Careem Launches Tezz Rickshaw Service in Lahore and Karachi

After the success of economy, business and WiFi cars, Careem is gearing up to launch Tezz, Careem’s rickshaw initiative.

Now the cultural ride will meet Careem’s affordable rates, safety and comfort.

Tezz Prices

Careem will initiate this pilot project today in Lahore and Karachi. Tezz will initially be available to limited users at a base rate of only Rs. 60 and a minimum fare of Rs. 75.

Careem said that it aims to expand this project to increase the fleet and introduce more cities in the future.

“Rickshaws are the transport lifeline for Pakistan’s urban populace. They operate out of stands, which makes for highly inefficient dispatching. We are doing a pilot project to see how well our technology can help accentuate the incomes of rickshaw drivers and provide a more economical option for commuters, woven with the ease that our technology provides” said, Junaid Iqbal, MD, Careem Pakistan.

Being the first app-based car booking service to launch a cash-payment option, Careem will enable even more people across society in travelling easily anytime and anywhere.

Inexpensive rates will allow riders to use Careem more often and help contribute in reducing congestion on the roads and keeping the environment clean.

Careem said that it will not compromise on the quality service that everyone loves. All Careem Captains will undergo thorough background checks and customer service trainings while all Tezz vehicles will be inspected as well.

Moreover, user privacy is of utmost priority and will be kept intact as the Captains will not have access to any personal information of the riders.

With about 6 million registered users, Careem aims to break more grounds with time and continue to facilitate its growing customer base.

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  • Uber also launched it but rikshaws are never available or take more than half an hour to arrive and sometimes the driver cancels request :/

    • Yes you are right. It is quite difficult to catch UberAuto. But once you get it, you can ride for almost free. A few days back, I travelled 15km on UberAuto. Trip Duration was 33 minutes. I had promo code of Rs. 100 off. After application of promo code, my final fare was a mere Rs. 36. I was laughing at the fare for long, because a normal Rickshaw charges Rs. 300 for the same distance.

      You can use my promo code “abdullahk3626ue” in your Uber application. It will give Rs. 100 off in three rides to you as well as me.

        • There are two ways to get Rs. 100 off in Uber.

          1) Use anyone’s promo code in your Uber app and get 100 off of your first three rides. You can use this method only once. If you have applied someone’s promo code, you cannot use another promo code in your app. For example, my code is “abdullahk3626ue”. Go to “Payments” then “Promotions” and add this code to get the discount.

          2) The other method is that you can share your own promo code with someone else. When that person rides for the first time after applying your code, you will automatically get three free rides. You can find your own promo code in “Free Rides” section. The good part is that, you can share your promo code with more than one person and get three free rides for each of that.

          So, it’s the benefit of both the persons, the person who shares the code plus the person who uses it. Both get discounted rides.

    • same situation in karachi with cars. mein ne complaint ki thi. Uber walon ne mujhe yakeen dilaya hai kay agay se aisa nhi hoga.

  • The opening should be as “After the failure of Business, wifi cars, Careem is degrading to Rikshaw service”

  • Promo codes of Careem never worked for me and their fares are comparatively high. On the other hand, I have several Rs. 100 off rides in Uber yet left, and Uber fares are very cheap. I have left normal Auto for about a month now, travelling on UberGo and UberAuto only.

  • کوا چلا ہنس کی چال اور اپنی بھی بھول گیا۔
    There is no doubt the even having startups like Travely and ShahiSawari Uber come with more reach. That now careem is also considering to start service like uberAuto.

    Use my PromoCode salmanq419ue and get Rs.100 of for first three rides.

  • Thats good…
    Fare depend on time and availability of cars/auto in your area.
    some time uber is costly and some time careem.
    best practice is always use both app and check fare estimation before ride (during booking)

    if passenger cancel the booked ride they have to pay plenty on next ride, same on the captain (Driver) side. :)

  • There’s no mentioning of per km or per minute charging in the article plus there’s no option of auto in careem app then what exactly the point of this article?

  • Both Careem and Uber have really bad services. No support for customer no complains from customer. Yes careem has a bullshit complain line which only takes your call when you are actually on the ride, but my question is what if I booked a ride and after accepting the request of my ride driver asks me to cancel the ride, just because he do not want to come. And then I cannot complain about the drive anywhere because I am on that ****** ride. Really bad experience with both of them. They need to learn that this is Pakistan and not even a “FA” pass can have a better attitude here. So they need to develop a more customer oriented help line or complain line rather then more car owners friendly policies. Because at the end of the day they will survive when they have “CUSTOMERS” not “CAR OWNERS”.

    And Uber they simply have no complain line so what to say. And they have the worst “DRIVERS” ever. No ethics, does not know how to speak or communicate with other.

  • It’s expensive, uber auto is very cheap, today i use careem auto it charge me 200 PKR while uber auto charge me 100-120 having the same distance

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