Federal Govt Proposes Ending Holidays on Saturday

Do you often take Fridays off to make it a long weekend? Well, it is a shame because you might not have the opportunity to do it anymore.


On Wednesday, the Federal government has announced that Saturday will no longer be a a weekly day off in the Federal departments across the country.

The two holidays proposal was implemented by the ex-government in order to address the energy crisis faced by the country as a last resort. However, under the current government, the electricity situation has significantly improved which is why previous ways are being restored.

According to reports conducted, two holidays in a week have affected the performance and efficiency of the Federal departments hence it is decided that there will be only one holiday in a week i.e. on Sunday.

The sources claim that the Prime Minister will be updated on the proposal by the Interior Minister. It is very likely that the summary presented to the PM Nawaz will be accepted, reported the same sources.

Government Aims To End Loadshedding by 2018

According to government officials, the government has been finding the most economical ways to utilize affordable, sustainable and modern energy resources.


The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will help immensely in that regard as there are multiple energy projects underway. The total capacity of these projects is said to be 17045 MW, which are being implemented. These projects include wind, solar, hydro and coal generation projects.

As opposed to 9-13 hours of loadshedding in rural areas, the timings have been reduced to 4-5 hours due to new projects.

Power loadshedding has also been eliminated, which has improved and enhanced the industrial production.

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    • true. 1 holidays or 5 holidays it does not affect the work of govt department. They will remain corrupt and do best what they do i.e waste time. It will affect the private workers if the companies follow the govt. Private workers already work 9-10 hours a day and sometimes dont enjoy the public holidays so they will be the real sufferers if their companies do follow the govt decision. Every govt institution is going down. PIA, Railway, Wapda. Rupee weakens and the corruption…

  • All developed nations like US, UK, Western Europe, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Scandinavian are famous for hard work and longest work hour per week and ultimately get higher prosperity and earn more.

    We Pakistani are already counted in the lower top when stats collect especially in govt sector. If this proposal make a law and implemented it surely bring at least some progress in our country.

    Lets hope for the best!!

  • Get rid of the 3 hours taken by people for the Friday prayers. Its an excuse to not work. Prayers don’t take 3 hours. just make it an hour and a half for both lunch and prayers.
    Stop using religion as an excuse for laziness. Pakistani are becoming famous for this.

    • Friday break, across the board, should be 1-2 PM. btw, if we offer overtime payments, i am sure many will skip even Juma prayers in order make more. But if we reduce break time without changing salary, they will raise hell. Hypocrisy is the only bond which puts us together as a nation.

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