Uber Quietly Introduced Surge Pricing in Pakistan

As you might have already seen, Uber today started charging extra from riders in Lahore through “Surge” pricing, a methodology it uses to charge 1.2x, 1.5x, 2.0x and 8x of fares when demand is high.

What is Uber Surge?

Uber will charge you higher — 1.5 times, 2 times, 3 time or even higher — than usual prices in situations where there is higher demand or when drivers are short.

Uber explains that this surge pricing is to encourage drivers to be on road, and make extra cash but at the riders’ expense.

Not to mention, Surge pricing is charged only in areas where there’s more demand and Surge could be different in different parts of a city.

Both the minimum and per KM charges are increased with a multiplier during “Surge”

So when you book a ride, a message is shown if there’s a surge charge and how many multiples this surge is at a particular point in time.

Not to forget, Careem just reduced its rates in Lahore today while Uber, on other hand, introducing the Surge pricing says a lot on how both companies are dealing with Lahore’s situation where there’s a political situation in the city.

Uber is often criticized for charging extra through Surge in emergency situations such as inclement weather and national disasters.

Not to mention, Uber was forced to not charge Surge pricing in India, however, we can’t expect much in Pakistan since our government is busy doing so many other (useless) things.

We asked Uber to comment on Surge Pricing in Lahore, but a response is still awaited.

Below are different Surge Prices that Uber is charging in Lahore today:



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  • This is a stupid move. How could they. How kya hai, koi tofaan aa gya ya jang lag gai.
    Uber is follow classic business examples. Booo.

  • Jab jab warid ki tara kisi ny saar othaya us ka anjab warid jasa howa salam hai pakistani qoom ko :P

  • its a good move for those looking to make money through uber, seems fair as well kabi doosron ka b sochlya karo pls xD

  • I have requested uber then suddenly popup appeared (Surge Pricing x3.0) then I clicked on I ACCEPT HIGHER FARE, After few seconds uber picked a driver for me, there was showing arriving in 2 minutes then suddenly showed it will take 17 minutes, Meanwhile driver called me and asked me about my location and driver said to me that I’m very far nearby 10 km, Driver tell me that he is canceling the request, Now uber asking me for payment PKR 450.00 and uber notification appearing > We were unable to charge Visa < , While I have also many active Promotions, it's so strange, Please checkout attached image

  • Yeah, experienced this “surge” today… Looks like they are confused just like our govt

  • Surge pricing in India by Uber is still active in many states. Only 2 states have put a ban on surge pricing in India but Uber has not followed that ban properly. Surge pricing could get capped in India to a reasonable price however in the near future based on state declared maximum rates

  • I went through their process of becoming a driver. They are skipping steps. There is no verification of valid licenses and though they say it required, they are signing up drivers without getting a police clearance certificate.

    Another eg they said that minimum 2009 Honda city can be used. However you will find much older years signed up.

    I have extensively used both and careem is by far better.

  • Surge will not hurt you if :

    you are in need and a cab is hard to find, you wish to pay extra if, at that moment, money has lesser value than your need. Importantly, no one forces you to pay extra, you are notified and given option to accept. Nothing hidden. purely your discretion to accept or reject.

  • So UBER ne apny paou par khud kulhari maar li.. This ‘SURGE’ mechanism is totally against customers facilitation rather than for UBER itself and its drivers.

  • Yesterday I travelled with Uber from Vogue Tower MM Alam Road to Cavalary Ground St. # 8 ( approx. 3km distance ) and my bill was Rs. 460 which included Rs. 155 fare cost and Rs. 305 as surge charges. How shameful this is as Uber claims that it goes 30% off now and on the other hand it is exploiting the riders in the name of Surge charges.
    Now Uber is not my choice to ride

  • Uber is playing with innocent Pakistani people in the name of Surge charges and there is no one to protect

  • Uber just has lost its credibility and reliability as this is exploiting the fares under the cover of surge charges. Be careful from Uber

  • Without a surged price, usually I reach office in 350 Rs. And today I suddenly saw 3x surge price that would be going to cost e 1050 rs for the same distance. Am I mad to travel in Uber then?
    (from Karachi).

    I will remove the Uber app from my device. Not to mention, it’s useless now.

  • in Karachi their drivers also not even know the famous hospital address and emergencies centers it should be mandatory to all drivers to know about the govt hospitals and emergencies centers in city and they shouldn’t waste customer time by asking them.

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