Work on 411 KM China-Pakistan Railway Line Begins

As promised in the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, China has completed the survey for a 411-kilometer long railway line which is to be built between Lahore and Peshawar.

The news was confirmed by a railway official on Sunday.

China recently allocated additional $8.5 billion for the construction of railway tracks in Pakistan under the CPEC project.

Work has started on the railway-project, as China sent a team of engineers to assess the railway line situation between both cities.

The double railway track is to be constructed under the CPEC project, said Muhammad Javed Anwar, chief executive officer and senior general manager Pakistan Railways.

He added that the Chinese workers and engineers have been tirelessly working around the clock to ensure that the project’s proposal falls through. Muhammad Javed also said that safety is one of the main emphasis from Pakistan’s perspective and that this initiative will bring geographically distributed businesses, adventures and educational sectors much closer than before.

Tourism corporations in the adjoining areas told media outlets that they are also doing their part to ensure that this project is completed in the shortest time possible, as it would help and improve tourism in Pakistan. People tend not to opt for expensive means of transportation which is why the concept of tourism has halted in this country.

The tourism ministry is working very closely with Pakistan Railways in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, according to reports.

No practical work, apart from the survey, has been done thus far. It is expected that construction will begin by next year upon the approval of the route of the railway tracks.

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  • CPEC is a mega project which is no doubt a great beneficial for Pakistan as well as China. The CPEC is a source that enhances the friendship of two countries. The new project of 8 billion for constructing the double railway line will make stronger the friendship of two countries. hope this project will be completed in time as has been made the CPEC

    • Let be very clear about that CPEC is not a project of friendship. Surely it will be beneficial for Pakistan as well but it has great importance to china.

      • bhai ap ki wohi bat hai haddi nikalni hai ap ne wahan say bhi:S…. ya yeh keh lo k ap ne urine ma b machlian dhundni hain:S…2no k liay faida hai bacho wali bat na karin k china ka zada faida hai ap apnay faiday say khush hon china k zada faiday say hamin koi nuqsan nahi hai jo hamin yh bat bar bar karni chahiay k nahi g CPEC sy china ko ham sy zada faida hai

        • Acha really? Did i said anything to u? Watch ur words. U wont understand the logic of what i said. U cant even control of what u r writing

          • farooqi sab stay calm and use proper grammar if you really wanna write english:).. what does that mean you wont:O…. i guess you wanted to say you can’t/didn’t ..and as per your statement “Let be very clear about that CPEC is not a project of friendship. Surely
            it will be beneficial for Pakistan as well but it has great importance
            to china”.. what exactly you wanted to say kindly stay calm and explain that to us especially me coz i really didn’t get what you said

            • I guess after your first comment its useless to speak to you. When you try to argue you don’t use words like that “ya yeh keh lo k ap ne urine ma b machlian dhundni hain”
              And by the way i am not an angraiz and i dont want to be but let me assure you that my english is not that bad that you can’t understand it..

      • Thanks to be very clear, lets accept your extremely explicit statement and build IPEC (India Pakistan Economic Corridor) now. Coz as per your statement its not a project of friendship. We should also take into consideration building, APEC (Afghanistan Pakistan Economic Corridor) Tajikistan, Turkmentistan Uzbekistan, Kyrgystan and finally the giant RPEC (Russia Pakistan Economic Corridor) coz most of the sea banks in Russia are frozen. Conclusively, these corridors will have great importance for the countries themselves and we dont need to be friends with them..!!!

        • Yahi problem hai tmhre hr baat mai dosti or dushmani bech mai lai aaty ho aap. Its in favor of both countries. China is with Pakistan bcz china knows Pakistan is nuclear power and best option for china to trade with the world. But you won’t get it.

          • Dude watch the opening ceremony of CPEC. Em not sure whether you did watch it or not, but the banner behind clearly states Pak China Friendship. There were two singers Pakistani and Chinese who sung a song in their native languages having lyrics of Pak China friendship. CPEC is officially brought forward as a result of Pak China friendship..!

            Pakistan is a nuclear power opens up totally new chapter which has nothing to do with CPEC. Again India is also Nuclear Power.. why not them, whats different here..!

            • Dear All. CPEC is a business project and in business friendship is not considered. Although this project is more of a beneficial to China but it has a huge impact on Pakistan’s economic both positive and negative. Negative in sense that majority of this project is being financed on loans from different financial institutes. These loans are double the size of our foreign reserves. Eventually we have to return these loans. Chinese companies working on these projects will really benefit from these projects. Pakistans’ benefits are that we will get all the infrastructure built with foreign expertise. It all depends now on the Pakistani government as to how it wil handle and manage this huge opportunities. So far things are going well from the Chinese side but many objections are being raised on our end as to the transparancy and the routes. Our minister’s does not really want to disclose the details which are leading alots of question marks.

              • Which law on Earth says “friendship is not considered in business”. On what basis it is said that project is more beneficial to China and less for Pakistan, any facts and figures???

                Official launch is based on Pak-China friendship.

                Kindly share the objections and which minister does not want to to disclose which details ???

                This project is not a child’s play, its HUGE investment and so as it progresses for sure there will be concerns and issues, but those are natural and should be taken positively.

      • Dear china agar cpec me ziada faida hai to ye b pakistan k mafaad me hai qk gawader to pakistan me hai na. Islye pakistan ki growth aur stable halaat bhi china k mafaad me hai blke ab to russia iran turkamanistan and others will condemn any thing against pak.

    • Sir, there are many mini projects under CPEC which are expected to completed by 2020. You can view complete details of every project at cpec-gov-pk site under progress update.

  • I hope I am wrong, but this and CPEC 46B $ is all loan and it needs to be paid back with interest. This is how world works that loan is taken to make quick advancements for the beneficial of both parties. But strange thing about this loan is that chinese companies will come and build the project with their labour, they will maintain them with their workforce, they will then charge us for the service? So how is the common man going to benefit from this, how am I going to get a job from this? Will govt be able to get enough money from taxing these companies to pay back loan, or is common man have to pay back this loan again?

    Does someone have any idea of whats the end game here? do let me know.

    • If seriousness of present government or politicians is any clue then stay alarmed. At best infrastructure will be uplifted all over the country, BUT, at huge cost to coming generations. And I believe Chinese will not be very pleasant to deal with if we default on paying back their loans. Just as they did with USA, Chinese will start buying Pakistani businesses and national assets and by 2035 China will practically OWN vast areas and enterprises of Pakistan. What effect that will have on our society, culture or foreign designs ; only time will tell. But then everything comes at a cost. Sit back, relax and watch it unfold.

    • I am an Indian, so you will not like what I am going to say, still it is the real thing. Just as USA and Saudi used Pakistan but left it, China will use Pakistan and never leave. China unlike US and Saudi has a common border, so with CPEC it has easy entry into Pakistan. Now, Gwadar fulfills a very strategic need of China- direct entry into Arabian Sea, which without CPEC and Gwadar is impossible. With direct entry to Arabian Sea it can reach its military right upto Saudi, Iran and Iraq and Africa too, as also India. After spending USD 50 billion and it’s military all along CPEC and Gwadar can China ever afford to hand over control to Pakistan. Never. Think. Large part of Pakistan will become Chikistan, or CKP.Pakistan is Nuclear power because of Chinese help
      China is itself Nuclear Power so what help can Pakistani nukes give to China?? Yes, it will use Pakistan and also force Pakistan to do what it wants – even with the Nuclear arms. Think.

  • Please do not fight brothers. People write many stupid things, writers just observe and learn for future. Please, be patient.

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