Only 31% Pakistanis Are Likely to Pay Online for Shopping

About 31 percent Pakistanis are likely to use Mobile payment systems for online shopping against 86 percent in China and India.

A new global survey revealed that Internet users are increasingly concerned about their online privacy, and that 49 percent of users polled say lack of trust is their main reason for not shopping online.

The 2017 CIGI-Ipsos Global Survey on Internet Security and Trust, undertaken by the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) and conducted by global research company Ipsos, reached 24,225 Internet users in 24 countries, and was carried out between December 23, 2016, and March 21, 2017.

The countries included: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong (China), India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States.

Propensity to use online payment systems on Mobile Phones varies greatly by country, with most G-8 countries near the bottom of the list, and emerging economies near the top.

The global Survey was developed to help support the work of the Global Commission on Internet Governance (GCIG).

Among those who never shop online, the key reason they do not is a lack of trust.

The survey results suggest that the resulting impact on trust is hindering further development of the digital economy.

Among those worried about their privacy, the top sources of concern were cyber criminals (82%), Internet companies (74%) and governments (65%).

Fifty-five percent of global respondents indicated that they prefer purchasing online goods and services made in their own country.

“The lifeblood of the Internet is trust, and when that is damaged, the consequences for the digital economy are nearly irreparable,” said Director of CIGI’s Global Security & Politics program Fen Osler Hampson. “The results of this global survey offer a glimpse into why policymakers should be concerned, and why there is a strong link between user trust and the health of e-commerce,” he said.

Lack of trust is most likely to keep people off e-commerce platforms in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, suggesting that the potential gains of e-commerce are not spread evenly around the globe.

The survey also revealed great differences in e-commerce behavior when it came to how users are purchasing goods online. For example, in China, India and Indonesia, more than 86 percent of respondents expect to make mobile payments on their Smartphone in the next year, compared with less than 30 percent in France, Germany and Japan.

Even in the digital world, location still matters. Fifty-five percent of global respondents indicated that they prefer purchasing online goods and services made in their own country.

“The survey confirms the importance of having adequate consumer protection and data protection in place, areas where many developing countries are lagging behind,” said Shamika N. Sirimanne, Director of UNCTAD’s Division on Technology and Logistics. “More capacity-building is therefore urgently needed,” she added.

  • When you pay online at daraz the delivery guy asks for your ID card before handing over the ordered item. It defeats the whole purpose of paying online if you have to make your ID document available just to get delivery of the product. Not only is there a risk of ID theft but it is also inconvenient for the customer. The fact of the matter is that these ecommerce merchants themselves don’t trust Pakistani payment systems which is why they resort to policing their customers’ identities.

    • Strange, meine takriban 8 bar daraz se shopping ki hai but kabhi ID card nhn maanga, last experience 20 Din pehle ka hai

        • Mera Daraz aur iShopping ka experience hai aur ek do aur sites hain abhi yaad nhn bohat pehle ki hain but kisi ne bhi ek baar ID Card ka naam tak nhn liya, mujhe herat continuedhere pe hai ya to us ne kabhi online shopping nhn ki ya to wo Pakistan se belong nhn karta ya to us ko har koi maamoo bana deta hai

          • I refused to give up my ID and they took the product back. I got a refund from Daraz for it. That is the extent to which they are willing to go to police their customers.

            I also emailed customer support and they confirmed to me that ID must be provided at the time of delivery when you pay via easypaisa. It may not apply to other online payment methods like CC.

            You said that they were making a fool of me. If that is the case then the 3rd party courier service, daraz billing and daraz customer service are all in on it. Doesn’t sound believable to me. Much more likely that it is their actual policy to do this.

      • What payment method did you use? I paid online via easypaisa and was asked for id at the time of delivery. I refused and they took the product back and issued me a refund.

    • Pakistan e-commerce websites are not to be trusted they have no buyer protection once you pay upfront either you will get faulty products or there will be delay in shipment also furthermore they will ask you to send identification documents which is very time consuming and not worth the effort.

  • If we believe in this report, more Pakistanis can pay online than India (since I cannot see India in this list if the survey was conducted there). Secondly, there is not much different between US and Pakistan keeping in view the economy of both countries. 44% in US and 31% in Pakistan does not make a big different since we are a developing nation and US is a developed one.

  • Yes, Trust is the key factor for online shopping, we dont even trust our Dakan walla, how do we trust Online shopping walla? most of these peoples (online/offline) need to develop the trust level.
    Just like Imtiaz and Chase.

  • I am not impressed as Amazon is in India where quality services are provided, and people trust. The same is in China for Alibaba. In Pakistan, we have only Daraz – people are not ready to trust due to its low quality services which are actually provided by the third party vendors because anyone can apply. We should wait for Amazon and Alibaba then the percentage will change dramatically for sure.

    • Well its hard for me to believe on this logic. Three countries Japan, France n Germany are ranked below Pakistan, where not only Amazon but other services like Ebay are present too.

      On the other hand these surveys used a limited sample and say its representative of the whole country and considers the population homogeneous which is not true and yet the results are incorrect. Do u really think less than 30% of the population in Japan, Germany and France shop online?
      The total number of users under 25K for 24 countries is not scientific at all

    • India also has a $100bn in annual IT exports while Pakistan’s number is in the single digit billions. There really is no comparing the two countries. They are far ahead of us.

  • Sorry for off topic question, is there any official shop of Samsung in pakistan ? i want to buy Samsung LED tv & i don’t know where to buy it, some local shops got very old models of samsung & sony tv , but for new models they are saying sorry .

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