Here’s How Careem is Enabling Entrepreneurs to Pursue Their Dreams

Careem is set to make waves by contributing to the economic landscape of Pakistan while enabling budding entrepreneurs to see their dream projects come to life.

Careem has teamed up with Plan 9 and PITB for Pakistan’s first entrepreneurial roadshow where young, mad geniuses from different universities will compete to incubate their business idea.

Being the region’s home-grown entrepreneurial success story and having an 85% of Pakistani Captains in the network, Careem continues to contribute to Pakistan’s economy by investing in the local talent through a diverse and competitive program.

ERUPT will aim to satisfy a creative need in the job market faced by many of Pakistan’s youth today by creating intense learning opportunities, otherwise not readily available, through the involvement of likeminded individuals from all over the country along with the mentoring of recognized industry leaders and trainers every step of the way.

“Careem represents technological innovation therefore we’re really passionate about supporting programs like ERUPT, where we can give the youth the opportunity to pursue their passion and create something bigger than thesmelves,” said Junaid Iqbal, MD Careem Pakistan.

“We hope other organizations are inspired to follow suit and help contribute to our economy in similar ways.”

Each university will have students compete within themselves during the Launchpad Round. One team will win to qualify to compete at the inter-university level for the Champions Round. Winner of this round will get the chance to begin their entrepreneurial journey with Plan 9!

Careem stated that it was humbled to be working with Plan 9 to bridge students and the tech industry while speeding up the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Pakistan, which includes 200 ideas and 800 students.

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