Pakistan is Getting Hi-Tech Ships to Defend Gwadar & Karachi Ports

Pakistan and Turkey have signed a letter-of-intent for the sale of four MILGEM Ada Corvettes to the Pakistan Navy. The letter was signed by Pakistan’s Minister of Defence Production (MoDP) Rana Tanveer Hussain, Turkey’s Minister of Defence Fikri Işık and Turkish defence contractor Savunma Teknolojileri Muhendislik Ve Ticaret A.S (STM).

As per Defence Turkey, a defence publication, the contract between the two allies will be finalized by June 30, 2017.

Deniz Haber, a Turkish publisher, reported that the MoDP visited Tuzla Shipyard in Istanbul and received a detailed presentation on the MILGEM Ada Corvette platform. In an interview with a Turkish government-owned news agency, Anadolu, Rana Tanveer said that the current plans project that some of the Corvettes will be built in Turkey while the rest will be assembled in Pakistan.

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This the third major contract between Pakistan and STM. Previously, STM was tasked to provide the Pakistan Navy Fleet Tanker (PNFT) and Agosta 90B submarine upgrade platform.

About the MILGEM Ada Corvette

The MILGEM Ada Corvette of the Turkish navy is optimized for anti-submarine warfare (ASW) operation. It is equipped with following:

  • 2 quad anti-ship missile (AShM) launchers
  • A point-defence missile system (PDMS) in the Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM)
  • a 76mm main gun
  • It can house a medium-weight utility and ASW-capable helicopter

Other variants of the MILGEM platform, like the LF-2400 light frigate and I-Class frigate, are equipped with vertical-launch systems for anti-air warfare missiles.

For the time being, Pakistan’s desired configurations or designs have not been disclosed. It is assumed that the model is similar to the MILGEM Ada Corvette, but with some modifications as per Pakistan Navy’s requirements.

It is said that Pakistan might be looking to replace US-origin subsystems and weapons with alternatives and these could come from Turkey, Europe or China.

Statements from Turkey and Pakistan indicate that Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW) will be involved in the new MILGEM corvette project. Details are still not known but its PNFT was any indication, KSEW will assemble the ships using manufactured kits from Turkey and integrate its own local subsystems and weapons.

The Price

Depending on the configuration requirements of Pakistan navy’s new corvettes, the total value of these programs is expected to cost around US$ 1 billion, as per STM CEO Davut Yilma’s statement to Anadolu Agency. He added that under standard configuration, each MILGEM Ada would have cost $300 million but Pakistan is planning to use its own industry for some of the equipment, the price will drop to $250 million per ship.

STM is waiting for July, after the new fiscal year’s budget is finalized, to start work on the contract.

Importance of the New Ships

Pakistan Navy is supplanting its obsolete Type 21 frigates as a priority and the MILGEM platform will be used to patrol Pakistan’s exclusive economic zone (EEZ). During a war, MILGEM’s ASW and anti-ship warfare capabilities will give a huge boost to its anti-access and area-denial threshold.

STM has also offered its FAC-55 fast attack missile craft system to Pak Navy in response to its requirement of four to six new FACs to protect its ports.

Turkey announced Pakistan’s interest in obtaining the MILGEM Corvettes back in June 2016. During Pakistan’s biennial defence exhibition, IDEAS, in November 2016, Deputy Undersecretary for Turkish Defence Industries (SSM) Mustafa Şeker, confirmed that Turkey will give out a loan of $400 million to Pakistan.

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  • Instead of throwing all the money away on our defense, we should invest in into our future EDUCATION. I cant see the point of buying these stupid ships and not investing some money in our education system which we desperately need to do right now.

    • how about other than calling “stupid ships” we can do both. We need education but ask what Palestine want, a good defense, remember our Navy was all wiped out in 1971.

      • That sounds great mohxin. Ik bat bata skte ho ? Kabi dekha ha har saal budget me military ko kitne paise milte hain aur education me kitne paise jate hn ? I think u shud take a look at the stats. Yes u have a point. Hamara defense kamzor nai hona chahye. That great and I support it. Magar sirf defense pr focus rakhna thik hoga ? Mere bhaiye khuda ka waasta ha is bat ko samjho


        Defense acha kharra kr ke poore mulk me anparh logon ko bachaogy baki dunya se ? Seriously yar ?

        • Q thak rahe ho? Kisi ne bhi aisa kuch nhi kaha k sirf defence pe paisa kharch hona chahye or jahil kogo ko bachaen ge. Awein e apne pas se…..Sab ko pata hai bhai ye 2no cheezein gari k tyres ki trah important hain. Phr bhi her defence se related news k nechay koi aa k likh deta hai “blah blah blah”. Ab drfence jin ki responsibilty ha wo sahi trah ada kr rahe hain or Education jin ki responsibility ha wo education ka sara budget kha jatay hain to defence walo ki kia ghalti??

            • Army bhe to har decade mai khud sy aa jati ha “Qaum ky azeem mufad mai”. Jab asa hoga tou institutions nahe bantay asay mulk ma, army ky ilawa.

              • To army ati kis ki beghaityon ki waja se hai? Na aise kam kro na k wo aein. Ganjay “ungli” krte hain phir or kia option reh jata hai?

          • Wolverine – Ik To Paisa Boht Thoray Milte Hn Education Ko Opar Se Corruption Rehta Hua Kasar Khtm Kr Deti Ha. First Step Me Paisa Barhane Chahye. Secondly Ending Corruption.

            Our Literacy rate is 58 Percent. Check The Stats .

            • No. First step mein curroption khatam krni chahye. Agar first objective achieve ho jae to second (paise barhanay) ki zarurat hi ni pare gi.

        • It’s not like they can’t give anymore budget to the education sector. I’m sure they can squeeze a bit more funding into education sector IF they wanted to. Why wouldn’t they do this? Education can, in the long run, enlighten individuals so that one day they’ll see the farce of democracy our country has and stop voting for these so called ‘leaders’. I think it is according to their plans. Just my two cents, Allah knows best. No need to bash the military budget.

          • Valid Point. My thoughts exactly. And Nobody is bashing The Army. Alhamdulillah I Love My Army. But loving someone one doesn’t mean I Cant point out the unfair statistics.

            The point You made saying ‘ they can squeeze a bit more funding into education sector IF they wanted to. Why wouldn’t they do this? ‘ is the same as mine. Hakumat Zyada paisa kyu nai de rahi itne saalon se Education ko ? Kab tk literacy rate 58 % pr atka rahega ? woh bhi Literacy means jo ik line parh sake aur apna name ata ho. Lol come on yar.

        • agreed… but ever think k without defense Pakistan ka kia future ho ga??? my brother today Pakistan is like SONAY KI CHIRIA after CPEC.. CPEC is another discussion leave it…
          the point is Pakistan is surrounded by beasts, agr defense nai ho ga to education phir akhrat may hi kam ae gi…
          point to be noted em not against education but these metro buses and wo power projects jo kabi kam nahi krtay, sirf corruption k kuch hisa education pr laga den to enough hai…
          but my brother defense ko neglect nahi kr saktay specially now a days…

          • Yes We shouldn’t neglect Defense. But Is it right ke Ik aese country jidhr literacy rate 58 Percent ho udhr Defense Budget 860 billion Rupee ho aur Education ke lye 79.5 billion rupees hon ?

            Regarding CPEC, ab mere bhi umeedein ussi se reh gayen hain bhaye. Roz university se ghar aa kr CPEC se related news search krta hu ke kitna paish qadmi hui ha :(( Lol. If CPEC is implemented properly, we may become the silicon valley of South Asia.

            P.s – Cool name.

      • Agar aap ki army is mulk se itni hi zyada mukhlis hoti to zara socho wo phir corrupt politicians ko mulk tabah karte dekh kr khamosh tamashae bethi rehti?
        And jab kabhi yeh army take over bhi karti hay to tab bhi mulk ko taraqqi ki raah pr gamzan karti hay.
        Is mulk bad naseeb mulk ka to khuda hi hafiz ho

        • Itna asaan ni hota. Humain lgta h apnay gharon s bhth kr pr itna bi ni hota. Ek trf army agr mulk smbhalnay ajae, dsri trf india border ka bi khyal rkhe, CPEC ki security ki bi zimaidari uthai, Afghanistan ka border alg dheke, and Allah knows what else. Bht hi soch smj kr step lya jata h agr lete bi hain wo. Bht s mulk dushman anasir bs isi ‘aaas’ me hain k apki army weak ho ksi trh. Hr jaga taang ni phansa skte military bhi. Wrna sb k lia bura hga.

        • Army and Politics, can’t stay together. Army should do it’s job, yes they can create better political env, but should not interfere in gov issues

          • Bhae sahb army tab hi is mulk ki sarhado ki difa kar sakay gi jab ye andar se bhi me food reh sakay.
            Mulko ko asal khatra beruni ni balkeh andruni tor pr rehta hay.
            Jab mulk ander se mazboot hoga to phir bahir se kisi ki himmat ni ho sakti usko kamzor karne ki.
            Army ka kaam sirf sarhado ka difa ni balkeh har qisam ka difa karna hota hay.
            Chahay is k liye usko kisi bhi ghair aaeni qadam uthana par jaye.

      • PPP aur N-League to nai dya tha. Peeche jo bach gaya woh khud samjh lo kashif.
        Reasons :

        PPP – Sindh tabah kr daala aur Wadeeray sab ke sab.

        N- League – Corruption

        • With all the “Political Orphans” in the remaining party, dont get your hopes too high.

          • Leo Did you seriously said that all the rest ” Political Orphans ” Belong to the remaining party ?? Can u call Shah Mehmood Qureshi A political orphan ? Asad Umar ? Ismail ? Nobody is a political orphan in PTI. Get ur facts straight.

        • pechay abhi boht log bachty hain, like MQM, JUIF, JI, ANP, Qoum Parast wagera wagera…
          rahi baat security ki to, apny PPP and PML ko vote nhi diya matlab banday me aqal to hy. thats why you must understand the need and requirement of security when 3 countries are giving serious threats

          • Mene PTI ko support krta hun. Baki MQM, JUIF , JI ilaqaye parties For example MQM karachi ki. ANP – parts of FATA etc.

            Iran ke sath relations thik ho jayengy bhaye. Woh humen nuksan nai denge mere opinion me. India De skta ha Nuksaan. Aur Afghanistan Me To inni himmat nai hai Apne Mulk Ke Andr Taliban Khtm Kr De Woh Humen Attack Krenge To Unko Khud Bhi Pata Ha Kia Hoga.

            Point Is – Humen Security And Defense Me Hi Akele Defeat Nai Karna Apne Dushmano Ko. Humen Unhen Education Me Bhi Defeat Krna Ha. Exports Me Bhi Defeat Krna Ha. Unfortunately Saara Budget Ik Jaggah Daal doge To Problems To Ayengy. Woh Ik Makhsoos Shooba Agay To Nikal Jayga Pr Baaki Ke Peeche Reh Jayengy.

            • Partially agreed on second paragraph, as you know in these two countries raw is operating. like kalbushan was living in iran, in afg you know the footprints as well.

              on last point, its the responsibility of peoples of that province to elect the correct leader. on the other hand, responsibility of ar-my is to make tighter security so that our international projects should not be ruined by enemies.

            • Zara socho agar mulk ka har bashinda educated and bashaoor ho jayega to phir Mulla, Military and politicians k mazay to khalaas.

              • Allah kare bhaye tumare muh se nikli hui bat sach ho jaye. Agar har bashinda taleem hasil krle fir sach me politicians waighaira etc. ka haal bura ho jayga balkay khtm hi ho jayga.

        • Out of recent fashion you mentioned these two but N-League’s corruption of 2 flats isn’t proven yet but how come you forgot to mention KPK and its government’s recent corruption news, even Khattak’s name is there.

          • At one point in the recent past, I had started thinking that Nawaz Sharif isn’t too bad. Zardari se to Lakh gunnah behtar ha. Credit should be given to him. CPEC is a Major victory for Pakistan. Magar Baat wohin ajati ha na ; Police kitni azaad ha Punjab ki ? Corruption kitni ho rhi ha ? National Institutions ka kia haal ha ?

            Khattak Sahab aur KPK me bhi corruption hoti hogi shayed aur media dikhata nai ya baray level pr samne nai ati kyu provincial ha federal nai. But unhone Thaana Culture thik keya ha, Police ko behtar banaya ha, Politics nikali ha police se, Environment ke lye bhi thora boht keya ha.

          • Apka dil mutmain hai k aj tk noon league k ksi banday nay, including PM, ek paisa bi ni khaya? Bhuljao proofs or baki sb cheezon ko, we all know that these so called ‘proofs’ for and against the argument can be furnished out of thin air. Just answer me this? Corrupt sb hi hain. Every single party here is corrupt. It is like, choose the lesser of two evils. Ap to zyada hi hak mein lgte hain jb bi dheko noob league k liay.

    • Stupid ships k paison se Karachi or Gwadar mein Schools or College ban’ne chahye. Right?

      • Khi me fir bhi Colleges Schools Honge. What about the rest of the country ? Have you seen Interior Sindh ? Dekhna Bhi Mat. Jitni bura haal ha roona ajayega. Thar me Free WiFi denge Provincial Hakumat pr roti taleem nai denge. Lol. Kabi kabi samjh nai ati roowun ya hanson.

        • Bhai Zardari beghairat ki to baat hi na karo. Noon phir b kuch khati hai to thora mulk pe bhi lagata hai. Ye **** **** to sab kuch kha jata hai or jahan is ki govt. hoti hai wahan halaat mazeed khrab kr jata hai.

    • They are not effing serious about education, whatsoever. Pehla kam jo inko krna chahia wo yay k sb soobon m ek educational standard kaim karain. Sindh me alg course hai, Punjab me alag course hai. Kahan ki tuk bnti h yay? All the books should of one standard in every province. Rattafication culture abi bi aam hai. Koi ni isko change krna chahta. Questions should be more to the point and precise and should involve reasoning so the student actually tries grasp the concept that is being taught to him/her.

      Education me jo log hain, wo mukhlis ni hain. Budget increase bi krlo tb bi yahi haal rhyga. Whereas the defence sector actualy utilizes the budget rather than lining their pockets. I’m not saying they are perfectly clean, kch percent khaya hga to us s zyada lgaya bi h.

      Just for example, see the course books of Sindh. Wohi chapters whi lines hain jo apkay abu k abu nay prhi hngin abi tk. If they really wanted to do anything, they would have done a long time ago. Vote dete rho bs gadhon ki trh or iske ilawa na kch krygain yay na krna chahtay hain.

      • Yup. Very good and mature points. That’s why we need to think when we choose our government. Yeh log kabi serious nahi hone wala awam ke lye bhaye. Allah hi jaane Zardari sahab konse muh se idhr udhr ja kr baaten kr rhe hn.

  • Hum ghaas kha lengay magar mulk ka difa kabhi bhi kamzor ni honay dengay.
    That is what they say, stop throwing stones at others when you yourself live in a glass house.

  • Qarza, sood, comission, WOW
    “During Pakistan’s biennial defence exhibition, IDEAS, in November 2016, Deputy Undersecretary for Turkish Defence Industries (SSM) Mustafa Şeker, confirmed that Turkey will give out a loan of $400 million to Pakistan.”

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