UAE Embassy Denies 90-Days Visa Ban for Pakistanis

United Arab Emirates embassy in Islamabad today refuted the news of 90-days visa ban on Pakistanis, Samaa TV has reported.

Embassy called the news reports as unfounded and propaganda. “There are no visa bans on any category of Pakistani applicants,” the embassy wrote to Pakistan Foreign Office.

Embassy urged Islamabad authorities to take strict action against spreading the news.

Embassy didn’t say anything about the fate of UAE based news portals that were first to report the news.

Not to mention, travel agents in Dubai and Pakistan were advised by Dubai government to not to accept any 90-days visa applications from Pakistani and Filipino nationals.

These travel agents, who took it to the social media and were initial source of information, spoke with news outlets and confirmed that they had received a memo from Dubai government on the matter.

After backfiring, however, it appears that Dubai is taking back the decision.

“We have been directed to refuse applications for the three-month visa starting June 1,” told a travel agent Noor Muhammad while speaking with Dawn.

“They wanted to keep this unofficial, and it is likely they will continue to suppress any such requests from Pakistani citizens”, told ProPakistani a Islamabad based agent.

  • kon kis ko “CHAY” bana raha hai na aj tak is mulk main pata laga hia na pata lagye ga yah bi gupt ho jaye gi baat as usual :@:@

  • Good news and relief. KSA and UAE are the only countries where Pakistani Passport still has some value.

    • Do not underestimate yourself please. Also your comments everyone can read…its global. Avoid such statements.

    • That is because Pakistan have provided safe heavens to them for their bad days plus they enjoy special privileges in Pakistan.

  • Pro Pakistani has turned into a click bait website. Quality and content is out the window. No research is done, and no credible source is referred to.

  • so the news was fake.. what was the need for thia stunt.. I knew it earlier that something is fishy

    • aur website pe 90 din ka visa pe pabandi aur keh rahe pakistan ke liye sab visa band

  • That’ll be for City of DUBAI only then. People can apply from Abu-Dhabi, sharjah & so forth & then turn to Dubai if they so want to visit. The inner politics of the 7 emirates is a hard-jeopardy style quiz for diaspora plebs.

  • well still its not possible to get the 3 months visa from DUBAI for Pakiz… only possibility is either Sharjah or Abu-Dhabi who are also asking for extra days now.
    When called Dubai immigration, they rejected the news and said they never put the ban. However, non of the travel agent is accepting visa application :)
    Authorities ko pata hai k aghr officially announce kar diya tu zayada masla ho jay ga so yeh ban UNOFFICIAL bana diya gya hai :)

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