Famous Ice Cream Chain ‘Baskin-Robbins’ is Coming to Pakistan

Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops, today announced that it has signed a master licensing agreement with AHG Flavours (PVT.) Limited to develop the brand in Pakistan. The agreement calls for the development of 35 Baskin-Robbins shops across the country, with an initial focus on the city of Lahore.

“Baskin-Robbins is famous around the world for offering an extensive variety of 31 ice cream flavors to its guests, and we’re looking forward to treating our customers across Pakistan with the same flavorful experience,” said Irfan Mustafa, Chairman of AHG Flavours (PVT.) Limited.

“And we look forward to opening our first Baskin-Robbins shop in the months ahead.”

Harris Mustafa, CEO of AHG Flavours (PVT.) Limited, an industry veteran and a consummate operator, welcomed Baskin-Robbins in Pakistan in his classic bravado, “Abhi to party shuru hoi hai,” meaning the party has just begun.

Baskin-Robbins restaurants in Pakistan will feature the brand’s extensive selection of classic ice cream flavors, including Pralines ‘n Cream, Jamoca® Almond Fudge, Mint Chocolate Chip and Very Berry Strawberry, alongside regional favorites such as Mango Tango and Tiramisu. The brand will also offer its delicious range of custom ice cream cakes, frozen beverages, ice cream sundaes and take home ice cream treats.

“We are pleased to be collaborating with Irfan, Harris and their team to begin developing the Baskin-Robbins brand in Pakistan by bringing our wide range of delicious ice cream flavors, cakes and other treats to Pakistani customers,” said John Varughese, Vice President, Dunkin’ Brands International.

Baskin-Robbins currently has more than 7,800 restaurants in more than 50 countries around the world.

  • We good as currently we have do not have any ice cream in Pakistan (Hico might claim) as all are made of vegetable facts

  • Well Options in Faisalabad also serving BR ice cream along with Starbucks coffee.

  • It’s expensive brand and Pakistani usually don’t interest in expensive things when same ice cream will be offered in less price from chaman however some will go who have fond of tasting brand tastes no matter what they charge.

    • Chaman is also too much expensive. So agar expensive hi leni hai to multinational leni chahiye. Pakistan mein banta hi kia hai?

      • Chaman ki ice cream ka cup ma na 100 rupees ma lia tha!!! And Baskin Robin ka wahi cup ma na 10 sar ma khaya tha!! Mean 280 rupees khud difference feel karlo

    The BR in the Baskin Robbins logo is made of two colors. When you focus on just the pink portion, the number 31 appears, denoting the number of flavors Baskin Robbins offers!

  • In UK they make custom ice cream according to customers liking in their parlours. I think that is what this article is talking about, not the packed boxes which are already imported in the country.

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