PSO Starts Selling High Quality RON92 Petrol in Pakistan

Pakistan’s leading oil marketing company Pakistan State Oil has launched a new range of quality fuel products namely Altron Premium and Altron X High Performance nationwide. The new product range is now on sale at Pakistan State Oil stations in Karachi and will be made available nationwide in 3 to 4 days as product transhipment to central/north region is currently underway.

PSO will rename its Premium XL Gasoline to Altron Premium. It should also be mentioned that deregulated HOBC will now be renamed as Altron X High Performance, and its price will go up by Rs 5-7 per litre as per PSO officials.

However, the officials also mentioned that pricing for the new fuels would remain the same until the regulator announced new prices. This is usually done at the end of every month.

Pakistan State Oil has played a key role in materializing the vision of the Government of Pakistan and the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources (MNPR) by introducing higher grade RON (Research Octane Number) fuels in the country for the very first time.

The higher-grade RON results in extended engine life and reduced maintenance costs. As they result in better engine hygiene, Altron Premium and Altron X High Performance reduce the environmental impact due to lower emissions. Additional benefits of the new product range include better mileage, enhanced engine performance, and a great motor vehicle experience to the customer.

“With the launch of Altron Premium and Altron X High Performance fuels, we have aimed to further strengthen the trust that millions of customers put in us,” said Sheikh Imran Ul Haque, CEO & MD Pakistan State Oil.

Improving fuel quality and meeting the nation’s energy requirements have been key constituents of Pakistan State Oil’s mission, both of which are efficiently met by the company. Pakistan State Oil pledges to continue undertaking all initiatives that enhance customer fueling experience.

  • so now what about the existing simple petrol ? And how many types of petrol will PSO offer total? Will this new premium petrol will even be available at every city like the city which didn’t even had HOBC ?

    • Altron Premium with RON 92, Altron X with RON 95-97 and HOBC (High Octane) will remain same at RON 97. Don’t know whether they will continue with HOBC after introduction of Altron X.

      • HOBC was never 97Ron, I own an Audi and my engine was knocking even tho I always used HOBC, upon checking the fuel, it turned out to be 92 Ron, Normal premium was 87 Ron.

        • Yeah, then this is classical case of our inherent dishonesty. Wish we had some tool to measure the standard (RON) of fuel. May be some laser gun etc.

  • What the stupid hell is this? Where is octane no? Of new fuels?
    Pso doesn’t have tct to issue proper pres release. Bc!

  • I didn’t feel any difference in pickup on new petrol after fillup on empty tank (Vitz 2007, auto), it has light green color…

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