Hascol Announces to Offer RON92 and RON95 Fuels in Pakistan

Hascol Petroleum has announced the launch of new motor gasoline named Super Tiger XT.

Not long ago, the import of high quality 92 RON was approved, which was being provided by PSO and Shell only.

Now, Hascol has joined the league to keep up with the changing trend.

The company reported that all of their outlets will be responsible for the sale of Super Tiger XT. Moreover, selected Hascol fuel stations will also have the upgraded Hasron 95 with an upgraded 95 RON for sale.

It maybe recalled that Government has mandated all Oil Marketing Companies to sell at least 92RON fuel, instead of previous baseline of RON87 fuel at pumps.

The Super Tiger XT specifications have not yet been released by the company as of yet.

Hascol has said that Super Tiger XT has been made available at all of its petrol pumps already.

About Hascol

Hascol Petroleum Limited was incorporated in 2001. Four years later it was granted an oil marketing license by the Government of Pakistan. Since then, the company has successfully commissioned over 360 retail outlets spanning over four provinces of Pakistan and Jammu & Kashmir.

The company deals in the purchase, storage and the sale of Fuel Oil, High Speed Diesel, Gasoline, Jet A-1, LPG and Lubricants.

Hascol is also included in the list of companies which are listed in Pakistan Stock Exchange. The share price of the company has seen rapid growth since its public listing in 2014.

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