End of World as We Know It: Tipping Point for Climate Change Has Passed!

We are almost into October and yet the summer isn’t going away. It is still as hot and humid as if we were in mid-July. Do you know why? Scientists have concluded that we have officially pushed the atmosphere beyond the dreadful 400 parts per million carbon level and the damage is permanent.

The carbon levels have crossed the irreversible tipping point – Climate change and disasters inbound

What is so horrifying about the number is that scientists have been warning us for years now, saying that if the atmospheric carbon levels cross the 400 parts per million level, it would be an irreversible tipping point which will result is devastating climate changes and natural disasters.

The Numbers

Scripps Institution of Oceanography states “it already seems safe to conclude that we won’t be seeing a monthly value below 400 ppm this year—or ever again for the indefinite future.” The institute observes carbon levels on a weekly basis at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory since 1958.

In 2012, Arctic was the first region to cross the 400ppm red line. Today, for the first time scientists have recorded the carbon levels to be consistently above the 400ppm for over a month.

Experts believe this is it and we are stuck at this carbon level for good. Due to cyclical effects of Mauna Loa’s CO2 curve, carbon levels are at their lowest at the end of September, Scripps states.

As stated earlier, the numbers are hovering the 401 ppm mark for the past 30 days, the lowest we will see for the next 12 months and possibly forever since the carbon levels are constantly increasing.

There is an “almost impossible” chance that we might still not have seen 2016’s lowest carbon levels yet, but that’s just wishful thinking according to the institute’s experts.


The only possible positive possible out of this is that perhaps the horror of future disasters would scare people into working towards slowing down the carbon effect from now on.

Paris Agreement

Earlier this year, the Paris Agreement – an international convention, with representatives from almost all governments, dedicated to preventing the climate change and its hazardous effects – resulted in some pretty clear and firm goals related to the carbon goals.

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All countries, which signed the agreement, are bound to stop global average temperatures from rising over 1.5 °C above preindustrial levels.

The main objective for all countries is to reduce carbon emissions and come up with cleaner energy mandates. However, the 60 countries which signed the agreement contribute to only 47.76 percent of the world’s carbon emissions.


With this in mind, WWF estimates that animal extinction rate has increased by 1000 times and 10,000 species become extinct every year.

Estimates say that one-fourth of all animal species will become extinct by 2050 due to climate change.

Rising sea levels, climate changes, floods, earthquakes and ocean acidification means countries will die and will be wiped off the earth. Pakistan is amongst the top ten most climate-change affected countries, hence, the floods and natural disasters over the past decade.

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      • If you are not stupid enough and have read some hadiths books ever, you will see that majority of them have already appeared.

        • I say what I say because I have read both hadeeth AND history books. You would do well to study history and compare the predictions with actual events.

          The majority had already happened over 500 years ago. Even 300 years ago.

            • ???

              Look, when you make a claim based on our religion, you should have the courage to back it up. And if you can’t, you should accept that you need more study. Those are the only two possible valid reactions.

              • Just tell me How many times Israel came into existence in islamic history? Or how many times jews took over the world by controlling economy, governments, food supply, education and media? Or how many times man made neuclear and other deadly weapons to wipe out entire human race from the face of Earth?

                Now if you want me to paste all the evidence and indications from religious text, I can. But this Disqus comment won’t be an appropriate place for that.

                • Ha ha WOW. Nuclear weapons! Jews controlling media! I would very much like to see any authentic hadeeth that mention “media” or “nuclear weapons”. Can you point to any? Because in all my research I have never read ORIGINAL SOURCE MATERIAL like hadeeth saying anything like that.

                  Interpretations by people, yes. But that’s just the problem: different things have happened over the centuries and “interpretations” have changed to match them. And when the next great weapon comes along, bigger than nuclear weapons, then what?

                  And yet here we are, still not knowing when the Day will come. I am very doubtful that it will happen in the next 200-300 years. What’s your prediction? Tomorrow?

                  • You never read anything. Just fooling around.

                    1. Hadith talks about anti-christ and his system. Jews will be his companions.

                    2. Hadith talks about a major war between muslims and kuffar that will depopulate the world.

                    3. Hadith talks about depopulation of madina (that’s going to happen soon) and population of bait ul maqdas.

                    4. Hadith talks about war of syria, destruction of medina and emergence of Mehdi (first one is happening now)

                    5. Hadith talks about excessive earthquakes.

                    6. Hadith talks about spread of fitnah, zinah and extreme level of vulgarity.

                    7. Hadith predicts about tall buildings that Arabs will build.

                    8. Hadith talks about shrinkage or speeding of time/world coming closer.

                    9. Hadith talks about increase in women population more than men. (it has started happening slowly in several regions of the world).

                    And so on.

                    • 1. we are nowhere near this system
                      2. we are nowhere near this event
                      3. oh, the depopulation of medina will happen soon? how “soon”? and how do you know it will “soon” and not “in a few centuries”? any answer you give will be wrong: you don’t know.
                      4. you misunderstood the “war of syria” thing. also, how many times in the past 1400 years has there been war in syria? did you forget what happened when mongols invaded syria? do you think no one thought the Day was near back then? did you forget hadeeth that said Dajjal will appear after constantinople will be conqueried? that happened in i think 1451 — almost 600 years ago.
                      5, 6: both have been happening continuously for centuries. do you remember quake that flattened quetta? how long ago was that?
                      7: no hadeeth i have ever read said “arabs” will build tall buildings, they say “people” will compete. and that, too has been happening for centuries. refute me if
                      you can (you can’t)
                      8: i would argue that ever since industrial revolution in 1700s people have been thinking of this “time” thing.

                      9: the average country has more women than men (with many exceptions like pakistan, china, india)

                      again: your idea that it will happen SOON is wrong. the good news is, you have the rest of your life to ponder that.

                    • We are no where near this system? Do you eat suud and drink alcohol that your sheeple brain is dead?

                      You did not read hadith about tall buildings and you are trying to argue. Wow. See the screenshot.

                      You never checked US geological survey about earthquakes that happen daily. God the daily list is long.

                      And when changez attacked he came alone. It was not the ally of 70 or so countries. And not entire syria or iraq or afghanistan or yemen or palestine or libya was toppled like today. And it wasn’t the crusade.

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                      Stop being an ignorant and acting like blind pigeon.

                      Besides all thanks to you you forced me to open hadith books and refresh my iman.


                    • “Do you eat suud and drink alcohol that your sheeple brain is dead?”

                      Minor sign of the Day:

                      The spread of riba (usury, interest), the spread of zina (adultery, fornication), drinking of alcohol.

                      Since I don’t drink alcohol, and neither do most Muslims, which means the Day is not near. Simple as that.

                      I would say it is interesting that you pick and choose the predictions that you think are true but ignore the ones that are not and somehow you think the Day will happen “soon” — but the truth of the matter is, people have been doing that also for centuries.

                      “You never checked US geological survey about earthquakes that happen daily. God the daily list is long.”

                      You realize the problem with that don’t you? Even 100 hundred years ago we had no way to check how many earthquakes were happening every day worldwide. We had no system. So how do you know that there were NOT earthquakes every day 200, 400, 600 years ago? You are simply better informed about quakes today, which is NOT THE SAME THING as quakes have started to happen every day.

                      “And when changez attacked he came alone. It was not the ally of 70 or so countries.”

                      What a coincidence! When Syrian war started, it was Syrian Arab vs Syrian Arab, at best with Iran helping one side and Saudis and Turks helping other side. There was no “invasion” of Syria (unless you count by ISIS in Iraq). Sham, historical location, is NOT Iraq, so Iraqi invasion of 2003 had nothing to do with it. Neither Yemen, I don’t know why you bring that up. And, for the record, why are you ignoring British + French rule of large parts of Sham and Saudi Peninsula and Iraq in the last century? I seem to remember war in that region in 1917, and UK governing Iraq area in the 1930s and…

                      “Israel is predicted in quran when Allah says he will gather jews at one place.”

                      Gather Jews at one place = Jews have to be driven OUT of all other places, which do you see that as happening? Nope.

                      “Israel is desperately trying to take over bait ul maqdas to build their
                      ancient solomon temple and expand their borders to far away to hijaz.”

                      Yes, they are so desperate that in 1967 when the conquered the mountain, they gave control of it right away to the Muslim authority already controlling it. Such desperation!

                      You can of course believe whatever you want, but I believe you will die of old age long before the Day occurs.

                    • What the f*** are you blabbing? Nothing you say makes any sense. When you refuted hadith, you already proved yourself munkar hadees. So no need to keep repeating same thing and exposing yourself.

                      Are you the follower of that quranist Javed Ghamidi? Because you sound pompous and faggy like him.

                      Die of old age? How are you so sure how long will I live?

                      End of arguing with you as suggested by Quran because you won’t stop dragging me to your level.


                    • Heh. Well, if you believe the Hour is close, you certainly won’t have to worry about old age.

    • And then what? You decided you were not made of Carbon atoms? That burning petrol is safe and CNG also safe? LOL.

  • you do realize carbon levels have been way more up than this in the past.
    earth’s geological and historical records are full of it.

    • We do. but i think you dont realise that the problem is that it is rising way too fast for the living organisms to adapt to this change. The earth will keep moving on without most of living organisms. This change is devastating for living things not earth.

  • The scientists had already waned the world leadership on the issues of the warming of speedy temperature and its consequences with regards to its impact on life,health conditions, climate situation,water crisis,agrarian sector related crisis,water management issues,food crisis and more over the living problems born out of this situation.The horrible situation will come up in the Gulf where the normal temperature existing to about,40-46 will raise to about 50 or more.This situation of the climate change will turn down the whole system of the Arabian lands and their existing technologies will also face a bundle of problems along with some alternatives that may cost them unimaginably.However, we all the members of the UN family were already informed and warned of the consequences that we took light and did not preferred to see it with its cost and crisis we will bear in the nearer future.
    Unluckily Pakistani scientists having billions of funding did not acknowledge its gravity and the cost we will bear for it.However, there is nobody to ask them about this situation what they have planned to meet.

  • Earlier this year, the Paris Agreement – an international convention, with representatives from almost all governments, dedicated to preventing the climate change and its hazardous effects – resulted in total failure since the signatories has just made some other promises to do the needful but in fact they are lyllabying with the world community. The major producers of the carbon dioxide and other related pollutant substances have not shut their major chimnies. The world community has one and the only choice to declare boycott of the products who are contaminating the global living.

    • We have to plant trees BUT CAREFULLY. Because Trees also use another resource we do not have much of: water. We needs trees AND dams.

  • And all this melting Himlayas ice will just wash out to Indian Ocean because we don’t have enough dams and certainlly cannot build enough within the next 10 years or so when it is critical to safe the most water.

    • Pakistan Should Immediately start working on diamer basha dam.IF we want to save our people and lands from future droughts.

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