Daraz and Kaymu Join Operations to Become One E-Commerce Platform

Daraz Group announced today that the union of the two ecommerce stores, Daraz and Kaymu, last year, is now complete.

Going forward, there will only be one active website – www.daraz.pk – through which the ecommerce company will continue to grow its seller and customer base.

“The Daraz we see today is the best of the two businesses that came together mid last year and we owe a big part of our success to the people and learnings coming from Kaymu. Thousands of high quality Kaymu sellers are now selling on Daraz and most of them are already doing significantly more business now than they ever did on Kaymu,” says Bjarke Mikkelsen, CEO Daraz Group.

Daraz said that it will continue to work relentlessly to raise the standards of ecommerce service solutions by ensuring that millions of Pakistanis benefit from 100% purchase protection, with fast-growing assortment of original, genuine products, safe and secure payment options, and free and easy returns.

  • Bad Move if they will combine vendors too because Daraz only accept high quality vendors while kaymu is open for all vendors, this will reduce quality of products and vendors if they merge data too

  • Ab kaymu ka gand bhi daraz k sar prega or bakwas tareen banjaegi ye website. RIP exommerce of Pakistan

    • By the language you used, it confirmed that you are a true PoTIan .i.e bakwas etc, i can’t repeat the other one.

      • Actually, it is the way YOU read it, not what he wrote (gand i.e. dirt not gaand). XD. So yeah, he is from PTI and you clearly are from Nihari League, lol.

        • No dear PoTIan, I am not from Patwari league and it was the world “bakwas”, I haven’t paid attention to other word. But for PoTIans it’s allowed and they had license.

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