PML-N: Please Don’t Do This with Tech Sector for Cheap Publicity

Pakistan Muslim League (N) has this habit of announcing and then re-announcing projects several times to gain traction and praise.

They have done this countless times with other (particularly the development and energy) sectors but lately someone from the ruling party tweeted yesterday about a small search project that was announced back in 2013.

The search project, that was supposed to keep an index of free online courses, was announced in October 2013, however, it was retweeted just yesterday to look cool and gain some praise.

Here’s the tweet itself:

Noon league surely gained some attention when someone from Abb Tak jumped up and announced that Pakistan is making its own Search Engine.

It further said that SUPARCO and PITB are working on an indigenous search engine to rival Google.


This was soon spotted by tech geeks, and a thread on Facebook started to question the credibility of the entire development.

This was when Mr. Umar Saif, Chairman PITB, had to clarify that PITB was not intending to make any search engine.

However, he indicated that his board is trying to make high resolution satellite imagery of Pakistan. That’s a news in itself, but he refuted the earlier Search Engine reports and called them baseless.

We are sincerely hoping that ruling party wouldn’t do such stunts again, for tech sector at least.

  • Umar Farooq

    Aur kya expect kar rahay hain current government say? Failed projects ko highlight karna porana shauq hai.

    • Ali Salman

      I have noticed IT sector focus and work of Punjab government is commendable, we should try a little effort to praise things and this should be without any political affiliation. I know Aamir Atta and his PTI affiliation but this should remain a Tech blog.
      P.S. As it is turning to politically influenced blog I have turned my strict ad blocker just to “protest”. :p

      • Umar Farooq

        PITB is no doubt working hard to make things better.

    • Ishtiaq

      Isey kehtey hain practically sabit karna “Shairrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr”.

  • Fasih Ali Khan

    They’re bloody fraudulents!

  • physicsinventions

    Good step indeed , ADMIN cheap publicity tou tm kr rahay ho post likh kr ,,,

  • Haris Amjed

    It is mindset of N league govt that they are Ruling “Jahil Awam”. And the sad part is its almost true. The tech geeks you mentioned are 0.001% of population

    • Taha Najam

      As in jahil log ruling jahil awam? Bat tk to krni nahi ati in ganwaron ko. TV pr ate hain to auqat samne ajati he. Awam k paiso pr plne wale nasoor.

  • Waqas

    is ka budged kitny crore ho ga? or eik simple search bana dain gy copy ker ke kahin se, baqi paisy divide ho jayn ge. Thank you Nawaz

    • Waqas

      BTW Umar Saif isn’t doing anything out of box. Bass how shaw he hai. as the other post at propakistani mentioned that bas photos tak he scene hai in ka. Also he can buy “Pakistan’s high resolution satellite imagery” from google or CIA. Whats the point of drawing a circle over circle?

      • Hamid

        Please dont discourage the people who are actually doing some productive work, just because it is under the umbrella of Punjab PML govt. Some good initiatives have been taken and have produced effective results so far.

        • Bilal Alam

          please list a few

          • Hamid

            Dengue tracking system, e-health care facilities, digitization of all public records and making them public at data dot org dot pk. For the complete update list, check PITB website under projects.

            • Bilal Alam

              wow! with all other major issues such as education, sanitation, clean drinking water, health care etc. already tackled, tracking the mosquito population should definitely be the highest priority. Thumbs up!

              • Hamid

                So you ridicule the monitoring of a deadly disease and then suggest that the software guys go take care of sanitation.
                If you were to be incharge of an IT team, you might be assigning some tech specialists on the gutters.

                • Billy

                  No!!! just mentioning the obvious. And yeah I was expecting personal attacks in return. Says enough about your intellect. Peace!

                  • Hamid

                    Well played. Ignorance is such a bliss!

                    • Billy

                      Yeah lucky you

  • Yaz bhutta

    Currupt prim minister of paksitan………khoon leauge

  • Guest

    Go Nawaz Go with Maryum Nawaz :D

  • Ahmed Habib

    Imran khan paid article seriously.

    How can you blame PMLN when the media miss read it and spread false information????? Poor propakistani staff once again proved that they are insane and greedy people!!

    I tell you the history of propakistani, made just to earn money, whether or not the news is true, false or fraud.

    Come on propakistani, is your blog a political tablo?? Disgusting amir!!

    • Look at this retard! Out of his fucking mind!

      • Ahmed Habib

        This is what PTI youth like you supposed to do online… Is there any article in ProPk on this topic???? Why not?

  • aamir

    Please change your name from propakistan to propti

    • Ahmed Habib

      Why they have “no” article on PTI youth’s disgusting behaviours on social media and internet? Why they do not highlight women being harassed in PTI rallies??? This lead to biasedness #ProPTi

      • Mirza Moazzam Baig

        People @ propakistani think that they can also look cool by posting against the Govermoment cuz hey why not. And yes you are right they are proPTI for sure I’ve started using adblock on this site

        • aamir7

          app jaisay bahion k liye hum nay native ads shuru kiye hain :P

          • Mirza Moazzam Baig

            Good for you aamir bhai… I’m also one of your loyal readers. it’s just that recently you’ve been posting politically biased stuff
            (which you should refrain from doing)
            No hard feelings

            • aamir7

              Appreciate your feedback. But thing is, we don’t do rallies, dharnas or other political stuff. Just those that are with-in our domain.

              And trust me I am not PTI fan, just that I don’t like Noon league too :P

          • Taha Najam

            How does that work? Because I still don’t see a single ad on this site. Probably because I’m using Adblock Plus along with Reek Anti-Adblock Killer userscript, meaning it’s impossible for you to detect I’m even using adblocker. Good luck serving ads to me.

            • aamir7

              That’s the beauty of native ads. You don’t even know that you are seeing an AD :D

              • Taha Najam

                Lol, if you insist. I would also argue that defeats the entire purpose of “advertising”. Ads that don’t generate any click throughs are pretty much useless.

                • aamir7

                  who told you ads are for clicks? at times they are for information, recall and image building.

            • eyescreaman

              He’s talking about advertorial, where the post itself is an ad/paid content but written in a way where there is little call to action.
              Example tobacco industry paying to highlight the harmful effects of seesha/hookah where wording such as “hookah is five times more dangerous than cigarettes” is used. This subtly nudges you to a cigarette than hookah.

            • O bhai look at the sponsored posts from Yeh woh and cheezmaal and pata nai kya kya. Jo jitna ziada scam kry ga propakistani usay happily sponsor kary ga.
              Aur ab tu naya trend chala hua hai, pata nai kahan kahan se brilliant Pakistani people manzr-e-aam pe aa rahe hain, jinho ne boht km time pe boht barha teer mara hota hai aur phr post k end me un k ksi startup ksi project ki promotion…. and the bullshit continuous ….

  • Hanan Ur Rehman

    They only know what a farmer needs

  • Its SUPARCO not Sparko.

  • Khalid Yaldram

    فخر پاکستان میاں نواز شریف کل 6 ستمبر کو “مینار پاکستان ” کا افتاح کرے گے اور میاں صاحب یہ بھی کہہ گے یہ سب ان کی حکومت میں ہوا اور کھوتے ووٹر تالیاں بجائے گے اور لڈی ڈالے گے

    • Muhammad Abrar Naeem

      You made my day :D

  • Muhammed Ovais Alam

    Patwariyoun ko samajh nhi aaya hoga lekn khush bohat hoe hounge is news pe.

  • Kazim

    Thank U Mr. Umar Saif, for your truth / clarifying statement.

  • shoaib qureshi

    So many butt hurt youthias here, PTI failed to deliver in KPK and now all these youthias do is criticize PMLn, morons have nothing to show to the public