Telenor Introduces New 4G Campaign with More Clarity

After we complained about Telenor’s 4G TV ads, the company has debuted a new commercial for its 4G services. The new ad delivers more clarity and reveals a new offer for Telenor 4G customers.

The new ad depicts how Telenor’s 4G service can take care of customer’s data needs in the blink of an eye.


You can watch it in its entirety here:

The add was accompanied by the following blurb as well, throwing focus on the fast speeds promised by the Mobile operator:

Jub internet tezi se saath nibhaye, tou sari mushkil aasaan hojae!
Telenor 4G – Badlo Soch Ki Technology
(Enjoy Telenor 4G for Free with a daily limit of 100 MBs. This is a limited time offer).

The new services and 100 MB daily limit offer is valid for Telenor Talkshawk users.

It should be mentioned that ProPakistani recently highlighted how Telenor wasn’t clear about the message that it was airing in its previous TVC about 4G Services, Bilkul Free (completely free).

The new TVC attempts to address that misconception and is more clear to those who use Telenor’s 4G services where its available with the following disclaimer:

Enjoy Telenor 4G for Free with a daily limit of 100 MBs. This is a limited time offer.

Such efforts by the telecoms operator is appreciated and that too in an environment where many companies don’t give two hoots about clear and fair advertising, least of all making a concerted attempt to clarify their messaging.

Not to mention, Telenor has updated old TVCs — on YouTube, Facebook — with these updated visuals.

    • Last but not least – Telenor EasyPaisa on other network itself is false campaign, What they are showing on adds is not actually happing at all, My self subscribed easypaisa account on my warid number . At first step the pin gneration was painful experience. After having 5 calls on customer service I somehow got the pin .
      Second problem started on depositing payment in my mobile account which Tameer bank refused because of some network problems as they they told me at that time. I tried many times on different occasions but everytime Tameer bank refulsed with reason that since my mobile account is on other network number (Warid) so it have some network problem while processing my deposit request. The guy at Tameer bank asked me to go to easypaisa mobile shop and deposit money which I was able to paying repees 50 as charges. This is another false feature which easypaisa claim to deposit money in mobile account with no charges, which I already tried by going to Tameer bank.
      The next painful experience started when I decided to shop from Daraz.Pk and other shopping site using my easypaisa mobile account. I placed the order successfully with no issue from Daraz but once I got the message of payment confirmation and replied with PIN code in order to pay order amount, I got the message that wrong pin number is provided. From that day to today I have almost calls 10 time to customer support including their supervisor, Everytime telling my problem from start to end and get no solution at all waiting my 5,6 minutes and call charges because they charge 2.35/minutes for talking to support person. Every time I asked for complain number they told me that there is no complain number and they will write email to concern department for the resolution of my problem.
      I am still waiting for the call from customer support for resulotion of my problem and as the time passing I am deciding to close my easypaisa account as this is no use for me. What is their service on Telenor sim mobile account, I have no idea. May be someone can share their experience too.

      • You are right. There are many similar problems occurred with their service. I faced a similar situation. I opened the account i tried 3 times then the pin created finally and when i went to deposit the amount in franchise they told me your account limit has been finished. I said i recently opened the account how come it’s utilized when not a single transaction has been made. They said then u call helpline so i did, n there was some really jahil representative who first told me yes ur account limit has been over coz you’ve used around 2 lac n i told him that i opened account just few days ago how come i used 2 lacs when i did not make a single transaction. He said no you have used i said ok then tell me what was the amount of my last transaction made. Then he was like go to bank and get ur account statement then you’ll know. I said what statement i get when i didn’t even initiate any transaction? There will be no such statement. I said you must have records so you can check when my account is opened and how much i transacted. He said no sir go bank get your statement. Then i just shut the phone. This is their service and behavior with customers. Better to use other services in market.

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