Bol TV is Likely to Launch Today!

After the bail of Axact CEO Shoaib Shaikh and his associates from Sindh and Islamabad High Court, word has been going around that Mr. Shaikh was planning to get his media empire started.

To this effect, Mr. Shaikh initiated an employee recall and rejoining program dubbed Pehlay Say Bhi Ziada, calling on all ex-employees to rejoin the beleaguered IT firm Axact, which was at the center of fake degrees case 15 months ago.

After securing bail and getting freed recently, Shoaib Shaikh has made no secret of his plans to finally launch Bol, his media enterprise with 24/7 news and broadcast coverage.

If there was any doubt that the launch of Bol TV wasn’t happening, those doubts are being put to test, as in Karachi various vans and vehicles bearing the BOL branding have appeared.


In fact, about 12 hours ago the official BOL Twitter account tweeted this:

Following this, a lot of Bol and Axact employees (and others) who have started to tweet about the impending channel launch.

Even industry rivals are chiming in.

All indications are on that Bol TV will be hitting airwaves soon. It remains to be seen if it can attract top talent this time from the media industry.

However, with Shoaib Shaikh promising higher salaries and perks than before, some might be inclined to join the nascent media enterprise.

  • Normally, I don’t pay heed to this stuff. But something about Bol is making me excited. Let’s see if it lives up to the hype. Hopefully, it will be one of those channels with impartial reporting and no dhoom dhaddaka and Bollywood music. If that’s the case, they have me as a viewer for life.

      • We’ll see when it comes to that. But it is difficult to pipe your own tune when 40 other channels are reporting the same news differently.

    • Hassan bhai baki sab tu theek hai, lekin how you think that this channel will have no dhoom dhaddaka and Bollywood music? Have they stated it somewhere? If thats the case I will be one of those who will eagerly wait for this channel.

  • All the fake degree scandals and everything happened in past 15 months was a way for BOL Network to create hype in Pakistan and make people curious on the launch of BOL Network. All of this was a inside job so that BOL network could get highest TRP ever in television history.

    Let’s see what’s waiting for us on the other side.

    • Just amazed to see what u think
      People like you always create your own stories in mind and negative thinking make it worse.
      Shoaib Sheikh ko 15 month jail main rehnay ka koi shoq nai tha.
      Sharam aani chahye aap jaisay logon ko

      • There comes a instigated defender who is badly hypnotized by Axact and BOL Network. Well, I would like to share my condolences on your very little and poor knowledge, my friend.

        Lets enhance your knowledge by adding that when Shoaib Shaikh was incarcerated back in May 2015, it was a hype in media that he is being arrested which he really was but after few months were we getting live updates or any other visual evidence of Shoaib Shaikh’s well being? well it’s a no as far as we know, because we never know if he was really in prison or not. Then, when he decided to get back to real world after a long vacay, he decided to get back to business and by using goldman’s power and presence to get back to work and clear his image in Pakistan, that’s how it works brother. Shoaib Shaikh was in jail for few time but after that he went underground.

        It’s really disappointing to see people like you trusting rumors without using your own brain (if you really have one) and figure out what really happened. I would like to advise you to please stop following Axact as it’s leading you towards wrong path, my friend!

  • To run a country with transparently under a democracy, you need politics, courts, defense and media as independent pillars. Imagine if two or three of these start a back-stage lobby. The common man has to pay the price as always.

  • I had written a detailed article sent to a major English news paper regarding how fake degrees are issued and bogus universities are stablished in some other countries like India and USA. Obviously that was not printed as it was favouring BOL.

    • Newspapers are not obliged to print whatever someone sends them. Why don’t you put it on your web site online?

  • He has been aquitted from all the cases. Now it is the right of Shoaib Sheikh. U, propakistani and all the false media of Pakistan had blamed bol and axact a lot. Bol must brought u and ur affiliates before court. Laton k bhoot baton sy nahi mantay. Enshaa Allah Bol will rise this time

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