The Most Popular Keyboard App Now Offers Sindhi & Pashto Languages

SwiftKey is always known for its predictive touch input via the virtual keyboard. However, recently it has forayed into the neural networks and multilingualism. It has become the first keyboard to support complete Pashto and Sindhi text input. Not only can you now enter text in these languages but make use of SwiftKey’s industry leading magically correct predictive typing technology.

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SwiftKey already supports Urdu language like many other Keyboards out there. However, what sets it apart from the rest of the pack is its advanced prediction algorithm. You can type on word and the keyboard will automatically predict what your are about to type next. The same functionality can now be used by Pakistanis to write in their regional languages like Pashto and Sindhi.

The keyboard developer recently announced that it was the first keyboard to come with neural prediction technology. This means that the keyboard can predict human thinking by learning brain patterns. Neural predictions are still in development and only available for a limited number of languages at the moment.

SwiftKey supports Urdu, Sindhi and Pashto with Advanced Predictions

Along with this update, SwiftKey has launched a new feature. Users can now type in as many as five languages at the same time. I am don’t know that many languages, but those who do would certainly appreciate it. While this doesn’t support the new languages, it is useful for those learning new languages.

Previously, users were able to switch between keyboard languages by simply swiping on the space bar. For languages that do not support the 5 lingual input, users can still swipe and change the keyboard language instantly.

SwiftKey now supports a total of 125 languages including plenty of regional ones. Unfortunately, Pakistani Punjabi is not supported yet. But considering how quickly SwiftKey has changed its focus towards Pakistan, we can expect it to launch Punjabi Keyboard language very soon as well, letting you swear all you want in your favourite language (Just kidding).

You can also help speed up the process by making a feature request to SwiftKey here.

The app is available for both, Android and iOS, free of cost. You can download the SwiftKey app below:

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