Axact Executive Charged in $140 Million Fake Diploma Scheme By US Authorities

Umair Hamid, the executive at a Pakistani software firm called Axact, was charged just yesterday at the US Federal Court, in a criminal suit brought in the Central Court of Manhattan.

He was accused of being a part of a “fake diploma mill” scheme which was worth $140 million, according to the charge sheet.

The 30 year old executive was charged with wire fraud, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and aggravated identity theft along with the scam that affected as many as roughly ten thousands of consumers who were looking to get their degrees/diplomas from universities created by Axact.

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According to statement made by the Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara, Umair Hamid was arrested on Monday over the charges. Umair’s lawyer could not be immediately identified, and an attempt to contact Axact about this matter was left unanswered.

Preet Bharara further stated that Hamid had sold many fake diplomas and had continued to do so for quite some time, talking US consumers into paying for fake fees and enroll in fake high-school and colleges even after Axact was shut down completely back in May 2015.

He said

“Hamid allegedly took hefty upfront fees from young men and women seeking an education, leaving them with little more than useless pieces of paper.”

Via PakistanToday

  • Also Bol Channel’s ‘Dr’ Amir Liaquat is banned from from entering UK and European union for 10 Years

  • There is another interesting case about ARY losing a case of USD. 10 million for not performing services. Why is it not a part of any news, while it is being used as a case in US universities to teach. Why is Bol the only channel under the microscope, while channels like ARY and GEO are never targeted for unethical practices and shady business practices

  • Wow! shutdown a channel with its all previous assets because it’s going to destroy our business. Derive stories and make it through proper channel “NYT” (people don’t believe us you know). Involve Govt. to help us as well as help themselves by alleging an upcoming channel as a spokesperson of ISI/Military – the narrative of the enemy country, because we were on the payroll of that enemy (shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone).

    Well, the Govt. who’s cases start but never end, makes this one quick to shutdown the channel before it starts as well as all its old assets because they were accused of bringing black money into Pakistan (probably that was the mistake of them, they should have looted Pakistani people if they wanted any favour from the Govt. as it’s definitely allowed). Just arrest everyone on board.

    Ok. the channel couldn’t born on the time it planned to, every other media outlet forgot the matter. Govt. and FIA never talked about it and no one asked about it either. Complete silence!!!!! on the matter. the whole year passes and the accused walk free with no charges at all… Channel tries to launch again but not with the passion it supposed at the first place an year ago.. Every other one still stays silent about the matter but that new channel slowly captures the pace and start speaking the voice of people who always used to watch talk shows and abused their TV sets when the anchors were talking nonsense. Slapping those personalities had always been a dream of a common man before this new channel actually started doing that on their behalf..

    But what happens now? Oh! the case was not closed yet. Bring it up again! we are not so credible you know so we bring it from US once again from where we first started this. This time from the court directly. Oh yeah! we do their job helping them do anything they want in our country. So they also help us when they know it’s also for their own benefit as well (sure they want this beautiful democracy in place as they can control it)

    Anyways.. we’ll see if the same thing happens again but one line who everyone must read before making their big mouths open once again “The charges contained in the Complaint are merely accusations, and the defendant is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty.” – The last line of the public release. And if you (of course not you in Pakistan, but you in US) believe you are a victim of this scam (or a built up scam) you can head over to the website of US department of justice to know more how you can tell the justice department.

  • Axact is not the only one doing this in Pakistan. Many others are doing the same. As an example, there is one going by the name of Sofizar/Constellation CK which has been selling diplomas and degrees of fictitious foreign colleges and universities under the garb of running an internet marketing company. There is another one in Faisalabad which has been doing the exact same thing for ages. The only reason the owner Axact/Bol got caught was due to the fact that he took a huge risk entering into a politically driven news media industry, and also for that he tried to show his wealth to everyone by flashing it in everyone’s faces. Bad mistake all around. Compare that to some Zafar Khan who runs Sofizar/Constellation CK and has the same business model as that of Axact when it comes pushing fake degrees. But they have successfully managed to keep themselves away from the limelight of the authorities by keeping everything low key.

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