StormFiber Places Netflix CDN in Datacenter to End Video Buffering

There is a great news for all Pakistani online streaming lovers. As a positive development in this area, a Netflix CDN is now placed at StormFiber Data Centres which will help in delivering buffer-free streaming services to Pakistani users.


Storm Fiber has been pursuing popular online and social media service providers to place their CDNs in Pakistan or increase their current local capacity so that the local users can get access to content instantly without extended loading times and buffering issues.

StormFiber in association with RapidCompute – a leader in cloud computing in Pakistan – has also been wokring to deploy cloud based CDNs to reduce latency and improve throughput for StormFiber customers.

What is a CDN?

CDN or otherwise known as Content Delivery Network is collaborative system of globally distributed servers which deliver content and web pages to the end user trying to access it. A CDN is essentially used to replicate the content on the main servers so that a user can access it from the nearest possible location.

Thanks to a CDN, users can access data from the nearest location which also helps reduce the load on the central servers, improving the overall experience for all users.

CDNs are placed by content providers themselves which include social media service providers, streaming services and any other type of web content.


They improve the overall user experience and allow for a more efficient network utilization. Content providers either host their own CDNs or pay CDN operators to deliver their content, who then pay ISPs for hosting their servers in data centers.

The main objective of having multiple CDNs globally is to have data cached as close as possible to the end users, allowing faster access to data and utilizing content based optimizations to get it to the user in the most efficient manner possible.

Some advantages of local CDNs are:

  • Global reach with improved user experience
  • Less latency
  • Reduced network load
  • Increased reliability in service access
  • Local data analytics to learn about the market
  • Cost savings over foreign hosting
  • DDoS protection

How Will Netflix CDN at Stormfiber Help Pakistani Users?

As Storm Fiber has managed to get a Netflix CDN in its data center, users who regularly stream content from Netflix will see a noticeable change in user experience when accessing it. The advantage of local Netflix CDN can only be availed by StormFiber users.

Previously, user requests to access Netflix content were so slow that users had to pause and rewind videos to get better stream quality even with very fast internet connections. User requests were handled by distant CDNs in the Middle East or Europe resulting in high latency.

As the content will be cached locally, users will see very low latency, fast page load times and less buffering in Netflix videos. The overall user experience will be massively enhanced.

Regardless of the condition of the undersea cables, StormFiber users will virtually still be able to access Netflix without any hiccups.


Final Words

It is great to see StormFiber’s success in improving Netflix’s video streaming service in Pakistan. Users who love to watch 4K content or even Full HD movies, dramas and other media, can now enjoy buffer-free video load speeds when using StormFiber’s fibre optic network.


  • That’s great and all but… can they step outside their comfort zone and expand so that more than six and a half people can actually use their services?

    • It is not about comfort zone. It requires time and permissions. Why dont you get on the ground and deal with the people who give permission to enter communities and then talk.

      • Why don’t you try to explain away the fact that SF can’t get “time and permissions” while crappy ISPs like Connect Communications, Fariya, AA Communications, Dreamnet, and tens, maybe hundreds, more are blanketing the city? This is a BS excuse; if they really can’t get these so called time and permissions then it speaks to their level of competency.

        • All aerial operators working through dealers. That is not gpon.

          BS is what you’re talking fool. Bakwas band kar aur ground peh uttar. Gpon needs strong optical network with filters and link budget.

          Nayatel spends 9 years and just left islamabad. Many areas of Pindi not done.
          Jahalat ki had

          • Look at the way you’re talking and you have the gall to call others “jahil”? I guess the way you’re talking to others is considered “educated”? Educated people bring facts to the table, if you’re educated then I’d rather stay jahil then, mate.

            I have a friend who’s an employee of SF, and the company’s not planning any immediate expansions beyond a certain “special areas”; you know, areas not unlike Clifton and Defence. So take your education, and shove it up where the sun doesn’t shine.

          • Also… if you’re going to accuse others of “Jahalat”, make sure you can speak English better than a 2nd grader. You barely wrote 5 English sentences and even they’re not correct; I know 5th graders who can write better than you, and coherently, my educated friend.

            • Thank you. Sorry English is not mother tongue. Punjabi is. If I speak to you in Punjabi I can explain you in 5 words but I don’t want to pull your chaddi like you are trying to do mine with your ultra refined Queens English. Itna shawk heh tu River Thames meh chalang laga salay. Humeh English ka lecture na deh.

            • I agree with everything else you said.. About storm fiber and nayatel… But using English as an intellectual superiority is wrong.. I hope our nation can come out of this misconception

  • Anyones know the installation charges of storm fiber internet? Its around 14000PKR with 1450/PM/2mb connection.

    • Nope. Its 13000 plus tax, and give you 3 months free 20 and 30mbps and then you can downgrade 4th month to 2mbps.

  • if only storm fiber and all the fiber companies for that matter, expand out of posh areas. Only then we’ll see the real improvements in quality

  • what a bull and rubbish line … “netflix useres were pausing and rewinding even on fast connection​”

  • Sadly, Storm Fibre is not available in Bahria Town Lahore where hundreds of gamers and software people are dying a slow death of PTCL copper wire.

    • Indeed, one of the worst DSL speeds in Bahria Town LHR. I am seriously considering moving out of Bahria just because of pathetic internet speeds here. May PTCL die soon and we will have another DSL option.

  • Meanwhile Nayatel claims to be the best ISP of Pakistan with its 10mbps for 12 hours a day internet packages.

    • It is with SF own data center. Transworld also have peering with Netflix as far as I know.

  • I haven’t used Netflix in Pakistan.. I used it in China.. But most of their content is available for US.. And I had to use VPN for accessing US store.. Which beats the purpose of streaming for the very little content they had available for China due to buffering because of VPN and I was using one of the best and paid vans and not some crappy free VPN.. Anyone here knows how much of their content is available for Pakistan

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