Cyber Crime Case: Ph.D Professor Arrested for Harassing Colleague Online

On Friday, FIA arrested an assistant professor of Karachi University upon orders of a local court for violating the cyber crime law.

The accused, Farhan Kamrani, has been moved into a Cyber Crime Cell in a case for harassing a female colleague, as per the FIA. The FIA also mentioned it has secured a 14-day physical remand against the professor.

The action was taken upon the request from the female professor who explained that Farhan had created a fake Facebook account in her name. She also mentioned that he had been uploading indecent, mostly Photoshopped, pictures of her and sharing them on University’s official page and other related groups.

FIA, in accordance with Facebook staff, has tracked down the person running the account and it was Farhan Kamrani, a resident of Karachi. The FIA arrested Faisal Kamrani’s brother and Farhan Kamrani, who confessed to the crimes he committed and took full responsibility of it. He also confessed that he had been using fake pictures and videos as well.

Here is the professor’s Academia information page. A Psychology major, accused and found guilty of such an act reflects majorly on the community we reside in.


The FIA and the judiciary needs to make an example out of this case by punishing him strictly to keep cyber crimes like these in check.

It is unfortunate that such educated people, especially considering the subject, also fall to such a level as to perform such indecent acts. A person with such a vast knowledge of the human psychology should have been preventing such acts rather than performing them.

Via Saqib Sagheer

Sports Analyst & Head of Sports Desk.

  • Orya Maqbool Saheb ne sahe he kaha tha ke secular and liberal terrorist fasaad ke jar hain. Ab main stream media propaganda kare in secular universities ke barey mein ke ye terrorist ke adde hain. Abhi kisi Madrassah mein parhne ya parhane wale ne ye harket ki hoti to qayamat ajati.

    • yahan sb chalta hai aisy 1000 incident roz dekhny ko milty hai wahan bs koi aik news media ma announced hi gya
      ur jo kuch hota hai wo to apki soch bhi nhii hai

  • I have also studied at the same department. I was in 2006 batch whereas he was in 2005 batch. Farhan is personally known to me and apparently he was a gentleman and the most decent guy among all other male students. I could never imagine neither expect that he would do this sort of unethical act. I’m really sad to read this story :(

    • We all know how efficient FIA is , criminals are freely roaming around and innocent people are in jails so anything is possible. Pity on our nation…. who can expect to waste time and energy in such a country where might is right. For the first time I have acknowledged that those who say only fools waste time in Pakistan are indeed ‘right’. Name should have been kept secret.

    • That’s the 100% exact thing I am getting from everywhere.
      Seems like there is something BIG which the FIA is hiding.

  • What’s hilarious is that after all that education, he seems to have been converted into a patient of psychology more than a doctor ?

  • Fishy. I heard some different perspective. BTW why did not mention name of the female “professor”? why did they pick his brother if THE PROFESSOR was the criminal?

    KU students tell other story. Stop being a tabloid and find facts first.

    • Other side of the story should also be shared… as getting the IP address from Facebook and its owner’s full name with address makes the story doubtfull…

    • Zaruri nahin Facebook ne share kia hai. Ho sakta hai hamari Police ne Ugalwaaa lia ho Facebook se…As you know..

  • I did some research, this case is not so simple there is definitely something very FISHY about this.

    My impression is that Farhan’s students (female and male) are taking his side and are saying that something else is up for the FIA to spend so much time and resources into this case.

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