200,000 ​EOBI Pensioners Migrated From NBP to Bank Alfalah Wallet Accounts

Employees Old-Age Benefits Institution (EOBI) & Bank Alfalah celebrated the migration of 200,000 EOBI pensioners to Bank Alfalah’s Wallet Accounts at an event in Karachi. The project is important for thousands of EOBI pensioners whose lives have been made easier through digitization of pension disbursement process.

In August 2015, Bank Alfalah was awarded the banking service mandate through comparative bidding process as per PPRA Rules for contribution collection and disbursement of pensions to over 390,000 EOBI pensioners. After gradual opening of Bank Alfalah Wallet Accounts, pensioners are now enjoying the convenience of withdrawing pensions through their debit cards.

Prior to digitizing, EOBI pensioners were required to visit specific NBP branches every month along with their pension passbooks and wait in long queues for manual / cash disbursement. The newly introduced digital system eliminates that hassle extending the freedom to draw pensions from any of 10,000 ATMs across the country at their convenience.

Mr. Muhammed Sualeh Faruqui, Ex-Chairman EOBI, and now Principal Secretary to Governor Sindh, said:

“Seeing hundreds of aged EOBI pensioners, both men and women, queued in and outside bank branches to collect their pensions was very painful for me. The ease of Bank Alfalah ATM based disbursements matches the well-deserved respect and dignity of EOBI pensioners. The model itself is the one to take inspiration from. We are pleased that Bank Alfalah has already completed over 200,000 registrations. We hope that the compulsory migrations of remaining pensioners in January 2017 will be effectively handled.”

Mehreen Ahmed, Group Head Retail Banking South & New Initiatives, Bank Alfalah said:

As the transition nears its completion, pensioners have started to withdraw pensions from the convenience of over 10,000 ATMs using Bank Alfalah debit cards.

“Pakistan needs many such initiatives to bring convenience and quality to the lives of elderly citizens,” said Mr. Pir Syed Sadaruddin Shah Rashidi, Federal Minister for Overseas Pakistanis & Human Resource Development. He further added that collaboration between EOBI and Bank Alfalah to facilitate the elderly citizens should be emulated by other government and private organizations. He congratulated EOBI and Bank Alfalah for completing 200,000 registrations in a short time. Mr. Rashidi also appreciated the mobile App developed by HRSG and expected that it will be available to workers very soon. He expected that the App will narrow the gap between workers and EOBI Management.

The event also featured pensioners sharing their experience on how the new system of pension disbursals had brought ease to their lives. Besides, the mobile App launch by HRSG will enable more and more workers to easily register themselves with EOBI and enjoy the benefits ensured by the State of Pakistan through its social safety net.

Bank Alfalah has been awarded a 5-year mandate for disbursement of funds to EOBI pensioners across the country. Under the agreement, Bank Alfalah will offer a safe and secure mechanism to disburse funds in EOBI pensioners’ account, linked to UnionPay International debit cards, while employers will also deposit pension contributions at Bank Alfalah branches across Pakistan.

  • Chalo becharay maai babon ki zindagi aasaan hui. Pehle becharay NBP ke bahar subha 8 bajay line myn lagtay thy aur shaam 4 bajay ja k pension milti thi. Kuch toh garmi myn jaan ki bazi b haar jatay thy.

    • Let me clear you one thing. The pension is credited to every pensioner’s NBP account and he can get it cashed any day of month. It is the haste and greed of people that they go to the bank on the same date government release their pensions. That’s why you see long queues outside the bank.

      My dad is a pensioner too and he never stood in line. He goes on regular days of month to get his pension money.

      • For many, pension is the only cash they see each month. You cannot call it ‘haste and greed’ when all they want to do is run their household in this inflation-infested economy. That is very callous of you.

        • NBP is not issuing them pension without seeing them physically present in front desk to the person in charge , they are not greedy they are the guys who served us and now this is time we should serve them with pride and respect.

      • Talal, the objective is “why do your father need to go to the Bank at all”.. just imagine if God forbids he gets sick or unable to move, then what? with EOBI or other Automated pension systems, old/sick people do not need to physically visit branches every month any more.

        & by the way.. a pensioner can only draw his pension till the 10th of that month. not after that..after that, its upto the software & that banks manager, whether they want to give or not

        • Who told you that? The pension money remains in account for 6 months after which they cut off the pension if pensioner does not submit the required form that he is alive. Two of my closest family members are pensioner so do not try to be over efficient that you know more.

          And pakistanis are among the greediest nations in the world. All this corruption in pakistan is the result of greed and selfishness.

          • NBP of district khushab not following what fairy tale you are telling to everybody, they always need every old person men or women to be present in bank.

          • well.. to begin with.. I myself am a Senior Banker of 14 years experience… Head of dept of a Top Private bank & also handle my dads Pension with a local NBP in Lahore. so yeah.. i am being efficient as I know few things… unlike some people here who’s only accomplishment in life is being stupid & trolling other people on internet.

            You are basically mixing 2 things here.. some pensioners have opened regular accounts in private banks & then somehow managed to get thru the lengthy documents requirements from AG office for their pensions to be directly credited to these other bank accounts every month which they can withdraw thru ATM anytime from anywhere….& for that, yes they have to give a Life certificate on stamp paper every 6 months (June & december to be exact, otherwise pension wont be credited in their account next month)

            while most old people, are still doing it the old way,(as everybody here is saying) physically going to their NBP branch with pension books in the first week of every month, where once proving to NBP staff that they are alive & the rightful owner of that pension book, their pension gets released in the form of Cash or into their Account with NBP.

            I will suggest next time.. you go with your father & clear this information first hand from NBP… good luck.. over n out.

            • You say form is submitted in june and december while it is submitted by each pensioner whenever his 6th month comes in turn. So it does not matter which month of year it is. Your first argument is invalid.

              You say the stamp paper is used. An ordinary form available from bank or copier is submitted duly signed carrying pensioner’s thumb impression along with copy of CNIC. So your second argument is invalid.

              You say some pensioners opened accounts in other banks and getting their pension through ATM. B*ull*s*hit pension is only sent to NBP pension accounts. No way govt ever sent it to others banks. Your third argument is invalid and utter crap.

              3 years ago govt took all the pension books in punjab region and made the whole pension system online. So your forth argument is also invalid.

              Who is troll and liar now?

              And it seems like your claim of being a head of department is also a lie. “You are the head of sweepers who clean the floors of banks.”

      • Well this is very sensitive to call haste and greed to their pension. But NBP refused so many time to EOBI and Govt that they are unable to tackle this much rush as they are already over burduned. But Govt kept pushing NBP to entertain EOBI. But good for EOBI pensioners now.

        • Why they cannot start an online verification if really requires, with their CNIC # or any other means so they can get it with ATM and without being present in front desk every month.

      • This is very sad if you are really saying that pension is being credited in their bank accounts automatically, each and every time NBP of District Khushab insist to bring the old man in front desk to show his face to them so that they will release the payment to them so only to show their faces they need to stand in que for more then 8 to 10 hours a day or sometime if time pases they need to come next day again.

        Taking pension is not an easy task and especially if NBP involves (ALLAH kee Panah).

        • It is always credited to bank account and only pensioner himself can get the pension money from his account. Even if he is ill or 500 years old his presence is mandatory otherwise bank won’t give money to any of his relative. Fraud and greed is running like satan in blood of Pakistanis. And it is quite possible that relatives of pensioner will keep taking pension even after the death of pensioner.

          I think you are also blabbing to show your efficiency like a pothead above. If there are lines on pension release date, it’s the matter of greed. They should have come next day or even after that if they desperately need money.

          • Might be you do not know real meaning of a greed so that you are calling them greedy even after every sentence, as Within my area National Bank branches are only 2 which credit pansions for them and customers are 20,000 or more, even if they come like in 10 different days there will be limnes on every day and just imagine your father and mother are standing in the lines and I will call them greedy enough for few thousand rupees.

    • Pensioners also offered with ATM card. They can withdrawl their pension even without going to their own bank. “Yeh bus hum logon ke pass bht e ziada waila time ha na. iss liye chale jaate hain wahan zaleel hone”

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