Exclusive: Crashed PIA Plane Had Engine Failures in Past #PK661

PIA’s PK661 that crashed near Havelian today had suffered engine failures before as well, especially back in 2014 when its left engine had failed during a flight from Skardu to Islamabad at that time.

PK-452 (registration AP-BHO) from Skardu to Islamabad on Sep 15th 2014 had reported an engine failure soon after it took off.

Pilots had then reported that engine emitted a loud bang and flamed out. The crew had to shut the engine down and returned back to Skardu for a safe landing.

Flight was miraculously able to land back at Skardu safely with 60 people on board.

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It must be noted that PIA had the engine replaced after the incident.

Crash Landing in 2009

This very same aircraft had crash landed in Lahore back in 2009 when pilots lost control of the plane after touchdown at Lahore airport.

CAA had then said that landing gear had malfunctioned.

Plane had reportedly veered left off the runway, went across runway and got stuck in soft ground.

Seven passengers had then received minor injuries, however, the airplane had sustained substantial damage.

Below are the images from Lahore crash-landing of the PIA plane that ultimately crashed today:



PIA plane with registration AP-BHO was manufactured in 2007 and was added into PIA’s fleet on May 15th 2007.

Engine Failure report via Aviation Herald

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  • PK – 661 is in gesture Language indicate to Sohail Afzal (Ex-Spo In high Way Police) & Shoukat Rajpoot (in my Flat on Rent) . 66 is for sohail Afzal & 61 is for Shoukat Rajpoot .

  • doesn’t hurt to also report that same source said that PIA reached out to french BEA for investigation and damaged engine was replaced

  • Dear Mr. Aamir Attaa,

    1) The title of this article says ‘… Plane Had Engine Failures’ but you have only mentioned one engine failure for 2014. The incident in 2009 was related to the landing gear; therefore your title is totally wrong/misleading.

    2) Can you explain how is this article an ‘exclusive’ ? What have you reported in this article that has not been reported before and is being reported for the first time by you?

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