result announced, a lot of people try to access the site at the same which will overload the servers of course. Same thing happens with Apple’s site each year when the iPhone is announced due to insane number of preorders, despite the fact that there is no remote relation here.
    Secondly the site is being managed by Comsats Internet Services group. Either it is a government contract or something but they have been managing for as long as I know. The site has gotten a pretty good overhaul in my opinion which was much needed and they certainly could use mobile optimization. The only thing which I think is holding them is security and hacker breaches. Things are IT are steadily improving and will get even more better, count on it :)

    • So, what we do is, when there is an expected spike, we upgrade our resources for limited time to match the demand. No one is asking them to keep high fi servers for entire year.

  • When I gave my matriculation exams, FBISE was using same web design. So it is almost 12 years old.

  • if they are too lazy to design a better site, why dont the use WORDPRESS?
    we know it have vulnerabilities but they are few plugins available which can help tightened the security

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