Misleading Customers: Don’t Fall for Apple’s Waterproofing Claims for iPhone 7

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After Apple just announced its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, they made a big deal about their phones now being water resistant. It was a long rumored feature and fans had been waiting for it for ages. They announced that their new iPhones were IP67 certified.

That much is par for the course. When companies launch their products, it is all about the new features and the unique aspects of their devices which get portrayed. However, as usual the devil lies in the details or rather, the fine print. Same is the case for the recent iPhone 7 and 7 Plus launch.

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To the layman, this means that the phones are water resistant when submerged 1 metre deep into water for up to 30 minutes. However, they forgot to mention the fine print during their event, the details that a user must know to determine how effective the water resistance is on the new iPhone models.

Let’s take a look at what got left behind with the water-resistance announcement, and what users should know about their new iPhone 7.

What Did Apple Do?

At the launch event, Apple claimed that there phones were water resistant and the IP67 certification was used as a supportive evidence. So far, so good.

But let’s take a look on the iPhone’s product page here, and and determine the whole truth behind these water-resistance claims.At the bottom of the page you’ll find some pretty lengthy small prints.


One notable point stands out:

“iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are splash, water, and dust resistant and were tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating of IP67 under IEC standard 60529. Splash, water, and dust resistance are not permanent conditions and resistance might decrease as a result of normal wear.”

The above quotation is followed by a warning – avoid charging your iPhone when it is wet. This is followed by a worrisome statement that iPhone buyers must take note of: “Liquid damage not covered under warranty”

What does this mean?

In other words, Apple is saying that if you think your phone is water-resistant and you can use them safely in wet environments, then you wouldn’t be more wrong. And here’s why:

Apple won’t help you if your phone is damaged due to water damage. Water damage could be caused due to a manufacturing defect or any other issue.

“Liquid damage not covered under warranty”

There is no way a customer can make a claim asking Apple to replace their device. Even when the customer is using the device “as advertised by Apple”, and the device dies on them, the user will not get a fixed device in return. Apple doesn’t even show confidence in iPhone’s water-resistance by saying that it is not permanent and could decrease anytime with normal wear.

What is an IP Rating?

IP stands for Ingress Protection, which is an international standard for measuring how a device stacks up against dust and fresh water. The first digit of an IP code (6 in this case) stands for protection against dust and the second one (7 in this case) stands for protection against water. As far as water resistance goes for the new iPhones, “IPX7 rated device is protected against water immersion in up to 1 metre of water for 30 minutes”.

What Other OEMs Do?

Sony used to repair all water damaged devices in the past, since that’s how they advertised them. Samsung did the same for its water-resistant and active models. In recent times, however, even Sony has taken a step back, probably due to the uncovered microUSB ports, and ask the users not to submerge the water-resistant devices. Despite this, Sony confirmed in a statement that they continue to offer warranty over liquid damages to their water resistant phones.

“We have also recently updated our marketing visuals to better advocate sensible usage of our devices. The warranty terms provided for our products remain the same and any customer concerns will continue to be considered on a case by case basis in line with these terms.”

Samsung also recently confirmed that its Galaxy S7 Active phones are covered under warranty in case of any liquid damage.

Where iPhone Users Stand

When a customer buys a device, they are provided warranty based on how the device is advertised. Apple isn’t clear on this with the new iPhones, while the manufacturer claims water-resistant, you are left alone if your device gets liquid damage. You cannot even test the feature out without risking damage to your $800 device.

For all you know, Apple could sell you a non-water-resistant device (manufacturing defects etc.) and the manufacturer won’t be accountable for the fault.

For a long awaited and advertised feature to not even be covered under official warranty is bizarre and if you’re thinking of washing your $800 iPhone (yes, some people do that) or swimming with it or going out with it in the rain, you’re in for a rude awakening.

Sources: Xperia Blog, Apple Product Page

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  • Wait, Apple has NOT claimed anywhere that it’s phone is water-proof. Your title is bullshit. Apple clearly mentions ‘water-resistant’, which is an entirely different thing than being water-proof. The legal statement makes sense.

    • what? are you suggesting the author should have spent 2 minutes researching before writing this bullcrap of an article? how dare you!

    • Waterproof is a relative term and so is water resistance. The iPhone 7 is waterproof for depths of up to 1m.
      Secondly, IPX7 rating stands for something (the point in discussion in the article). Apple has to offer warranty for the features they advertise. Users have the right to a warranty claim for a feature they claim there phone What is the certification for if they can’t guarantee it with a warranty?
      When I am willing to pay $900 and Apple says the phone wont get damaged by water, then why isn’t it covered like all other companies? And why has Apple hidden this in T&Cs.
      Stereo speakers are a feature. If they stop working and you can’t claim warranty, does it make sense?

      • “Apple has to offer warranty for the features they advertise.”

        No they don’t. I got a Linksys router which Linksys very heavily advertises as being ready for open sourced firmwares such as OpenWRT or DDWRT. But guess what, the moment I install any of those firmwares I will void the warranty of the router.

        • You are comparing Apples and oranges here. And secondly, supporting some feature isn’t the same as boasting a feature.
          Water resistance is a feature covered by other companies with warranties. Why is that? Because you can have proper mechanisms which tell you when a phone has been misused resulting in the water damage. For every other situation, they fix the gadgets or replace them.
          Can’t believe a premium brand like Apple doesn’t offer the same.
          And search on Google, you’ll find several examples. Samsung’s Galaxy S phones lost lawsuitts because they didn’t have the features they advertised.
          Sony lost a lawsuit when a phone was damaged due to undersea usage. The never even claimed that the phones work undersea and warned against salt water usage. Sony lost the case despite the user using the phone in depths below 1.5m in salt water. Why? Becuase Sony had a YouTube ad showing people swimming with the phone and taking pictures.
          Since then Sony have changed their terms but still offer warranty for water damage.

        • Dude if thats a No then the certifications like IP67 should go nuts. On one hand you certify your product under lab conditions and then you dnt trust it with a user..? offcourse with the user the conditions would get change but why the heck user has to pay $900 for..? Either your R&D is misguiding you or you dnt trust your R&D or both..! All in all customer is the victim..!

          Regarding Linksys you surely void the warranty coz world can never certify open sourced firmwares coz they actually are “open” sourced and such firmwares could act like an acid and disintegrate the physical hardware.

      • Take the IP67 rating; it says water resistant because device can RESIST water upto 1 m depth for 30 mins. If it was water-proof, then the 2 ‘limiting conditions’ would not have been specified.

        I do agree with your opinion that since Apple charges a premium price for its products, then it should include damage due to water in warranty if the product is IP67 certified.

        • “IP67 certification rating. That means that either model can be submerged in up to 3.2 feet of water for as long as 30 minutes, and still emerge unscathed ”

          i think that means waterproof not for long time or greater depths , but still water proof .

  • Check the iPhone 6s plus reviews on YouTube. A man submerged Galaxy S7 Edge and iPhone 6s plus in coca cola and put it in freezer for eight hours. It was still working. Which wasn’t water proof according to Apple, but it managed to withstand 8 hours of liquid submersion. So what do you think about iPhone 7 which is officially called “Water-Proof”?

  • Agr ap apple haters hein to us ka matlab hergiz uy nhi ha k apple ke devices bekaar or low quality hein , certified devices or company warrantee 2 alag batein hein , iPhone certified to ha lekin company is ke warrantee nhi dy rahi , or abi to kisi ny azmaya b nhi , even k abi available b nhi hoa , or youtube pay to foran videos aa jati hein log upload kr dety hein k kis quality ke device ha , by the end mujhy yaqeen ha k other phones jo market mein hein un sab say behtr hoga iPhone 7 water resistance k hisaab say b , (me ny android ya kisi b or company k bary mein kuch galt nhi kaha her kisi ke apni need or use ha

    • Bhai jo cheez guaranteed ho us ki warranty hoti hai, Apple khud kah raha hai water resistance is not permanent aur not covered in warranty.
      Agar reliable hota to cover kartay warranty main.
      Sony, Samsung ka phone smandar main bhi use kartay hain Youtube pai dekhain aur phir bhi warranty claim kar saktay hain

      • Bhai gsmarena pay iska review ay ga or yotube pay iske videos , agr ap ko pasand ay to ly lena ap , wesy mujhy yaqeen ha k other phones say qadry behter hoga

        • GSMarena ka review waterproofing ki warranty nahi check karay ga. Bohut sai phone hain jo waterproof nahi hain leken pani main dalo phir bhi theek chaltay hain. Moto G aur OnePlus One ki videos dekhain leken warranty nahi hoti is liye waterproof/resistant nahi kehtay.
          Agar aik feature hai to us ki normal use main warranty honi chahiye. Yai to fraud hai. Aik feature bata k kah rahay hain k agar try kiya to warranty khatam ho jaye gi.

          • Ary nhi bhai apple ny warrantee is liy nhi de q k log warrantee ka wrong use krty hein , baqi device theek ho ge ap befikar ho k purchese kr lena

            • Yaar phone bana rahay hain aesa system bana lain k wrong use na ho. Sony walay phone k andar sensor lagatay hain jis sai pata chal jata hai user ki ghalti sai water damage ho to.
              Inhon nain warranty isi liye nahi di k inhain pakka pata nahi tha. Apple hamesha confirm warranty k sath cheez deta hai leken yai nahi diya.
              Aur is bat ki kya tuk banti hai k aik feature do, wo try karo gai to warranty khatam kar dain gai.

            • Tm kia Apple k spokesperson ho? Or baqi sb jo mobile companies warranty de rahe hain wo sab to chawal he na. Poori dunya ne tm jese gullible logo ki waja se hi apple ka business itna chalta he.

        • Haha kyun? Is me koi surkhaab k par lage hain kya? Made in China set he iPhone bas Apple ka thappa lga kr loot te hain. Har model me koi na koi defect. Kabhi antennagate, to bendgate, to touchgate. Or doosro ki tarha ye kabhi apni ghalti bhi nahi mante. Kehte hain you’re using it wrong.

          • I am sure k ap ny kabhi iPhone use nhi kia , aik bar use krein phir ap k khyaalaat or hon gy , or jo cgeez achi lagy uski tareef krni chahiy mery khyaal say

            • Sb pta he bhai tmhe to mere baray me. iPhone use kr k aqle qul ho gye ho?

              Shayad ap ko sun kr dukh ho lekin bohat use kie he iPhone 4 or 5s, balke khool khaal k operation bhi kia hua he. Isi waja se keh rha hun kuch special nahi hota iPhone me, bs Apple logo k paise he, andar sb Made in China.

              Agar tm waqi samajhte ho k iPhone me kuch special he to tm se zyada bewaquf shakhs me ne nahi dekha.

                  • Double Sim achy hein Samsung or Q Mobile , ap wohi use kro , jb Apple acha nhi ha to Apple topics pay bat krna b fazul ha ap k liy

                    • Ye bat ki na ap ne pehli mrtba aqal wali. Samsung Apple se lakh darje behtar he.

                      As for QMobile, us me or iPhone me zyada farq nahi. Dono bewaqoof bna kr loot te hain ap jese sada soch ashkhas ko.

                      Or hm kya kren, hm se nahi dekha jata ye ahmakana pan. Berh ko sedha rasta dhaka akhir kar shepard ka kam he. Ap ki ankhain kholna apni zimmedari samajhte hain.

                    • Facepalm. Just…never mind dude. Think this is one might be way out of your grasp.

                      It’s actually my fault. What, did I expect to have a meaningful conversation with an apple lover LMAO?

  • You’re stupid, they’re water proof but not liquid proof, every liquid have different density and would act differently. Charging a wet device would be risky, danger of electric shock. Stop writing bullshit.

  • At least iPhone is completely explode proof and that is enough for me personally i love my phone and i am keep away it to the water even it is water resistance or not

    • Are you sure? There have plenty of cases of iPhones exploding in the past. More so than Samsung I believe. But of course they’ll never accept it. It’s always the users fault somehow.

    • Remeber Bendage? And seriously people are insane paying Rs.75000 for a 4.7 inch HD screen phone? There are Chinese phones having quick charge, 1080p display for under Rs, 40000.

      • Peoples pay 75k to 110K for iphone because they have the purchasing power, and Apple is a brand with standard and class and complete peace of mind guarantee. You just enjoy your “Q” here is nothing for “U”.

        • Oh, an iSheep fanboy spotted.

          Dear I was referring to the overpriced crap. You enjoy your overprices phone with same design/specs for years. A 40K phone can do much more than this 75K Toy.

          • Can 40K phone have A10 Fusion chip ?
            Can have 3D Touch ?
            Can have iOS ?
            Can have Apple eco system ?
            Brother it’s better way to compare is to use it first then comment

            • What can a A10 chip do what others can’t? Do not justify this by saying iOS is better.

              Android is better with options of better customization.

              No one cares about crapple eco system. Go spend thousands ofn crapple toy and enjoy.

              A cheap (25-40K) phone can also make call, browse internet, have fast charging, better battery, better screen. And headphone jack and don’t forget fingerprint sensor.

              • Which version of android you are using right now, KitKat, Lollipop or Marshmallow ?
                I’m using 7.0 Nougat from last 3 months on my Nexus, I never compare iOS with Android because they both are totally different, I’m the man of both worlds so don’t worry I know very well that what android can do and what is the stability and fluidity of iOS, and I’m planning to upgrade my nexus to upcoming pixel and 6s to 7.

  • Everyone actually knows not to charge phone if it is wet, because the charger pins & charging pins would be short circuited. Apple isn’t misleading.

    • It’s not about charging a wet phone. Apple has clearly said no warranty due to liquid damage. Water leaks when your phone is wet and you can’t get it fixed under warranty

      • Apple tells it is water resistant, it never said water proof, hence for such a thing having no warranty shouldn’t be of any wonder, until unless they advertise it as water proof.

        • Read the article again. Water proofing up to certain level is called water resistance. So both can be used. Do bulletproof vests prevent all types of bullets? No they are bullet resistant. So water resistance here means the phone is waterproof for up to 1m depth. Hence the waterproofing level certification.
          Everyone else offers warranty on this so why not apple? This is unfair. Even if you try out the feature you void your warranty.

  • Here is my take,

    iPhone 5+ devices are water resistant and internet is full of evidences. There is no need to make it a big issue. Also, the internet is full of evidence Apple being ignorant to offer warranty services to devices that void water presence (talking about strips in headphone jacks and lightening hub).

    As far as the iPhone 7 keynote goes, they mentioned water and dust resistant. Let alone, the IPX7 standard also says it is water resistant measure not water proof.

    There is no point to debate that writer and editor both made a mistake, and damn sure it surely attracted huge traffic to site. Anyways, disappointed once again.

    Yet another story, just few days ago, you guys went on saying Apple can enable water proofing through software update – oh? It was a fail try to be sarcastic from writers side.

    • IP67 is a water resistant rating is it not? It certifies that the device is waterproof (notice “proof” ) when submerged in up to 1 metre of water.
      Secondly, surviving doesn’t equal water resistant. This time Apple are claiming it’s water resistant, it’s a completely different thing.
      When you provide a certification, it means the device can survive that so it should be covered under warranty like every other feature and just like how every other manufacturer covers it under warranty.

  • The companies like apple,huawei and samsung are fooling people around the globe there phones are not worth of what they ask God blast them by just saying that apple’s iPhone is a brand and Samsung’s Note series is a brand people waste a lot :) be sensible and quite using them and I gurantee that if people boycott apple’s iPhone for only 1 year the price will be reduce to 5 to 600 dollars and same with Samsung and huawei…!!!

  • seriously ProPakistani ?? You are now hiring writers and using big companies name to make your blog popular ? So much dissapointed with your waterproofing claim about Iphone7. Please make sure and convey to your writers that water resistant and water proof is different. Hell with your title.

    • It doesn’t matter what they call it. If it’s IP67 rated, you should be able to dip it into 1m water for 20 minutes without any fear of voiding your warranty.

    • IP67 rating means the phone is waterproof for up to 1m for 30 minutes. Waterproof is a relative term and depends on the criteria. Both are interchangeable when used correctly.
      Similarly, when bulletproof doesnt mean it is safe against all types of bullets. It is relative. Otherwise they should say bullet resistant.

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