Aese Nahi Chalay Ga: Bol TV Airs Amir Liaquat’s Show Despite PEMRA Ban

Bol TV, it seems has defied PEMRA’s orders against one of its anchors that was passed recently. The tv channel aired Amir Liaquat’s show, Aisay Nahi Chalay Ga, with the host appearing on show as well on Thursday.

According to PEMRA’s original notification, Amir Liaquat was banned from appearing on TV in any way at all, be it an old/repeat telecast or anything else. He is also banned from appearing on any other TV channel as well.

PEMRA’s order states that,

Mr Aamir Liaquat shall not host any programme, or appear on TV in any manner fresh, old or repeat including (but not limited to) as a guest, analyst, reporter, actor, in audio, video beeper, promo/advertisement of his programme or in person, in any manner whatsoever… with immediate effect.

Defied PEMRA’s Orders

Despite PEMRA’s order, the host appeared last night on the show and went on to criticize PEMRA and used abusive language towards the authority. Because of this, Bol TV was taken off air within several areas in Pakistan. Some areas continued to broadcast the show uninterrupted.

An official at PEMRA said:

There have been incidents in the past where hosts whose programmes were stopped began to appear in other programmes as analysts, or made speeches in public that were covered by different channels.

PEMRA had been receiving numerous complaints about hate speech by Amir Liaquat. The show was also being monitored by the authority from January 2nd to January 24th. Mr. Liaquat was also accused of hate speech and threatening the life of a lawyer and social activist, Jibran Nasir.

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Update: Bol TV’s transmission has been suspended in several parts of the country by cable operators.

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  • anyone can speak in a democratic country, this is shame as he mostly points Govt directly, personal liking disliking case this is. Anyone should have full rights to convey his message if it is Achakzai, MQM Founder or Aamir Liaquat whoever.

    • Inciting violence, and declaring people as ‘kaafir’ is not freedom of speech. How would you feel if ALH started calling your brother or a relative a ‘kaafir’ on tv?

        • If I go around calling you a rapist and a theif, then I am exercising my freedom of speech 100% the same way as Amir Liaqat.

          Khalid Yaldram is a rapist and a theif. Don’t like what I say? Too bad.

          • btw so much easy to find a qadyani on net so what are you talking about Shahid Saleem qadyani……………..

            • Oh, and I believe you are very familiar with the hadees which says if one person calls another Muslim a kaffir, then one of them is surely a kaffir. Since you have no evidence that I am a qadyani YOU HAVE JUST DOOMED YOURSELF

    • criticizing government or supporting any political ideology is a different thing but freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can directly speak against the country or call it a nasoor or can call KPK a part of Afghanistan, and you don’t have any idea how much i hate this man(Amir Liaquat) but mentioning him with Achakzai, MQM Founder is like comparing apples with oranges

    • If someone tells a lie and people die, then he should face consequences. Agree or no?

      Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from responsibility. And Irresponsible speech has consequences.

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