Punjab Govt to Prosecute Hamza Abbasi for Spreading ‘False Kidnapping Rumors’

Renowned actor and social media personality— Hamza Ali Abbasi — just took to Facebook for calling out the Government of Punjab for sending him a prosecution notice because of spreading ‘false rumors’ about children kidnappings in the province.

Hamza Ali Abbasi, a Pakistani actor, model, and director, is known for being quite outspoken on social media channels in Pakistan. He has gained quite a huge following over the years and currently has over three million followers on Facebook alone.

Abbasi recently posted on his Facebook page, claiming that he has been sent a prosecution notice by the “Govt of Sharif Royal Family” (presumably, the Government of Punjab) . Previously, the actor had made a few posts about children being kidnapped in Pakistan— something that a lot of Pakistanis have been doing since the past few weeks. It seems that the government officials didn’t like that and responded with a notice.

Abbasi further wrote that he was being blamed for the spread of these false rumors and spreading fear in the people. He then went on to cite more than half a dozen well-reputed news sources that have been pointing to a sudden rise in kidnappings of minors.

The post in question was published on Facebook on the 3rd of August. It claimed that over 900 children had been kidnapped in the previous three months, in Punjab alone. We have attached the post below for reference.

Below is Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Post on Kidnapping:

Hamza Ali Abbasi has one of the biggest outreach of any social media personality in Pakistan. His blunt as well as controversial opinions have earned him a lot of respect from fellow Pakistanis, but that also comes with a fair share of hate.

Recently, Facebook also banned his account for a post he made in support of Burhan Wani, the late Kashmiri leader. Not one to back down, Abbasi used his influence on Twitter to not only use this to spread more awareness about Kashmir, but also got his account reinstated within days.

  • Hamza Ali Abbasi Per Hi ZAWAL Aya Rehta Hai :p Kabhi Facebook Isski Posts Delete Kar Deti Hai Aur Kabhi Govt. Ban Kar Deti Hai :v

  • Even if kidnappings are happening which are not happening. We will not surrender in front of kidnappers they should know they are provoking lions of Pakistan all parents should encourage their children to play outside it will be slap on the face of kidnappers they will admit their defeat and turn away. Remember we tackled dengue in the past which now cease to exist.

      • I am not are you? I am just trying to defend punjab from these fear mongers who are putting fear in parents and trying to defame government. Does he have any credible evidence to support his claim? Why don’t he point out Imran Khan performance in kpk what things he have achieved?

        • “Does he have any credible evidence to support his claim?”

          Well all he is doing is sharing what he has learned from news media. News media is making the same claim. So if he can be charged with spreading false rumours, then why not news media?

          Unless… the claim is not false.

  • Woh Punjabi Ki Kahawat Hai
    Gal Kaindi Tu Minnu Zubano Kadd, Waikhi Main Tenu Pindon Kadondi (Words Said Leave Me From Your Toungue, I Will Make You Get Out From Village)

  • What Abbasi said could be exaggerated fact but what pir of London, has not been even acknowledged as outlawed by his “freedom of speech” padded Govt!

  • i have two authentic news about two childs and i talk with people of resident everyone know there, but in other sense if i favors gov for unveil this as rumor , hopefully they doing there job…

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