Axact Restarts Operations, Invites Employees to Rejoin Immediately

IT company Axact has resumed its operations, according to a note published on official website of the company.

The company is inviting all its old employees to rejoin the firm. It has mentioned that it will reactivate employees of the company — with all unpaid salaries of 15 months cleared in a single go — who join them before 30th September 2016 latest.

For the employees that join, Shoaib Shaikh, CEO of Axact announced that the company will pay back their salaries from May 2015 to date.

For any Axactians that miss the September 30 deadline, they will still be able to join and receive their salaries. However, they will have to go through the routine recruitment procedure again.

The company has said that Axact employees can report to headquarters with their ID card and work as they did. They can check in with their supervisors in case of any queries.

Background of Axact Case

The scandal started on 17th May, 2015 when The New York Times accused Axact for selling fake degrees and thesis to foreign students. Times claimed that the company’s business was “to take the centuries-old scam of selling fake academic degrees and turn it into an Internet-era scheme on a global scale.”

The owner, Shoaib Ahmed and rest of the senior members of the organization refuted the “baseless, substandard reporting”.

As the allegations were too grave to ignore, the government intervened and initial inquiry was conducted by FIA under the guidance of interior minister Chaudary Nisar Ali Khan.

Shaikh, along with six directors of the company was taken in custody on May 27, 2015 but were soon dropped charges against over “lack of evidence”.

New Beginning?

After much speculation since then, Axact has now officially resumed the operations with hopes to fix the reputation of the company. For the purpose, Axact also announced to pay more, provide more facilities and benefits under their new “Pehlay Say Bhi Ziada” campaign.


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  • Axact is pride for Pakistan IT industry. Mr shoaib deserve civilian award for his contribution towards Pakistan economy.

    • I honestly don’t know much about his contributions but having wasted 10+ years of my life for Pakistani Employers and knowing their greed and the heavy heart they pay you what they agree, I would supprt highest civil award for Me. Sheikh for announcing unpaid salaries of the employees for 1+ year.

      Ever get a chance, I would love to work with this guy :)

      Hats off Mr. SHEIKH and best of luck!

  • This articles adds one more propoganda on axact and that is thesis. Pakistani media allegated fake degress, fake colleges, pornographic websites and list goes on. But nothing such about thesis at all. ProPakistani ur website was among the first few websites who propogated this allegation on Axact.

    • ProPakistani doesn’t post articles on its own thinking. They post those things in their own words which are already on the internet and industry. Secondly till now there is no proof that what AXACT was allegated is wrong.

    • Shame on you Propakistani for consistently started the propaganda against Axact/Bol

      You always tried to show one side of story and portrayed negativity about Axact and Bol

      • Lol look at these innocent people, I have worked there and i know what happens there and what are their products. In less than a year i already knew about their scams and you guys are still defending them. Aur itni bari bari daarhi rakh k bhi ye kaam kartay hain sharam aani chahye.

  • I support the vision of Mr. Shaikh especially with respect to 50 billion US $ export of soft ware and educating more than 20 million children who are out of schools presently on his own without any government support. This man has dreams and he also knows how to make them come true.
    Pakistan needs these kinds of ambitious and junooni people, who think very high and achieve it. Best of luck Shaikh. A time will come when God will reward you if you achieve these two things for our country.

  • Dear All
    Actually Axact business is beyond the understanding of the common man but the professionals around the glob and skills development groups much understands the reality of this modern training techniques. It is common practice in Pakistan that if your business is not commonly understandable than every one feels it illegal. Since I have deep experience of Skills Training, Mentor and Job Evaluators, safety training including trained the trainers of multi dimensional on the job & off the job training. Consequently I was usually telling my friends that nothing is wrong with Axact business and I was very optimistic that one day this company will resume its legal business and now it is ready to re-launch.
    Here I would like to suggest Government of Pakistan that learn the lesson from Axact and open similar institutions throughout the Pakistan and develop certified professional in all fields and deploy them to middle east, Europe and rest of the world and earn huge money to boost the economy of Pakistan.

    I assure you that worldwide hundreds companies are operating training development business and earning good money.
    Remember, developing skilled manpower is not illegal in any country even in our country. On the other hand government must appreciate such modern business but not crates hurdles.

    Hope you have conceived the inner core of this business and for any other queries you may write me directly even Axact master mind can get further guideline to enhance their business.

    My email : [email protected]

    • Its is a nice suggestion. Huge number of companies in Saudi Arabia are doing same type of business and producing a large number of Human Resource

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