Bhikki Power Plant is First in Pakistan to Run on Imported LNG

Pakistan has become the first country in the Middle East, North Africa, Turkey and South Asia region to deploy the HA hi-tech gas turbine at Bhikki Power Plant. It is considered the most advanced innovation for efficient combine-cycle power plant.

The HA is the result of almost $2 billion in research and development and is the GE’s largest and most efficient heavy duty gas turbine.

The Bhikki facility will be the country’s first power plant to run on imported supplies of liquefied natural gas (LNG). It is projected to generate up to 1,180 MW – the equivalent power needed to supply approximately 2.5 million Pakistani homes – once it starts combined cycle operations later this year.

The power project witnessed the fastest construction of a gas power plant of its size in Pakistan’s history.

Recently, General Electric (GE) and Harbin Electric International Company Limited (HEI) have achieved an important milestone with the first fire and synchronization of the GE 9HA gas turbine installed at the Bhikki Power Plant. This significant accomplishment was achieved less than 18 months after the large turnkey project was first announced.

The turbine can generate up to 385 megawatts (MW) of reliable power that is expected to be distributed for residential and commercial use within a few days.

Mohamad Ali, President & CEO of GE’s Gas Power Systems – Projects, in the Middle East, North Africa and India said, “Our HA technology is expected to help the Bhikki Power Plant become Pakistan’s most efficient combined cycle power plant, and we look forward to following this exciting milestone with full commercial operation later this year.”

“From steam turbines for K-Electric back in the 1960s to advanced F-class gas turbines for the Guddu Power Plant a few years ago, and now, these record-setting 9HA units at the Bhikki Power Plant, GE remains committed to pushing the boundary of possibilities by bringing advanced solutions to the country,” added Sarim Sheikh, President & CEO of GE Pakistan, Iran and Afghanistan.

GE entered an agreement to provide two high-efficiency 9HA.01 gas turbines and associated equipment to HEI for the Bhikki Combined Cycle Power Plant in September 2015. HEI is providing engineering, procurement and construction services for the facility.

  • Theek thaak commission banaya hai ganaja Brothers nay in rental powers pe aur LNG pe. Na jany kab khoon choosna band karien gey yeh Pakistan ka.

    • I agree with your comments about commissions but look at the positive side, this is an efficient plant and we will get some electricity out of this deal.

      If given the option of choosing a project with no commission and no benefit for the public compared to getting something in return against commission which would you choose ?

      • You are right bro. But the thing is these two have taken the sky on head against Raja Rental when they were installing different plants, they even went to court. But now why they themselves are installing rental powers on record breaking highest costs? Ultimately people will have to pay increased costs. They ain’t gonna pay from their Panama accounts or London properties.

        • These are not “Rental” power plants. These plants are being built on BOT (build, operate, transfer) model.

        • Earlier I doubted but I am convinced of your maturity and education level.

          First go and read about PPRA rules, after PPRA rules procurement/contracts corruption isn’t easy if not impossible and can be easily investigated.

          After reading your comments I am sure you even have no idea from where this LNG is being imported, its price and comparison of this price with price it is sold to other countries.

          Such power plants are for temporary energy need of the country, when people like you sweat and abuse government for no electricity such power plants provide you electricity. So chose between high cost and electricity.

          I voted for PTI if this satisfies your restless soul but later I turned to a patwari, c0caine isn’t my cup of tea, it makes one extremely negative about everything.

      • Sawal Aata aur jawab channa. In ganjon nay Raja Rental, Raja Rental kar k matti paleet ki hoi thi people’s party ki ab yeh wohi kaam dharaalay se kar rahy hain, per jaisey paaltu logon ko yeh theek lag raha hai. Aur baat rental powers ki ho rahi hai. Metro kitnay ki banai Imran walon nay jakay un se poucho. Magar pehley apnay Tayya Abbu k rental powers ka jawab de dou.

        • If you have any other reservations, go to court just like PMLN did against PPP. Online PP aur facebook pr comments karnay se kuch nai ho ga…

          • @disqus_f4tuCi5q2E:disqus

            PTI ki marketing (I have chosen a soft word) karnay sy bhe kuch nahe hoga. Majority now know everyone can be bad or worst but Imran is not an option *period*.

        • Question transparency of the procurement process, do not object why rental power project as this is need of Pakistan at the moment. In PPP tenure transparency was the question not the need of the project. But you couldn’t understand this due to lack of common sense/maturity/close mind.

          Though I think you are replying to a comment you have posted yourself as pro-government BUT….

          If PTI can start metro it criticized PMNL so much on then why can’t PMLN start a rental power project it criticized PPP on?

  • There is a solar project, People like you have reservations about its throughput even without understanding the capacity factor.

    There are wind project of about 350MW. I guess 2 are completed and others are near completion.

    The financials for Dasu/Bhasha dams are closed and construction started already. So wait for another 5-10 years, because these projects take time.

    The quick and short to medium term solution is thermal plants using coal/gas etc…

  • Kuch log har comment per siasat kartay hain. Kabhi hasad k maray ganjoon ka naam laitay hain aur kabhi IK ko defend kar rahay hotay hain. For God sake kabhi positive bhi soch lia karain…

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