Teenager Jumps from Mobile Tower in Multan

This morning, a teenager jumped off a mobile tower in Multan. Early reports suggest that the teen was critically injured and is currently under medical supervision.

Media reports said that the 15 year old boy climbed the mobile tower — while his family tried to stop him — and jumped from the tower from a dangerous height.

Police said that the teenager was in a dispute with family over a domestic issue and had left his home over it. His family was chasing him when he took off to the tower.

It is unclear that why cell tower security couldn’t stop the teen from climbing the tower.

The family called 1122 for rescue after the teen had jumped off the tower.

Reports suggest rescue workers were trying to stop the boy from jumping but couldn’t stop him.

The teen was later shifted to Nishtar Hospital, where he is under medical treatment now. Doctors said that he is in critical condition.

Police has said that it has registered a case against the teenager for attempted suicide.

  • Normally such towers are not left unattended by security personnel, still such a tragic event. Hope that the kid recovers in time.

    • nahin 4G LTE advanced, is mein speed ziadah hoti hai, tower JAZZ ka tha is liye license abhi do din pehlay mila hai. so no worries.

      suicide was sponsored by JAZZ.

  • Tower sa girnay sa bach giya lakin nishtar hospital sa Allah he bachaye…..

  • Bechara Imran Khan domestic issues say tung akar “Khud kushi ki koshish” kar dali, ha ha ha

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